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The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Why Ya’ll Make Me Do It?!)

Okay… I’ve been asked so many times what I thought about this show and since I actually hadn’t watched it I couldn’t weigh in (plus I just don’t do that much tv watching).  Well– one of these requests ended up being pretty convincing so I watched just two episodes.  That’s all a muthafvka could take.

I can only say that show (although the “southern belle” chick did crack me up a few times)  represents how terribly catty and phoney women are towards each other and the only thing this show did for me was to raise a bunch of questions.  Who wants to watch a bunch of chicks and their fabricated drama?  And what’s up with women calling each other ‘bitches’?  That shit ain’t cool!!!  Damn!  I must have been gone longer than I thought because this reality shit is, is… just what tha fuck, ya’ll?!

The body builder chick with the sinus issues gets into it with the drag queen.  The ole’ man trying to fight at a baby shower.  The models’ husband and sister (and mom apparently) are squabbling.  People actually watch this shit?!  Why?  There’s a preview of the body builder chick and her ex “squabbing it out” over child support and he’s an ex-NFL player (I guess)?  He doesn’t want to be financially responsible for his kids?  Sounds like she picked a real winner or was she just a gold digger?  Dammit son!!!  Why are we watching this stuff and the next thing that comes to mind is don’t these “women” know how bad they actually make themselves look?  They look “great” until they open their mouths!

I don’t see anyone of substance.  It’s all about flashing of materialism but absolutely no substance.  Trash talking, talking about each other, fighting in the streets– who marries broads like these?  Shit.  Are they all married?  I’ve only seen two husbands and one fiance so how are these heffas on a show called “housewives”?  Is this how people like to spend their leisure time by watching other peoples drama?  Has dysfunction become a thing that people now support and I missed the memo on that?  In short; I don’t fuckin get the fascination.  Now that I’ve put my two cents in it’s safe to say that I won’t be doing that shit again.  I want my 2 hours back, dammit!!!

And here’s an honorable mention… as I turned the channel I stopped on a show called Basketball Wives (smh) and those broads are equally bad (the “tough chick” is dull, ya’ll) but there is a bonefide nutcase on that show.  I only caught it from the part where the other chicks were voicing how mad they were at this one girl.  Of course I don’t know their full story but the chick they aimed their venom towards was 8 tomatoes short of a salad!  I think they called her Jackie.  Wow!  Is she a mother?  I just want to know if she procreated because she was so embarrassing to watch and she shouldn’t be allowed to mold the mind of a puppy let alone a child!  And by the way– the host of this show was a guy but I swear he had ovaries!  Who said men don’t like gossip and catty behavior?  Hey… I’d much rather continue down the rabbit hole because it’s far more “entertaining” than what’s on Tel-Lie-Vision that’s for DAMN sure!

4 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Why Ya’ll Make Me Do It?!)

    • And these shows have created this fucked up society that we think is soooo cool. Still can’t believe people actually watch that crap (or anything like it).

      I hope people get your clip! It might actually go over a few peoples’ heads! lol

  1. Last night, watching NCIS, a very popular, entertaining, addictive show, the boss, Biggs told a marine guard about whale lovers protesting sonar: “Why don’t you just shoot them?”
    Can anyone give me a one good reason to shoot someone carrying a sign, exercising freedom of speech, prostesting the death of whales?
    Of course, in the show, a whale lover, “Why don’t you just shoot him”? infiltrated a submarine and planned on killing the crew with sarin gas.

    Wealth of information
    Six Degrees of Occult Separation
    Teen Girls ‘Prefer’ Devil to Jesus

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