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Cloud Falls From The Sky! Wicked Science Right Before Your Eyes!!

This video was uploaded in August of this year.  I don’t know if it’s actually a cloud but I think it’s a good intro into this wicked science.  Check out the cloud falling first…

I’m all for progression but I get major pause from NASA.  I’ve gotta remind you guys what John Loftus says about American History… 1/3 has been CLASSIFIED!  Now lots of people know about Operation Paperclip and maybe even Rat Line but I want to remind you that they were still Nazi’s conducting wicked experiments and the U.S. helped secure their safe haven here.  I don’t know about you but I think that’s out of line.  How are we going to house a bunch of lunatics?  I think anyone who participated in those Nazi crimes should either have been sentenced to death or at the very least given a life sentence– but that’s just me.

We are so proud of our space program, aren’t we?  Don’t we know who these people are?  Where their minds and hearts were?  You might be surprised to find out that those hearts haven’t changed.  Here’s a quick briefing on the maniacs we let control one the most critical sectors there is…

Just keep in mind what Walter Dornberger states from that clip; “Gentlemen.  I didn’t come to this country to lose a third World War– I’ve lost two already”.  While we’ve been so proud of “our” space program they could be planning to kill off everybody and we’d never see it coming!  You see, I’m not cool with messing with nature.  That cloud that fell to the ground feels all kinds of wicked to me, too.  I do believe in redemption but some of these criminals got away with their dirty deeds and a lack of consequences can breed more brazen behavior.  This next clip shows proof that they are manipulating the weather through these clouds they can produce.  They can also produce major flooding, don’t you think?  How do we know this wasn’t used to create massive flooding?  I think, as the uploader suggests, law suits could be built upon this admission and footage.  Check it out…   Didn’t Mississippi have a major flood recently?  “Playing God”, indeed and I ain’t feeling it!  Why in the world are they messing with the weather?  I made a comment recently that we didn’t go to the moon, either.  Well– here’s the embarrassing truth about that!  If we didn’t go to the moon then what the hell is NASA actually doing?!  Just creating productions for our enjoyment?   “Removing one of truths protected layers”… indeed, Neil [Armstrong].  Hey– just in case that didn’t convince you it was fake as a 3 dollar bill, check out how angered “Buzz” got when a man asks him to swear they were there. 

And the tearful Armstrong?  Let’s see what he does? 

Tsk-tsk.  Now do you understand what I mean when I say this shit is nothing but a MASSIVE ASS PRODUCTION?  I remember gathering in the neighborhood and everybody watched this shit with excitement and some even got all teary eyed!  FUCKING INSULTING!  So was NASA’s ultimate  objective to create a device to control the friggin weather?  And was the word “NASA” chosen because it actually means NAZI?  Okay– I kid there.  I think if the flood victims really put their heads to it they could have a huge class action lawsuit.  You can’t dispute “natural disasters” unless you know we have the technology.  And clearly, we’ve got it!  They can’t blame “Mother Nature” if she had nothing to do with it, right? 😉

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