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Recent Charges of Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood Just Tip of Iceberg, Experts Say

A serious word of caution for all of those stage moms who are dying to get their children in entertainment.  Here’s some words from a former child star who’s confirming that Pedophilia is a huge problem in entertainment:

I literally heard that they were ‘passed around,’” Arngrim  said. “The word was that they were given drugs and being used for sex.  It was awful – these were kids, they weren’t 18 yet.  There were all sorts of stories about everyone from their, quote, ‘set guardians’ on down that these two had been sexually abused and were totally being corrupted in every possible way.

And here’s another shocking excerpt from a former child star from a show most of you were to young to know about– the famous Donna Reed Show:

Another child star from an earlier era agrees that Hollywood has long had a problem with pedophilia. “When I watched that interview (Corey Feldman), a whole series of names and faces from my history went zooming through my head,” Paul Peterson, 66, star of The Donna Reed Show, a sitcom popular in the 1950s and 60s, and president of A Minor Consideration, tells “Some of these people, who I know very well, are still in the game.”

Just… UGH!  Do you remember the show Little House On The Prairie?  Well the little Olson girl has grown up and is also confirming what that Corey kid recently shared.  The above statements are actually shocking to my ears.  Kids being passed around like it is nothing and everyone keeps quiet?!  I can only imagine a child’s feeling of hopelessness in a situation like that.  When I was in the industry dark rumors were closely guarded– seems everyone is “in the know” about this sick practice!  Here’s another clip from EscotericKitten2′ stock on youtube (you really should pop over and check out her research one of these days).  I wanted to include this clip in particular because she demonstrates how “entertainment” has gotten us to accept child rape as a form of comedy!  And in the very place it happens the most– the Vatican.  How are we making light of such a serious thing?  Just watch this as “EK” breaks it down for you because this is absolutely part of that global network of freaks that I insist do exist.  Note that the beginning and end of this clip shares footage from the famous “Franklin Cover Up”.  A documentary that was produced but at the last minute never aired.  If you haven’t heard of that case, you should start educating yourselves…   The fact that money seems to be at the root of this, encouraging parents to blindly leave their children in the hands of these wolves while industry insiders take a vow of silence– shocking!  Talk about a nightmarish scenario for a kid?  Geeze– little Drew Barrymore just popped into my head!!!  If you’re still not convinced that this is real well– you should be charged as a child abuser too.  Read the full (disgusting) article HERE.  I know this focused more on the boys in hollyhell but when Drews little face popped into my mind… I’ll just leave you with this shot because you know her mom “pimped her out”…

18 thoughts on “Recent Charges of Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood Just Tip of Iceberg, Experts Say

  1. If the mainstream news media refuses to publish the fact that possibly over one million children have been murdered in Iraq, if “they” did not publish the Franklin Coverup Scandal, GannonGate, and the disappearance of Leola McConnell; something is very wrong in America.

    • Hi there Rebecca!

      Oh… maaan! Link me up on that one! I’m working on this crazy link to Obama’s past and I’d love to see Larry and him tied together. I popped over to Occult Propagenda and boy o boy are the pedophiles coming out! And people don’t believe there’s a huge network of these freaks?

  2. Hey yoyo, I just left you a reply to a comment at Jeans blog. I know she hates when I post as I try to get her to look deeper down the rabbit hole of the lies of the newage movement but she refuses. I sure hope that she changes her mind as she’s to trusting of them all without looking at the bigger picture of how they began this movement and more importantly WHO, and now they’ve went so far as to say that the Draconians were the good guys. I continue to pray they will too be exposed for the liars and cheats they are.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen Ed Chiarini’s (dallasgoldbug’s) videos on youtube or not exposing everything from Giffords non shooting to the actors in OWS, but incase you haven’t you must see and learn how they do it. His site is but he says he’s about to launch new one as this one has so much info making it pretty slow. Here is one of his latest videos, and if you don’t understand then you have to go back and watch older videos of his to learn how these actors play so many people. The key is that the ears are just like fingerprints and sometimes even better.

    • Hi there! I just found her site because I wasn’t believing Alex Jones’ hype about 72hr activation of FEMA camps. I know they want contractors to be READY but they’re not activating them just yet. Maybe she’s turning a corner because she certainly accepted my lengthy (full of links) comment! And I have seen some works with people comparing the ears. I’ll have to bookmark those.

      The Gifford shooting was suspect from the start— the guy WAS subscribed to her youtube channel and a minute after she was shot someone removed him. The evil men do…

  3. I also want to add, that the worst for me in all of this “truth” movement now, is finding one who is not a paid informant. Ciphering through all of this madness takes soooooooo much work and time. It is no wonder most don’t even want to bother.

    • That’s exactly why are starting putting them on BLAST. It’s frustrating to find you’ve been dealing with a paid shill. It is part of the plan to get you so frustrated that you’ll stop digging for truth. But if you think about it… where does that actually get you? I’d rather keep digging, you know? 🙂

  4. For the love of God. I just read my lashing from another post of hers. She says there is no proof of all of this evil if you can believe it. That quantam physics says it is all so, the newage movement. I get a kick at many of her posts as she’ll say, Dravonlo or whatever his name is says it’s so. How is that using your f%^$#! mind if always regurgitating what someone has told you is so?

    lmao, sorry for venting, I don’t post at many places and still had this page up from yesterday so just vented here.

    I now remember where I have seen your name before yoyo50. At prison planet a long time ago. Funny that, I was banned a few months ago for trying to get people to wake up to the disinfo jerk he is. How I finally knew for sure is I was posting on his site when he last went to AZ again that he must of been going to get his new orders from the acting studio that Ed has exposed alot of these idiots on the snewz stories as being actors. AJ didn’t like that, and finally banned me! Yes he is an actor and always was. CIA actor! Once you look at Ed’s videos, which from what I have seen I believe to be 90% correct on his facial recognition abilities, that made me remember AJ’s video on Bohomomeian grove he did.

    Last July during the last Bohomo grove meetings, I noticed an owl on PP. I would comment on it daily, and tell people he was one of them. AJ then spoke about how he went through the forest and crawled through a mud pit type moat to get to the other side of the Bohomo grove to get in. Yet he was dressed in white pants and light shirt, with no mud or dirt even on him! And people believe his BS?

    Lord help us. People just don’t know how to decipher BS from common sense anymore.

    Digging is all I do. I believe since hearing Lindsey Williams new video last week, his prophetic NWO BS warnings and where he said there will be some “devine” happenings now through 2012 that we’re going to be seeing their technological light shows like never before. A movie scene for the world like never before. So hang onto your hats. The newagers believe that the aliens are coming to save them, all subliminal BS of course. I believe they’ve been growing these aliens for decades now, and well I guess we’ll see soon enough. Don’t believe anything you read or hear, and only half of what you see is my motto. Mind you that half of what I see is now changing to all of what I see I think.

    • Hi TruthSeeker!

      Dude! Rules for comment; stay on topic! This a perfect comment for the Alex Jones piece but now everyone who sees that, won’t see your comment! lol! I get that you’re venting but this is the very thing that needs to be within the article for everyone who is catching on to his crazy ass!

      And yes, I’d been to Alex’s spot a few times and when I finally leave a few comments, THAT’S when I find out he’s a friggin agent! Ain’t that always the way?

      I’m going to see if I can move this to the Alex story, dude cuz we’re talking pedophiles in this post! Creepy ass, nasty, vile, ungodly pedophiles. I can’t deflect attention from that. I honestly hope there is a hell because these are a group of “humans” who deserve to be tormented for an eternity! And my guess? Those demons down there could be very creative with their tortures!! Demon to the pedophiles on first night in hell: “You fucked a baby in the ass– I’m fucking you in the nose”!!!!


  5. So very sorry yoyo!! It was first think this morning, and I’m starting to see how brainwashed the newagers are. I have alot of older info on this subject though as I used to watch essoterickittens videos all the time about a year and a half ago. Perhaps you know most of it already though. Keep up the good work, these people need to be exposed for the trash they all are.

    • Hey there, “buddy”! It’s cool! Really– I do understand but I do want to keep on topic. A final note in this post;

      I’m so aware of EsoctericKitten2’s work! She’s FABULOUS and quite astute! KUDOS Kitten, lady!!! There are several others who expose the beta/sex kitten programming but her videos put it in lay terms! KUDOS again, lady! 😉

      And thank you so much for the kind words (it’s appreciated more than words can express on the internet)! And I agree! The “people” IF YOU WANT TO CALL THEM THAT are absolute trash and then some!!! I’m working on something that I KNOW IS VALIDATED… I just want to get some sort of update on the safety of this person. It’s pretty damn explosive!!!! I may even take my grand leap of faith and send to the Zionist connected BIG 3 networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) and officially make myself a target! Yeah! This one– not speculative. It’s a pending case within the NY court system!!! More to come…


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