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Kirstie Alley: Another “Sex Kitten” Programmed Victim?

Poor Kirstie.  I say “poor Kirstie” because I found out that she miscarried a child and I think that’s when she began to pick up weight.  People are amazingly cruel to her about her weight in my opinion and unnecessarily too.  Well, she’s lost weight AGAIN to satisfy her fans (I guess) but I noticed something a bit disturbing on her weight loss debut.  Seems like Kirstie was required to “perform” before her runway appearance.  She’s got semen stains on her outfit, you guys.  Before labeling her as ‘the slut’, please become aware of hollyhells’ “Sex Kitten” programming because it is very much alive and well.  Not only is she ‘humiliated’ by having the stains on her but she too displays that dead/blank/vacant stare that is present in this devious programming…

The evil that these men do

18 thoughts on “Kirstie Alley: Another “Sex Kitten” Programmed Victim?

    • The beehive was dead giveaway! Plus I’m getting pretty good at spotting the dead behind the eyes look they display. It really is SICK what they endure.

      “(side note: what did you say about doing pop culture stuff again? ha hah.)”… shoot… I don’t remember! I know that I’ve abandoned music and tv SUCKS… hahaha

  1. You have lost credibility with me with this one. Where is your proof or research into what those stains are. Can it be backed up by anyone? Do you have lab test results? I believe this type of activity happens, but a huge reach in this case, and disappointing to see on your blog.

    • Rebecca– as many articles as I’ve written on this subject and the extensive research I’ve gathered, my dear– those are stains that I’ve described. Lab results? That’s funny. Hey– if people haven’t had sex in a while and don’t recognize that as ‘jizzum’, I certainly won’t be able to convince them. What people need to understand (as many times as I put this statement in these articles) “handlers” send messages to one another. Kirstie’s handlers certainly sent a message alright. People naively think Rehab actually means to rehabilitate these stars. Nope– they reprogram them in those facilities. Dr. Drew is a handler! And you if think back– didn’t Kirstie have to attend “rehab” a few times? I continue to state; “all if not most of the more popular celebs are under this mind control”. Kirstie is still a popular ‘star’ even without a show. I’ve linked Brice Taylor’s and Cathy O’Brian’s books here. Read those and your eyes will be WIDE OPEN.

      And no… hair product? You’re talking about makeup artists who get paid a pretty penny for the illusion of perfection. They would not have “hair product” on the clothing as make up and hair are done before you get into wardrobe.

      Now… let’s just say she got busy backstage with her beau (for the record, she is single)… um, I think she’d certainly know if she got sprayed. I know I would be ‘double checking’ and there’s no way to miss semen stains on a dark outfit. Disappointed? Hey– to each their own. What I do know about this sick beta programming is people are sexually abused without ever knowing it. Read the link for dead/vacant/blank stare. There are two clips in it that demonstrate before your eyes that people clearly get programmed.

  2. I have read both Brice Taylor and Cathy O’brian’s books. I am well aware of what beta and other programming is thank you “my dear.” I don’t disagree for a minute she is programmed. I just don’t think you can state it is “jizzum” as you so classily put it, based on these photographs. Hypothetically, if she had got busy with anyone, consensual or otherwise and then been triggered to switch, I doubt she would be aware of being sprayed….but please! As a critical thinker, which I’m assuming you would want your readers to be, this article does not and will not fly with me.

    • “Hypothetically, if she had got busy with anyone, consensual or otherwise and then been triggered to switch, I doubt she would be aware of being sprayed.” Consensual would indicate that she had a choice… I’m saying she didn’t and was taken advantage of. The Beehive, the spacey look… naw… she was in an altered state. You can disagree and that is perfectly fine but I know what my eyes are seeing. I think the readers of this blog will be able to discern.

      Here’s the thing about these stains… why didn’t someone tell her they were there? Even if it’s not semen… why did they let her go the ENTIRE evening with these strange stains messing up every photo op? They do send messages to one another. Everyone sees them yet no one said a word. Hmm…

      And by the way; “jizzem’ is old school, not my coined phrase. 🙂

    • So are you offended that I disagree with this POV? “Smirk”? Hey– no worries at all. I like a good debate– I encourage it! 🙂

      By the way– the current entries on your blog look excellent (yet disturbing due to the subject matter).


      P.S. Still am perplexed by the “old time” advertisement you posted. I do take pride on “getting it right” (or closely enough to encourage readers to “DIG DEEPER” [do your research folks] but I can’t figure out that “follow the name” entry you recently posted… end the mystery for me. 🙂


      • No. I am (smirking) because I love, love, love the way you debate. It is a ‘proud’ (smirk) YO!!
        Thank you for the compliment…it is almost impossible to keep up with it all…disturbing..yes.
        I KNEW you were still befuddle by that one…kinda left you hanging…sorry…
        Of course, we want others to dig deeper and research…it is imperative to keep their brains/souls awake. But….(whispering) between you and me. Follow the name meant: look at the name “Morley on the hosiery….then look at the hands…..then notice how the fingers are shaped. It is subtle at first (of course)…but, once you see it…it becomes VERY CLEAR.

        The ad definitiely tells the reader what to do….the subliminal is to follow the actual name on the hosiery.
        Get it now?
        Mystery solved, Scooby Doo….if it weren’t for those darn kids.

        Much, much Love and Respect.

      • Oooohh! WOW! You see? Even back then they were attacking the subliminal! I really wish people took the time to read up on Edward Bernays. Psychological Warfare began with him (that evil warlock). When I think about it… he was the first to cast “these spells”. I still can’t get over the fact that folks spent 10.66 last yr on xmas shit (when more people were certainly unemployed) yet this yr– 52+ (that’s BILLION)! Bernays has rotted in the ground but his legacy lives on!

        And thank you for the kind words, Vee! It absolutely encourages me to keep it up (at least until we execute our exit strategy)! I respect what you do over at “I Spy”, too. By the time I found your site, I knew what I was looking at but new comers will be intrigued because they will want to figure it out! Especially when they see all of their favorite ‘stars’ (little Suri looks so sad)!

        I have to say– I do love a good debate but Becky had me a bit perplexed. The key thing with Kirstie (in this image) is no one “saw” these mystery stains? No one? Runway checks are taken so seriously before you do your catwalk. This wasn’t an oversight. I have worked behind the scenes. Every singly thing we see is meant to be seen on film/tv/etc. Every single “prop” has its’ place.

        Thanks again for solving that mystery because I really couldn’t figure it out! lol. (i’m just throwing this one out there for the readers… tee-hee: http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0aPy9TU0Du9FB/340x.jpg)

        Check this out… I thought that was going to be my last sentence but your Scooby Doo reference played on my subconscious! I’m having flashing backs of folks trying to mimic Scooby Doos voice! lol!!!!

        Catcha later, Vee! 🙂

    • Hi there, lady!

      I actually posted it, twice. While it still gets hits, it’s gone nowhere. Oh… but the “Booty Pop” piece is my top hitter! lol! It’s BUTT PADS. People “can’t handle the truth” I guess. 😉

      Now it would be very interesting to see Bernays tied to butterflies… hmmm

  3. Good catch! Prog’mrs/Handlers often get sloppy w/BETA Sex Kittens, thinking no one will notice and most remaining clueless to MK-Ultra Monarch Slave Program…

    see ITK7 Journal 2011/4Q for Sarah L. Palins “stains”

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

    • Well, hi there intheknow7! It’s so cool of you to stop by! When are you going to give us a new entry, man! 🙂

      When I first came across your site and read up on “crazy” Palin, her crazy rattling finally made sense! And now that I know Kissinger has benefited from this programming and seeing her with him… UGH! (Todd has got to be her “handler”, right?)

      And thanks for the KUDOS! I think I’ve become obsessed with trying to get people to understand that these stars are slaves. Blacks Law defines actors as the following;

      “One who acted for another; one who attended to another’s business; a manager or agent. A slave who attended to, transacted, or superintended his master’s business or affairs, received and paid out moneys, and kept accounts.”

      Peace, my friend,


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