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Have You Heard of “C.J.A.”? Well… Meet Mr. Koshizimu (you’re gonna be shocked) ** MUST VIEWING **

This is so unreal it’s taken me about a month to wrap my own mind around it and be able to try to convey it to you.  I want to keep it as short as possible because I think Richard Koshizimu’s research and documentation will speak far better than any intro I can write.  This is going to be “heavy” so just brace yourselves.  C.J.A. stands for; “Covert Jewish Alliance”.  Stay with me… I know that’s completely insane, right?

It appears Richard’s site caused a stir in the Zionist world (of complete control) and he (inadvertently) weeded them out and in a BIG WAY!  Sounds too far fetched, right?  Well hold on to your seats!  I was reading these exchanges and I thought; “what a great ploy to get hits for your website”.  But the more I read– I had to pop some popcorn, you guys!  As I continued reading I finally got to this letter (click images to enlarge)…

While what I was reading was really “entertaining” I wasn’t actually willing to just “run with it”.  It remained fascinating and then I came across this one and thought; “oh shit, this might actually be real”!  But again, reasoning stepped in because who in their right mind would make a threat when you can trace anything on the web… except someone who’s given permission to make those threats?  Read this…

Then later (throughout Richard’s exchanges between these people), I see this one and the threatening language is even more pronounced…Seems completely unreal, doesn’t it?!  I mean, how can such a smart, well connected, secret group of coverts slip and get so sloppy?  I mean… this has to be a joke, right?  My next question became; “this was in 2006 so is Mr. Koshizimu dead”?  That took more digging than I thought because he’s Japanese, some websites that came up of course, were in Japanese and the translate button wasn’t readily recognizable to me.  Translating a few, there was basically nothing and then finally I found the guy’s website (here’s the Japanese version)  Click his name at the top.  “Whew” was my only initial thought, “at least he’s not dead”.  But then it occurred to me– was this guy just yanking our friggin’ chain?  And if so, that’s the kind of thing that makes it hard for anyone to believe Benjamin Freedman’s admission that Zionist do control the U.S. (and basically the world).  And then I got pissed.  So I kept digging and finally found a video of him!  Who knew?!  The guy is real, he is still alive and speaking!  Because they made the mistake of knowing that they can “co-opt” most if not all who they approach (think; “The Vigiliant Citizen“– dude is livin’ like a Rockefeller, ya’ll!!!).  They actually couldn’t kill Mr. Koshizimu because of those pesky threats they made and it appears, he can’t even have an “accident”!  How fuckin’ cool is that?!  Speaking truth power and living to tell about!  DAMMIT SON!!!! 

But on the other side of this is sabotage.  If they can’t kill you (because they actually fucked up, ya’ll)– discrediting and slandering or falling back on the forever faithful “anti-Semite” labeling usually shuts the ears off for the general population.  But we’d be a fool to fall for it in this particular guys’ case, wouldn’t you agree?  Here’s one of the efforts on the infamous ADL’s website doing what they do best; shutting down real truth about Zionism.  Click HERE for a sample of how they attempt to label him (and others) through the help of simply being associated with Anti-Defamation League.  We read articles like that and we automatically think the person accused is actually a loon.  Well, Richard plays his next chess move perfectly;

I see they’ve left his ass alone, didn’t they?!  Their only recourse is to label him the absurd; anti-Semite.  He does discuss what he strongly feels, and the main reason these Zionist began to attack Mr. Koshimizu which actually brought light to themselves, was the true reason those three 9/11 buildings turned to dust.  And you know what?  He must actually have “cracked the code” because when you pop over to the link where these email exchanges are found (HERE) you’d be a fool to not believe what Mr. Freedman shared in 1961 and now what Mr. Koshimizu was (accidentally) given confirmation to.  The “THEY” do exist and people who share real truths are approached.  Some survive the real threat of death but an awful lot don’t (must viewing)!  Here’s Mr. Richard Koshizimu’s talk on what he feels is the real cause of the buildings’ destruction and it wasn’t through Thermite, ya’ll.  The “C.J.A.”, as you’ve read above in a small portion of their exchanges, doesn’t want you (and me) to gain his knowledge.  His talk begins at the 10:00 mark but don’t you think you might want to view it in its’ entirety?  His accent is a little thick but aren’t you intrigue by this?  And he might not look it but he’s no punk!  In some of his emails– dude wasn’t afraid to talk major shit to these guys!

This one does boggle the mind but in all of my research to include doing countless (even though it’s NEVER seemed that way) hours of cross referencing– this guy is probably more convincing than every brave man or woman who’s ever attempted to expose these truths.  So many layers to this sick game, the mind does tend to weigh down and as hard as I try, I just can’t sugar-coat.  Time is too critical in my very humble opinion (I do hope I’m wrong).  But it’s time we grew the fuck up and realize where we are.  These sick bastards are following an agenda based on nothing but pure darkness.

But be of good cheer, ya’ll!  We do have a solution.  While it may not attack this on that supernatural/spiritual level that they are certainly working from, but on the level our limited Pineal Glands allows us to “see”, we can apply what the brilliant website that I continue to be a “cheerleader” for (and proudly, btw) “KICK THEM ALL OUT“, has outlined for us all!  You see– the wheels can actually come to a grinding halt because the people in power fear exposure more than anything and they simply don’t think us ‘goyim’ are smart enough to come up with a plan that will be able to stop this huge monster.  They are wrong!  Read their 2-STEP PLAN AND BE EMPOWERED!!!!

Richard Koshimizu– Speaking Truth To Power and LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT!

28 thoughts on “Have You Heard of “C.J.A.”? Well… Meet Mr. Koshizimu (you’re gonna be shocked) ** MUST VIEWING **

  1. Wow I see you digging thanks for the info.. I am not really surprised but it gives me more confirmation to let my mind and life be built off of the things that I think is profitable because the world and all of its dark people are going to be the world. Your mind is something that you can control and for far too long we have be lending it off into slavery. Well keep up the good work and as usual I will be here taken it all in. Yeah these Jewish words that they pick to describe other people is laughable as God says my people die from a lack of knowledge but despite what the media might say and show there are still deep thinking people around who never choose money and a false image of fame over wisdom and speaking, living and representing life over death. F.E.A.R: false evidence appearing real is what most of this media covered information seems to be built off of…

    • Well now… I thought I was the only one who was digging the true definition of F.E.A.R.! (False Evidence Appearing Real) Right on!!!!! 🙂

      And thanks for the kind words, lady as always! 🙂 The only thing I’d caution people about this discovery is to recognize how CJA uses the word Jewish(e)(s). We’re talking about Zionism and not the people who practice honest Judaism– that’s a tool the CJA can use to throw people off of the fact that they are real. All real Jews denounce this behavior so not all of them are down with this program. I know too many so I want to make sure I’m clear on that one.

      I hope this one reaches far and wide too because DAMN! I knew it was absolutely true after hearing Mr. Freedman’s words but to get this kind of confirmation 50 years later (Freedman exposed it in 1961)– WOW! 🙂 This we know for a fact– if Koshizimu does die (even of a heart attack) don’t believe anything other than he was assassinated. But I actually do think they’ve decided to let the guy live so KUDOS MR. KOSHIZIMU! I think I’ll add a “KUDOS award” category in his honor! 😉

      Hopefully this will be a tool to give people the nudge from their slumber (from our calcified Pineal Glands they’ve given to us) that we so desperately need right now.

      And please don’t get me started on media… hahahaha

  2. Hey lady do me a favor since your research seem to have a deeper down the rabbit hole then mine right now. I have been trying to do some research of around what time and year do (they) whoever they are…lol… expect for the US currency will fall. I have come too see that the internet is not as abundance as they would expect of to believe just a little project that I have been trying to work on. If you can add me some info on this subject or even make an article in reference to this subject I would gratefully appreciate it. These are some of the questions that are pondering in my mind lately.. One time period that I came across was around 2017 and that they expected all the animals of the world to be RIFD chips around this time as well just wondering.

    • Ooohhh… I think you’re referring to Agenda 21 though I can’t recall a year when they want to RFID all cattle whether before or by then. I’ll have to dig around and see what I’ve found but it sounds like it’s Agenda 21.

      As for the currency– hey… it’s already dust! lol. I like Gerald Celente’s perspective on it. He “seems” to be the real deal, but you never know. I simply base it on the fact that our dollars are no longer backed by gold. Unless people have gold or silver, or something valuable to barter (remember when we use to do that?! lol) people are going to S.O.L. We’ve forgotten our past.

  3. If you want the REAL truth you will have to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole. Maybe this will help some of you past the Jew only conspiracy. Yes the Jews are in up to their neck but all roads lead to Rome. Question: The Bush family Nazi ties have been well documented going back to before WWII. 911 was ‘W’s Reichstag fire, the Patriot Act ‘W’s Enabling Act and ‘W’ worked for Rome as did Hitler. The question is this: Wouldnt any good Jew hating Nazi begin persecuting the Jews as soon as he reached office? Why were both Bushs and every other admin so bent on defending Israel? The answer is because the entire Arab/Israeli conflict is a product of Jesuit perfidy. Militant Islam is rooted in, funded , trained , equipped and CONTROLLED by the Jesuit CFR CIA Note how deep the anti Zionist propaganda is with films like “Missing Links” and the one here. W HW Obama Holder Feith Napolitano Rice Tenet Panetta Patreaus Kagan the entire Supreme Court and too many more to list are Jesuits or Jesuit trained. In the description box of the attached video a summary of my JFK research. @:24 note Netanyahu walking the subservient 1/2 step BEHIND Benidict XVI a.k.a Joseph Ratzinger former Hitler youth. Note ALL the warmongers past and present bowing to the Pope . They are not bowing to Netanyahu. Israel, US and the Muslims are all carrying out Romes proxy wars. FYI Pope John Paul II was a polish chemical salesman that sold the Zyklon B to the Nazis for use in the death camps.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just one of many layers. All of these organizations are tied together by that much bigger monster. As they say; “all paths lead to Rome”. Beautifully, hateful and laden with blood of many through the generations. But I do know that one of their sectors of controlling the masses is through entertainment as hollyweird has them all over the place just molding and shaping our sponge like minds… http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/19/opinion/oe-stein19

      I simply like the fact that their cockiness brought light to their existence. I don’t believe Mr. Koshimizu fabricated this one bit. And in his video he does speak about attempts on his life. If he didn’t get this right, why the near misses? What we are faced with is a real truth about this subject from two separate people (Mr. Freedman died in ’84) 50 years apart. I tend to believe we got a much needed “break in the case” thanks to Mr. Koshimizu. I like his discovery and the way he dealt with their punk asses! 🙂

      I forgot to add this because Mr. Koshimizu’s discovery makes this one by Rik Clay seem much more plausible… https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/11/26/olympics-2012-your-introduction-to-rik-clay-r-i-p/

      • yoy

        I dont know about the letter itself. I’m reluctant to sign on to anything w/o first digging into it myself. As far as the camps go deductive reasoning and historical precedents can give us a picture of the likelihood the camps are real. If you look at Operation Paperclip its clear the Nazis set up shop in the US after WWII and began the same destructive M.O. here. Whats frightening to me is the comparisons to Napoleon, Hitler and now the US. As both Hitler and Nappy were puppets of Rome and extended their troops beyond logistical support while the money masters plundered their economies. Faced with the fury of the Russian winter and revenge and w/o the funding to carry on they were both destroyed and subdued by Rome. Today US troops are far from supply lines, our leaders are Papal puppets, the entire planet is polarizing against us, they have removed our production base, destroyed our economy so there is no funding and the Jesuit proxy wars have escalated the tensions to explosive proportions. Soon they will ‘set it off’ and the destruction of the US will be complete. You nailed it when you said ‘all paths lead to Rome.’ You might find this interesting. See my featured video as well. If a picture paints a thousand words than my featured video paints an epic tale of Papal mayhem in the 20th and 21st centuries. My hats off to you. You have obviously done your homework. Its refreshing to see how many people are researching for themselves, amature sleuths,bloggers and video producers we now have exposing the secret societies, Zionists, Papal crusaders and money mafia. Regards

      • First of all– love that song! Sort of takes on a new feel with the current times, doesn’t it? And the clip is great. Frightening but great. I have to believe that they’re prepared to nuke us after 9/11 (the evidence certainly points to them sending out Anthrax as well (smh)). And the 5 dollar bill is interesting because they do love their symbols, don’t they? And I don’t blame you for researching Mr. Koshimizu yourself, that’s what we’re suppose to do. But I have to tell ya’– next to Mike Ruppert, this guy is one of my favs right now! 🙂 I certainly feel that I’ve only scratched the surface on these matters. People will be stunned to see how far the tentacles reach. Shit– I’m still having great difficulty convincing folks that “entertainment” is a part of this stuff!

        I am glad you can agree that the camps are real. When I confirmed that letter (he was real, died in 2009) I was stunned because the rumor has been that they’ve had a steady increase in building up these facilities for the past decade (I was first told about them in ’96). And the CDC still won’t give me an explanation for the “coffin liners” they have stockpiled.

        Operation Paper Clip and Rat Line are infuriating to me! How could we have been so naive? We were betrayed so many times and yet somehow there’s still this dysfunctional love affair people have for this country. Remarkable. “… they have removed our production base, destroyed our economy so there is no funding and the Jesuit proxy wars have escalated the tensions to explosive proportions.” You ain’t kidding! I was just asking someone; “what does the u.s. produce”? I don’t think we make our flags anymore (they send our dead troops back in the ones from China, too http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xjb1q7_many-american-flags-made-in-china_news).

        Thanks for the kind words, David– it is indeed refreshing to see that some are actually waking up. I just hope much more start catching on. This next “election” ain’t no joke this time. By the way– what the hell is up with these candidates? It feels like an episode from friggin Laugh In! Geeze are we in trouble!!! 😉

      • Its nice to see that someone really ‘gets it’. I hope this isnt painful. It has been for me. Each dicovery along the way seems to laced with more heartbreak. Ron Paul is one example. A stellar voting record in his Congressional career, and the seemingly loyal following he had so many of us hopeful. Then crunch! Come to find out he is a member of one of the most secretive frats there are. I am not so sure about Ruppert either. Let me explain.What started me on this endeavor was the 911 attacks. I had always known things were screwed up w/our govt. When the South Tower ‘collapsed’ I literally leaped out of my chair and said no way. I have been a Journey Ironworker since June of 88. I dont know where you are on the plane issue which seems to have the truth movement divided. Brilliant on the part of the perps. Built in lunacy. I ask you this: Ever seen ANY cutting tool made out of aluminum? Neither have I. The notion that roughly 100 tons of alum ribs and skin (its not even a solid tube) even penetrating the 4100 tons of steel and concrete that make up one floor of the Towers is laughable. Back to Ruppert and any of the plane huggers. I have found this is often the first sign of a gatekeeper. “What about building 7? It wasnt even hit by a plane.” Neither were the towers. M.O would dictate examining this issue VERY closely due to the obvious lack of wreckage in Pa and the Pentagon. There are physicists that cant seem to wrap their minds around the impact dynamics but claim to be part of the truth movement.Many other laymen as well. This is one of the most crucial elements of the attacks and something that proves the media is involved in the planning and implementation and not just the cover up. This is the main reason the no planers are so vilified. THEY MUST protect the media by excoriating the no planers. I hope to engage you more on these topics but I have some rare work for today and must take advantage. For now consider these two videos. Read my channel description also. Any way a long way of explaining why I question so much of the ‘truth’ movement. Thanks for the rewarding discussion and taking part in the quest for truth. Regards

      • It’s actually quite painful at times. I remember the feeling I had with my first shift in understanding. I was completely depressed for about 3 days! But now– I actually get excited because I know there is one solid solution out there. And I also like that they are doing things to reveal themselves more and more. And that Brzezinski creature is definitely nervous LOL… That creepy fucka is my go to when I’m feeling overwhelmed by some of these discoveries. I get a kick out of revealing bullies. If he didn’t have his network of thugs… I know I could whoop his punk ass!

        Ron Paul… ole’ Ronnie– yeah, there’s a whole host involved but I haven’t found out anything about Nader on that tip. I think he’s the real deal which is why he’s mostly excluded in the debates. Hell– what am I talking about?! That crap is just a friggin production!!!

        “I am not so sure about Ruppert either”… I either missed the explanation or something. I happen to think he’s definitely the real deal just like Ted Gunderson (R.I.P.)… what’s the reason for suspicion? Or are you saying that he’s now been co-opted?

        “When the South Tower ‘collapsed’ I literally leaped out of my chair and said no way”… LOL… I know, right! I also said; WTF a few days later when a PAPER PASSPORT WAS FOUND!!!! There are so many theories on what actually hit the towers and clearly building 7 was not the worst damaged (wtc 3 & 4 had far more). I sort of like the missile attached to a military plane theory along with John Lear’s notation on Holograms because I actually believe all passengers were offloaded at nearby airports prior. I don’t think anyone was on any of those planes to tell you the truth. The lives lost were at the WTC’s. Where are those people? Hey– just like in the movies “erased” along with their memories. What we do know is that it is impossible for those planes to take down the 2 buildings and that pesky invisible plane that knocked the shit out of building 7 is definitely a thorn in their side. Oh yeah– having work in a newsroom a few times– media is definitely in on this one. Have you seen John Pilger’s film on the current state of media? This one should certainly receive wider viewing.

        It is definitely refreshing to see that folks are waking the heck up. But it still feels like crunch time, man! 😉

      • I was not thorough you didn’t miss anything. Any time there is a ‘truther’ spouting about airplanes I see warning flags. 11 and 77 never left any airport on 911 93 landed in Cleveland and I haven’t figured out what happened to 175 yet. Ruppert talks about planes. He does exposes some really valuable stuff. Too valuable. Remember William Cooper? Anyways I am not of the opinion that if others dont see things my way they are shills. However I have found so many of my early conclusions laced with mistakes that I have been cautious about placing too much faith in anyone else. Ive also been schooled on how to spot psyops by the author of over 30 unpublished books written for the _ _ _ . Yes the debates are laughable if they werent so insulting and the issue facing us so severe. Id like to have a balanced debate with ANY of the ass clowns running for pres.

        Have you seen any of my yt videos?

      • Hi there David! Yes, I’ve seen a few of your videos. I like your style. Plus I’m always captivated by Daniel Sunjata’s lips! 😉 I also liked the interview with the airmen.

        Hmm… I’d only recently thought it wasn’t planes myself (Hologram, John Lear). I think we’re all a little brainwashed too so I don’t know if I’d consider that a reason to say Ruppert isn’t genuine. You’re saying it wasn’t jet fuel, right? You’re trying to discover the accelerant? Some say Thermite, Mr. Koshimizu swears it was a nuclear explosion I personally think as deviant and evil as these inbreeds are, it could be a combination of all of those things and then some. They are always about 50 years ahead of what the public is even aware of what they can do, build, create, etc. We basically see the warehouse section of their gadgets and the other shit, we never see it coming. Holograms are totally plausible especially when I found this clip because this does look just like a friggin missile (for those who haven’t seen this) I DON’T SEE NO STINKIN’ WINGS, MAAN! https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/the-lear-jet-meet-the-son-of-the-man-who-invented-it/

        I do remember William Cooper but I’m not sure of the reference. Some have said even Billy was in on this and was a sacrifice and they also say he knew his time was short. But I liked the guy. Since dead men don’t talk…

        “I have been cautious about placing too much faith in anyone else”… I can totally dig that. I’m beginning to look at like this, I simply view it as “spring cleaning”. When folks are faking the funk, I’ll just alert the readers. Now that I’ve had my first major let down courtesy of The Vigilant Citizen (hi VC you asshole) I simply know to expect it at some point. Eric Dubay would be a disappointment and even Ruppert but I stand by them both for now. And I do like Mr. Koshimizu, though. Had it not been for Benjamin Freedman before him– I doubt I could have swallowed his pill. Why don’t we listen to the many who warned us? (“… I’ve given you a Republic, if you can keep it”)? Sometimes over-thinking things makes us completely miss the obvious. It’s not a main discovery but it is definitely one of the many layers to this very complex nightmare.

        Like that chats! 😉

      • Enjoying the discussions as well. The reference to Cooper was his death. It seems few have exposed as much as Ruppert and are still breathing (Tatum Oneil Cooper). There is little that I haven’t gotten my mind around as far as 911 goes. The main body of my research is focused there since its the justification for bombing the children of the world, plundering our coffers and the draconian laws such as S1867. It appears we agree the ‘live’ video feeds are a pathetic excuse for video quality. I believe that there were bunker busters used on the WTC (See attached). I pulled some video of B52 drops and there is a weapon that looks very much like the one seen in one of the clearest (absent the chroma key) videos from that day. Then the white hot ejections coming out the far side of the building at the South Tower. Nothing on an airliner and nothing in a class ‘A’ highrise will burn that hot . Judy Wood seems to have the most plausible explanation for what destroyed the towers. I agree with you that there were likely a combination of things used. I think the thermite may have been used to weaken the structure in advance of something way more technical or simply there to send investigators in another direction. THANKS A BUNCH for viewing my work and for the support. All modesty aside I am not much of a writer or filmaker but I am an excellent detective and researcher. Regards

      • Hi there, David! I wanted to take the time to review and research a little of what you’ve linked. I do believe she’s describing nearly the same thing that Mr. Koshimizu describes, isn’t she? We know it wasn’t planes, jet fuel– nuclear/microwave technology is absolutely possible. And she’s still alive to not only self-publish her findings but continue to go around speaking about it. There is no method (rhyme or reason) for their survival although, when you listen to folks like John Loftus— you realize it actually can be done (safety contract for your life, so to speak.) After listening to her (kick ass credentials too) I think both dialogues between these two share a common thread– they concretely define that it was not a plane. I think it’s interesting that she had to purchase her body of work back from the publishers since they refused to release it. And people think media isn’t in on these orders. Hmph.

        And yeah– those “live feeds” we saw from that day was like damn! Come on already! lol!

        You know what I can’t figure out? What kind of people would clear an area that is clearly suspicious of foul play and not say a word? Ass-merica sure has alot of traitors. Yeah– seriously contemplating executing the exit strategy. Between the u.s. becoming the terrorists and traitors keeping dark secrets, uhm… what’s so great about this country again? Guess I’m having brain fog from my calcified Pineal gland… courtesy of big brother.

        And yes– I can totally dig your work. This has turned me into a sort of sleuth myself!

        Catcha’ soon

      • I think its part of the Oathkeepers FB channel. Re: Dr. Wood it seems the best credentials of any except those so BENT on selling the thermite/mate demo theory. The only one taking the case to court. Which opens up another can of worms. You are a thinker and I know this will have smoke coming out of your ears. Anyway if you do some digging on the topic of DEW you will find that many of the co-conspirators and especially the thermite advocates have connections to DEW research! HMM? See where I am going? Another interesting issue with these perps and even some I believe are sincere is they seem to use the argument “What about building 7? It wasnt even hit by a plane.” Again HMM? Obvious mis info with the secondary task of protecting the media. Anyone who actually think the videos are authentic has ZERO powers of observation.

        AHHH ‘…turned me into a sleuth myself’ Simple curiosity for me at first and then almost an obsession trying to find the bottom of the rabbit hole and stop the bombing of those kids over there.

        Do you know of Dahlia Wasfi? She speaks at the end of my Civil War video and I have some of her work posted on my channel. I think the greatest woman of our time and most powerful voice for the victims of this mayhem. Dahlia is awesome!!!

        Again on DEW engage YTer fishingforbricks. He is a great researcher and thinker. He and I have teamed up on the topic of DEW and advanced weapons. He is very sharp and on my recommended channels list. Here is a good start:http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=112107


      • Now see? I’ve heard Oath Keepers is faking the funk too! What was it, by the way?

        Dr. Wood doesn’t agree with the A&E’s either which is very interesting to me. I’m going to be doing some research on her findings. I think the A&E’s are genuinely seeking answers so I don’t think they’ve served as a distraction. As a matter of fact, I posted one of their works for 9/11 because I simply like their message.

        “Simple curiosity for me at first and then almost an obsession trying to find the bottom of the rabbit hole and stop the bombing of those kids over there.”… it does grab a hold of you, doesn’t it?! I honestly don’t think we’ll ever find the bottom of the hole… it’s simply too deep. I’m just satisfied with being up to speed on some of the vast manipulation. But it is very odd to be “awake” and watch so many around be entirely clueless! That’s probably the most bizarre.

        Yes, I’m familiar with Dahlia Wasfi! “The Paradigm shift” has her speech in one of their productions too. I think the soldiers are very critical in telling the world what is happening over there. And thank goodness they are actually catching on and speaking out!

        I’ll definitely dig further into Dr. Woods. By the way– we do agree that explosions did occur in the lower levels of wtc’s 1 & 2, right? I inadvertently saw the explosions in a clip I’ve posted here (I just can’t think of which one it is right now).

      • I saw a FB post from Oathkeepers that convinced me they have been compromised. AE is still a mystery to me. Im certain ALL organizations are infiltrated or compromised. A trusted ally spoke out for Richard Gage of AE. Gage told him that thermite/mate could not account for some of the evidence and he refused to condemn Dr Wood’s work. He is off the hook for now. There are photos I have seen where there are large cylindrical bores at the site. You could not pack enough explosives in that building to cause those bores. Thats not to say explosions were not occurring. Its likely they were. The only possible conclusion is advanced weapons were used. Like I said thermite may or may not have been present. Mis direction or pre weakening are the options there. Did you check out the link?

        The curse of being awake a friend called it. The ridicule and scorn from friends and family is tough especially for me as I am already the black sheep! LOL!

      • I haven’t gotten into all of the research just yet but it very interesting. I will say this… the “planes” were a good distraction. They played it rather well those sick fucks! I’m glad you can see that Gage may just be mislead like millions of others. I think it was definitely a combination of things leaving a perfect diversion from the true cause. And that’s exactly what I try to tell people about regarding their technology– it will always be about 50 years ahead of what we know. I’m glad you agree about Oathkeepers.

        And is it a curse to be awake? I don’t know? It can be very frustrating but I don’t know if I’d call it a curse exactly. Hey– I think they are the ones who are cursed because they are going to be deceived and shocked (oddly). I only have one family member that doesn’t get this so I guess I’m lucky. I’m actually not interested in being around people in my personal life who aren’t progressive thinkers so I think I got pretty lucky with my circle of friends as well. The way I see it… if being aware of this stuff makes me a “black sheep”, um… Baa! 😉

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