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Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock: The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Issues Death Threat To David!!

I would be completely shocked if this man dies!   First Benjamin and now David?!  Benjamin received his death threat on December 13 and yes, he is okay but on December 14 David is threatened too!  Their common thread?  This very real, in the courts as we speak LAWSUIT!!!  Check this out and welcome to Oz…  Again…  here’s is that LAWSUIT!  This is shockingly real and seriously, I can’t believe it’s actually happening even as I type!!!!  Share this audio and help spare this man’s life.  The more public attention this gains (David has a wide audience in his own right) the safer I feel he’d be.   I’d want people to reach out for me in the very same way!


Of all places, the one “mainstream media” outlet that actually did cover this subject was Fox!  And it was Glenn Beck!  I know?!  But check out this story (see if you can even remember it from 2009) and it should prove once and for all that this is very real…  Here’s David’s website where you can find all the documentation you need!  You’re absolutely going to be able to put this massive puzzle TOGETHER.  Remember what John Loftus states about American History?  You’re about to get a real education on that missing 1/3!


4 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock: The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Issues Death Threat To David!!

  1. Hey Jazz,

    I’m about to become a regular commenter on your blog 😉

    Anyways, just wanted to express my suspicion on anything Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock are doing, or anybody else of the Project Camelot masonic crew.

    I follow their stuff for more than a year now and they are VERY GOOD in creating a sense of optimism around faithful people. But the sad fact is, they’ve anounced so many things that never came true that they have at least lost all my trust.

    What I think what is going on: two or more parts of the “cabal” are fighting each other for some time now, being it the Rothschilds/Zionists versus Rockefellers/Skull&Boners versus Jesuits/Catholics or other subgroups I don’t really know. It just appears to me that one side tries to expose the doings of the others (all the crimes you mentioned in the text, no doubt that this is the truth) plus a fake or real alien disclusure with the final goal of overthrowing the powers that be and replace it with their part of the secret network.

    As long as we people are looking for a saviour that will rebuild justice, trust, truth and honesty on this planet, so long will we be suffering from powerful deceivers.

    Detach from the “modern” world and slowly build real, local alternatives is my solution. Mankind does not need a global order, but local autonomy.

    Just my 2c, as always 🙂

    Namaste, Chaukee

    • Hi there Chaukee!

      I can actually dig what you’re saying but I’m having a difficult time dismissing the lawsuit. I actually hadn’t researched to find if Project was a part of anything as I actually lost interest when the two split. But I remember liking the interview with John Lear quite a bit. It’s all interlocking, I know but how do we explain away the lawsuit? How do we explain that those bonds come from the 30’s and they are registered? JFK’s assassination came three days after that infamous Executive Order… this makes our “His”-story make sense in a huge way!

      I listened to David for a while there just because he has such a positive outlook but then my research took my down other avenues so he fell off my radar for a while there. I’d recommend going to his website and dig into the documentation he’s left. I expect him to make it through this so hopefully in about a weeks time either one or both will be revealed as true heroes or straight up frauds. I can’t dismiss Glen Beck’s ass covering the story, either! Shocking! lol.

      One last thing… 57 countries was inaccurate. That was in August, they are now stating that it’s 117. Now– if these guys are the ‘researchers’ they say that they are, I’d think they’d have an awful lot to lose, don’t you? I’m positive their audience is much bigger than Why O’ Why’s. If it turns out that I got caught up the biggest hoax then I’d have to hang my hat up cause what a waste of time this would have been.

      And your 2cents is always welcome, man! 🙂 I’m definitely watching this one closely because can you imagine? I mean just imagine, man!!!! 🙂 🙂

      Forgot to mention– I don’t put a lot of energy in on the alien thing anymore other than if I or my buddy “T” sends in a clip of those eyes messing up on camera! I know where my strength and salvation comes from. Project Bluebeam won’t have any affect on me. 😉

      • Hey Lady,

        “Project Bluebeam won’t have any affect on me” – GOOD GIRL 🙂

        Well, you got a point with the lawsuit, I sometimes forget that there can still be some secret society members that have good overall intentions, even though its very hard for me to accept and comprehend. Anyways, hope you’re right and the baddies are all exposed and the replacement is not worse…

        Nice weekend to you, Chaukee

      • Hi there Chaukee!

        I listened to some more of Benjamins interviews and he states there are actually more good people than bad caught up in that dungeon of doom. The threat of death is what makes many switch sides (sell souls). Alot of them are trapped (if you will). And then there’s the willing, satanic, pedophiles who’s down for whatever. You know? Your rockefellers and rothchilds.

        And we won’t be going back to this style of government. All of this crap we’ve been taught is real is about to be shattered. It’s exciting to have the real possibility of taken all of them down including Kissenger’s ass. Even Nixon if he were alive! This will ensnare all past and present and we can start brand new! I know that’s sound too hard to be true but people need to start digging into the history behind their discovery because this muvthafvka has real teeth! The bonds are registered– some dated in 1928 and others in the early 1930’s. And don’t you think the coverage that crazy ass Glenn Beck was off the chain just laced with all of the elements? And the treasury department (who friggin loves FOX) had no comment? What in the fo-cheesy? It’s just crazy to think that one man could tie all of this together but it’s looks pretty dang good from where I sit. We’re so close to executing our exit strategy so this is very good news to us. The “CORPORATION” can finally… after all of these years become a country! I’ll bet people didn’t know that every police department is listed in Dun & Bradstreet! In lay terms– for profit (not to protect and serve).

        One other thing that makes me optimistic about their success is the fact that the really good people recognize they have a window to ban together! (I keep beating the drum that there is “more power in numbers”.) Some, who shared their information with Benjamin were off the record but now come forward in some cases. The world wants peace and even the very people who’ve been coming down on the whole of society are tired of it too. This one has real promise. I saw an update on David– I actually think he’s going to be fine now. He was warned that if he’d survived the next 3 days– he’d out of the water. Like Ben, David has received protection. I’m just looking forward to his next update!

        And have a great weekend as well,


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