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I’m Not Sure If This Is Cool or Creepy!

You’ve heard the expression; “there’s a twin for everyone” or whatever the phrase is?  Well… this takes that to a whole other level!  The article says some weird stuff that I’m not necessarily agreeing with but I do think it’s odd that these comparisons look SOOOO much alike!  Even when people say; “you look JUST like so and so”, it’s usually a little off, isn’t it?  Check these out…

Pretty interesting, wouldn’t you say?  Or is this creepy?  According to the article, a man claims they are the undead vampires who are re-born (I guess) every 150 years– some way out there thing.  If I were to guess anything I’d say it’s the Nephilims and one of their wicked experiments.  But you have to admit– THEY LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!  Check out the next one…

Before I show you his double… John has always had an interesting face.  He doesn’t even look very much like his sister.  Didn’t know he had one? 

And now for his twin from 1860!

Even his chin is doing the John Travolta thing!  While it’s a black & white photo– you can tell he has those light eyes that John has.  The cleft is missing but the mouth area is uncanny (IMO).  And you know what else?  John has started blow drying his hair in his later career but he has naturally wavy locks (just like is sister).  Remember when he was “Vinny Barbarino”?  His ‘twin” has that same soft waive working!

What in the hell is going on?!  I can’t decide if it’s cool or creepy.

When I say that people can look alike, there are usually similarities but these guys look seperated from birth.  Here’s what I mean.  I’ve always thought that a young Pearl Bailey resembled Queen Latifah…

And Olga James from Carmen Jones has the same thing working as Tisha Campbell…

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen something as spot on as with Cage and Travolta.  Straight up “Twilight Zone”.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure If This Is Cool or Creepy!

  1. It is strange of the resemblances. Especially if you watch some of the old movies in the 1930s – 1960s. I was watching “Cabin in the Sky” and one of the angels reminded me of Denzel Washington.

    • Denzel? Really? Do you know the actors name? It’s been years since I watched Cabin In The Sky and I remembered I enjoyed it but that was also way before Denzel hit the scene. 😉

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