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S.1867 National Defense Authorization Act: Part 2 – The Remix

Thanks “T” for the clip!  Okay… in an effort to bring the slow ones up to speed on this extremely important matter and for those of you who don’t want to make time to research this for yourselves, this Asian guy (DavidSoComedy) has a summary of the severity.  Oh… he isn’t holding back!  He’s got a ‘wicked’ sense of humor!  LOL!  Enjoy but be enlightened, dammit! 😉 

4 thoughts on “S.1867 National Defense Authorization Act: Part 2 – The Remix

  1. The only error is – you don’t prepare for Guantanamo, but for the FEMA camp right next to you….

    Crazy dude, this guy definitely talks to fast and nervous for my old heart 😉

    Cheers, Chaukee

    • Hi there, Chaukee!

      I like to mix it up a bit for the younger readers! I thought the guy was hilarious! Just hilarious. LOL! If people don’t like to read, maybe they’ll listen instead. 😉

      It’s crazy to think that this is actually happening or that there is even a discussion taking place. They are really up to something for 2012– I feel it in my bones, man!

  2. “It is not unfair to make an American citizen account for the fact that they decided to help Al Qaeda to kill us all and hold them as long as it takes to find intelligence about what may be coming next,” remarked Graham. “And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’”

    No attorney, no trial before my peers, this nazi fuck needs to be held for crimes against humanity.

    • It’s absolutely remarkable that this is before us! I usually do not watch lame stream media but since I heard of this I’ve been watching the nightly news. I’ve not seen it mentioned once! Cable networks, yeah… but the big three? NOT A WORD! And people don’t think media is part of this mix? Humph.

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