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What Do The Websites “Newsone” and “The Intel Hub” Have In Common? (With An Honorable Mention for “Bossip”…)

They censor!  I was actually surprised by both of these sites behaving like that.  I started to “follow the money” and trace who actually owns these but honestly I don’t give a shit.  Their actions are good enough for this blasting (alert to the public).

Newsone doesn’t even care that I’m blasting them.  I notified them, waited for a reply and never got one.  For some reason, their site won’t allow one negative, fact based comment to go through about their girlfriend, Obama.  Not one comment that criticizes him has ever gotten through unless the facts were off.  They certainly did not allow me to include this clip in a comment where they were praising his intelligence.  I don’t waste my time with sites like that.

Now… The Intel Hub actually did sort of surprise me.  As a matter of fact, I need to alert a buddy who works closely with them.  This just happened with their site so again, I’m a bit surprised but glad to be aware that they too are a waste of time.  Yesterday, I was getting all sorts of red alerts about the FEMA camps being activated within 72 hours.  By now, everyone should know that these camps are real so of course, I wanted to research this to see if there was any validity.  Well, my searches kept coming back to the same source, that crazy ass Alex Jones.  After a while of trying to find another source, I came to the conclusion that this was another one of Alex’s scare tactics (just like his Y2K broadcast) so I left a comment.  I think I’ve only left a few on their site previously.  Anyway, here’s the comment I left;

I see that the only source for this story is Alex Jones and since everyone knows he’s a fraud (think Y2k) I wonder about this.  I have heard that Obama was going to be the last u.s. president and that we’re not actually going have a 2012 election but hey, who knows?  (https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/alex-jones-is-a-fraud-its-time-the-truth-be-told-please-spread-this-video/)

It posted.  A few hours later I check to see if the administrator left a reply to my comment and guess what?  The damn thing was deleted!  Does there need to be any further discussion?  One thing this experience has taught me is that this is a very sophisticated and intricate network.  I suspect most of the truthers but there are some who really are working hard to expose things.  I don’t let it discourage me though because as you can see, I can always go online and warn others.  The last thing you’ll want to do should ever decide to strap on your seat belt and go down the rabbit hole is to waste your time researching in places that lead nowhere.  I don’t just expose these things, I’m offering solutions!  One tell-tale sign is when they don’t offer solutions, too.  How many times do we hear about the problems?  Don’t you want answers?!  Shit… I know I friggin do!!!  The Intel Hub blocked the video of Alex Jones outing himself, so that should tell you what?!  You’ve been warned.

Now the honorable mention belongs to Bossip.  I don’t go there that often but on this particular day they were having a discussion about Jay Z and the Illuminati.  I do like to read the comments when this topic is brought up so I like where their readers minds’ were.  I go back on occasion.  One day this 17 year old girl who was involved with a 29 year old wrote in for advice because she was thinking of giving him her virginity!  He’s got two kids by two women.  So as a woman I wanted to tell this girl WAIT A MINUTE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE DOING.  I put my comment together hit send and was hit with “your comment has to be moderated”.  WTF?  I’d left comments before on more trivial things but when I try to tell this girl that losing your virginity is special THAT has to be moderated?  Maan… fuck them too!  By the way– if there’s an alternative Black news (to replace newsone) website that someone can recommend that would be appreciated. 😉

One final note… long time, well known folks who claim to expose truths sure seem to have some potentially interesting lineage themselves.  David Icke is loved by millions (I’m guessing) but here’s an interesting piece of ‘evidence’ that more may need to simply think about.  You see– he’s another one that I found out about (way before this blog was even born) but the guy who offers this clip does something really simple to get you to see with your own eyes who Icke really is.  When I say this network is deep and intricate, I’m not kidding.  Check it out and see what you can see…

And you can also see that same sort of thing happen when you compare these two…

You have to admit, Barbara has always been a handsome looking woman.  Coincidence?  For those who have eyes…


“The Vigilant Citizen…”

19 thoughts on “What Do The Websites “Newsone” and “The Intel Hub” Have In Common? (With An Honorable Mention for “Bossip”…)

  1. Hey Jazz,
    Well done! Censorship is one major sign that sites are not genuine or willfully misleading!

    Thats why real people like you and me are creating a “network” of exposure 😉

    I guess I missed something important: What was this video about Alex Jones outing himself? Hope you can give me a hint so I can find the right vid.

    Greetz, Chaukee

    • Hi there Chaukee!

      I’ll go back and hyperink the video of Alex acting a total COINTEL ass! It’s funny, youtube keeps removing that clip too. And I’m glad to see you’re a real person too. I like the idea of creating a network. There is a cool site out there that busts all of the characters out, but it doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic, unfortunately. Maybe we should add links like that to our blogrolls. But yeah, these fuckers wasting folks time need to have a one stop spotlight.


      • Ah, that video! Thanks Jazz, well, I’ve actually seen this some time ago (also around august I guess) and I don’t follow Alex’s fear mongering campaigns any more 😉

      • Wait?…yoy50…so tell me: How do you know Alex Jones is full of shit? And how do you the Intel Hub is misleading?

    • yoy50!!! I love you!!! I just got banned from the Intel Hub because I had the nerve to ask them to prove their story. Instead of answering my questioning they yelled and cussed at me. Now I know they truly are an extension of the InfoWars bullshit. Love your site and your posts. I do not like WordPress though, because I have I have read a lot of miss takes, but it is even with mainstream media; some good, some bad. Thanx 4 ur post. I am just glad to see that there are others out there warning people of the bullshit.

  2. Hey lady just they do and it is the reason why I stop going there so much because your opinion doesn’t matter on there one sided and racist messages does.

  3. That is why I am trying to pull away from blogs in 2012 because they are not really designed for the public’s opinion but only to absorb the public’s energy. I love your site but most blogs to me seems to only create confusion in self opinions and self perceptions. I love your site because it keeps the motivation and learning going and it never just one note all the time. You provide helpful information for those who are seeking knowledge and not just contaminating people with useless knowledge.

    • Hi there lady!

      AWWWEEEE!!!! Thank you for the kind words! You seriously like the blog though? I mean, I look back and I just see how badly I need a friggin editor! lol! I hope I’m actually building that “resource center” for people. These recent discoveries piss me off because I’m actually contemplating going back to unlink some of these stories that are related to these bogus sites. It would be a lot of work so I’m still weighing that one. As always I do appreciate your support! It’s always cool to see a comment from ya, lady!


      • Everything I have read of yours is thought fueled and well researched. I salute you for the thirst for truth and the tempered wisdom to see thru the bs. It really brings up the necomers to this effort and even some avid researchers. Regards.

      • AWE! Dammit son! Got a sista’ blushin’ and thangs!! You’re too kind! 🙂

        My goal is to simply keep it at a level that is introductory and in their faces because we’re turning a serious corner right now. Just don’t have time to sugar coat this stuff, you know?

        Do you have a website?

  4. I always wondered why people like VC, Icke and Jones never got put down like other whistle blowers. I had a site like this which was on blogger, big mistake, i was wrote a blog on Mother of Darkness lodge and after that couldn’t sign in on my blogger anymore, then made a blog on WordPress, wrote a blog on 2012, now cannot access that account. Now Im workin on a tumblr LOL working my way through the network to get the truth out 😉 aha God bless you for being real and not sugar coating it, more importantly talking about the things we want to know, not the things we already know 🙂 KEEP IT UP!!

    ps. my blogs were – maskedmessengers.blogspot.com & maskedmessenger.wordpress.com.

    • Hi there, Masked Messenger!

      Your wordpress situation is interesting. For some reason, they are not counting all of the stories as they are actually being viewed. It’s something I very recently observed. So now you can’t access your wordpress account? I see that there were only two entries. hmmm… I will certainly read your 2012 entry. What’s the tumblr name?

      And thanks for the kind words, man! I mean– it’s just something that evolved and now that I’m understanding some of this crap I see the real urgency. It’s actually quite frightening how serious things are. But people love friggin “american idol”. It’s funny– the devil has folks IDOLIZING. Doesn’t “The Big Guy” talk about ‘idols’ and worship? And people don’t think there’s this accent battle between good vs. evil? smh.

      Welcome to the party, Masked Messenger. Cute screen name by the way! 🙂


  5. If you did actually put this comment on The Intel Hub and it did not show up then it was a MISTAKE with our spam system.

    Feel free to put the comment back up and i will make sure to look for it. That or i can try and go back through the system and find it.

    We didnt censor your comment,we get literally thousands of actual spam comments a day and the only filters that stop them do end up marking things as spam that aren’t everyone once in a while.

    This may have happened in your case though i admit it is a bit weird that it would happen on a comment like yours. I am not 100% sure what exactly happened, all i know is that only 3 people approve comments and the only way your comment could have gotten deleted is if it was marked as spam right when it was submitted.

    Again, feel free to resubmit the comment in question.

    Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you come back.

    Alex Thomas – Co Founder of The Intel Hub

    • Alex— first thing… “If you did actually”… dude that implies that you think I’m LYING!!! I don’t take kindly to that. I’ve left comments before on your site and this DID appear as a matter of fact I was the first one to leave a comment that day! It was removed. So if you want to lay blame on technology, well that makes your site even less honorable than I first imagined.

      Don’t need to re-submit– my comment is in the content of this article. I’ve made my statement and since you came to my yard and accused me of LYING, you may leave now.


  6. Jazz,

    I have NEVER accused you of lying, rather i questioned you because i have never been to this site and i know we do not censor. How in the hell am i supposed to know you actually made that comment?

    In fact, i took the time to write you back on your blog so that you would know that you were not censored.

    We receive over 30 thousand hits a DAY which comes with a massive amount of TROLLS. I have seen all kinds of blogs that were putting out straight disinfo on us. I have had people email me saying they tried to put a comment up and so forth yet it turns out they were LYING. So yes of course i questioned if this was true, obviously you havent been trolled very much or you would understand.

    I do not know you and I know for a fact that we do not censor so yes i question if what you are saying is true.

    Again, your comment was NEVER censored and we have no problem with the content of your comment. I think your blog looks good and would even consider cross posting some of your stuff on our site. This infighting has GOT to stop.

    The idea that our site is somehow not good because a spam filter caught one of your comments is ridiculous and you know it. You were never censored and wont be in the future.

    • Alrighty, Alex!

      I simply wasn’t in the mood for this to be some mind game like when I exposed The Vigilant Citizen. Didn’t know where you might be coming from but had to set the tone that I’m not down with games. All I could see was ‘red’ when I saw the word “if”. Reading can leave a lot to the imagination vs. the spoken word.

      I suppose the difference here would be that you have a website where I have a blog. As the administrator– I do see all comments so I could only assume that applied to websites as well. Spam goes to a “spam section” and I simply dump it. What is important to note is it occurred as I said it had. I didn’t need to wait for ‘approval” as I’d already left just a few comments in the past. I’m not a new visitor and as I wrote in this article I have a buddy who works with you guys. So, yes. I was shocked and pissed. This truther shit is starting to get on my last nerve.

      Thank you for reaching out. I will edit the piece because at least you reached out. I can respect that.



  7. Funny to hear that Intel Hub has a problem with spam, because I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SPAM FROM THE INTEL HUB! They try with any means to post a comment on my blog, with 08/15 truther blabla that is mostly disconnected from the article content, also with identical comments across different articles. I had to add intelhub.com to my spam filter… I havent further investigated into the intel hub and I really don’t have to endure another shitstorm like with the VC post 😉

    “obviously you havent been trolled very much or you would understand”: how boastful, Alex!

    Dear Jazz, good to see you stay strong against their obvious crisis management, would have never expected anything different from you though 🙂

    • “obviously you havent been trolled very much or you would understand”: how boastful, Alex! hahaha. I did catch that but like I said, my spam doesn’t even hit the site. But the trolls– well you know? 😉

      And you know Chaukee– I’m not down with the bullshit. 🙂 Now folks should know I will expose their asses.

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