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John Lennon on Population Control

I hope people are finally catching on that over population is a myth.  We have plenty of resources and enough space for everyone in the entire world to live in a state the size of Texas which leaves the rest of the world with wide-open, unoccupied space.  The tag-team of Al Gore and Bill Gates are both full of shit. Period.  Here’s a really cool website that simply presents the facts– Over Population Is A Myth (it’s on the blogroll, too).  If our politicians lied about why we are in Iraq (just one of many examples I could cite) don’t we realize that fucka, Al is a politician too?  They lie, they lie all the time.  That’s their job!  For kicks and giggles– just check out these clips of Donald Rumsfeld lying his ass off (but he does get it handed to him in the last clip.  Tee-hee).  Anyway… I was sent this clip of Lennon and not only was he hip to the myth back then… I love his quick comeback when Dick Cavette tries to spin his logical answer.  Priceless.

Why O’ Why has abandoned posting music because I now know what it contains and its purpose.  I don’t want to be responsible for anyone hearing it over here anymore (the music archive remains in tact, though).  But after seeing that clip– this feels like a John Lennon song should be played.  Enjoy! 😉 

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