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Governor Rick Perry: Is He The King of Death? (sure seems that way)

Did you know… in his 10 years as governor, Perry has presided over 234 executions, more than any other governor in modern history; only once has he granted clemency in a case where the Supreme Court hasn’t already mandated it.  Click HERE for the full article by Mother Jones.

I’m good with the death penalty as long as we know we’ve got the right person but with so many questions about the wrongfully accused (especially in the state of Texas) these are some scary stats for such a short time.  Remember Troy Davis?  And here’s a question for ya’… why tha fuck do we keep recycling the same ‘candidates’?  This pool of losers is a sure sign that this is nothing but a sick game.  It’s a mind fuck without the nut, fellow people!  I say; “Kick Them All Out“– not just a few.  Good LAWD I wish people understood this!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Governor Rick Perry: Is He The King of Death? (sure seems that way)

  1. It would be funny if the liar in chief had not murdered (yes, I know he is a puppet) probably two million Iraqi’s, four to five million are homeless, usa and britain bombed them into the stone age, the sanctions, try not having clean water, sewage, medicine, electricity, doctors, etc after being bombed, watching your children die of leukemia etc.
    What is happy happy for bush has created more terrorists than there were before. Every family in Baghdad has lost someone saved for the likes of unocal, opium.

    • You see, that’s what people don’t seem to get. We had less than 2,000 real (unorganized) terrorists out there before 9/11. People don’t seem to wrap their minds around that startling fact… EVERY FAMILY IN BAGHDAD HAS LOST SOMEONE! That is deep. When I heard Grant Collins talk about his experience it actually hit me… WE’VE BECOME THE TERRORISTS!

      I still can’t believe what happened to Qaddafi and Libya…

      • I love debating with you Bob! 🙂

        At this point in this game (falling down the rabbit hole) what I’ve learned above all is; a few numbers makes no real difference when it comes to the center of the matter which in this case is; Perry likes to kill alot of muthafvkas and he’s done it in a short period of time. Does it really matter if those stats are off by 5 potentially innocent people? Troy Davis’ case is forever engrained in my mind. It brings to life a film I saw eons ago called; “I Want To Live” (Susan Haywood). And on the flip side of what also happened to Davis? He made a few mistakes and mistaken identity (for a while there) placed him in a situation that I feel could have been avoided. In other words, people need to stay their asses out of trouble, avoid those troublemakers and simply never enter the “for profit” system of prison. But hey! That’s just me. 🙂

  2. So, Perry took the title of top killer from Bush.

    The thing to remember is, at least one of his victims was wrongfully convicted.

    That is why I am not allright with the death penalty, you are NEVER sure unless you catch him in the act, and kill him there and then.

    Even then you may be mistaken. Remember, the one person who had a gun who tried to stop the Gabrielle Giffords shooter first aimed at one of the people subduing the shooter, the one who took the gun away from him.

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