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*** News Flash *** Something in The Skies Last Night… Did Anyone Else See This?! (Update: Mystery Solved?)

*** UPDATE *** I finally found what I think might be the answer to what I saw (me and the cat, that is :))… I believe it might have been a meteor!  I found a website where others describe what they saw as blue or green at about the same time I did.  Whew!  As long as it wasn’t H.A.A.R.P!  At least I don’t think it was…. hmm.  Either way it was pretty spectacular and HUGE!!!

H.A.A.R.P. is something that’s new knowledge to most and honestly… I’d advise you to research what the acronym means for yourselves along with what I’m providing here. 

As I was double checking doors and windows and before heading upstairs I like to step out back and take in the beauty of nature.  It is remarkably breath-taking where I’ve recently relocated (a refreshing change of pace from where I was abroad) and I don’t take it for granted.  As I was looking at Oscar (our new cat as he peered through the curtains “begging for me to come back in”)  I turned back around… and saw something really (really) odd in the sky!  In the backyard– this happened toward the East (perhaps “Eastern Star” or “Dog Star”.  Some sort of reference to something that I’m unaware of, perhaps– I don’t know!).  Out of nowhere (and I do mean that literally) an emerald coloured ‘light’ (encompassed by a sphere/hue/radiance of some sort) appeared dead center of the sky and shot straight downward!!! No sound or reverb occurred, either!!!  Again– in a speed faster than I can find the words to describe… it appeared and shot straight downward!!!!!! Like… CRAZY FAST, ya’ll! 

Now… I have no idea if it’s HAARP or some natural occurrence but one thing I DO know– I’ve witnessed 1 shooting and 2 falling stars in my lifetime.  THIS WAS NOT EITHER OF THOSE!!!!!  Have you seen or heard of anything about the skies recently? 

I wouldn’t put this experience out there (for the web to see) if I wasn’t struck by something very (very) odd.  Can somebody tell me anything that would make sense?  Of course this happened while my camera was inside but even so, this appeared and moved so swiftly I doubt that I could have captured it.  To give you guys an idea of the colouring of this object, please see the image below.  The shape was more along the lines of a Tylenol Gel Cap shape or a bullet– without a tip.  So what say you?  I’m a bit “weirded out”, ya’ll… 

2 thoughts on “*** News Flash *** Something in The Skies Last Night… Did Anyone Else See This?! (Update: Mystery Solved?)


  2. In Whittier, California – Nixon’s birth home, I was out at night on campus and heard some noises coming from above and looked up at the sky. It was pitch black (late) other than a few stars and I saw in the sky zig zags of electric blue neon color and red all in one area and there were some flashes in a central area while the zig zags continued like there was fighting between the colors. Another couple of students saw this and one guy said its probably the military testing some weapons.

    I wonder what the hell that was to this day!

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