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Bush And Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes?! Really?

Well, this clip shows that something took place.  Hell– since this is a first, I don’t even know what to do now!  Can we arrest them?  Does anybody know how this will work?  Shit… something happened, didn’t it?! 

4 thoughts on “Bush And Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes?! Really?

  1. Yeah, where is it that we go from here? Nowhere. If you want to get away with murder just have young, idealistic people do it for you.

    • Well hi there Wilfredo! Maannn– I gotta put a sidebar up!

      How the heck are you? How’s the baby? Boy/Girl– which did you get? And by the way– people must think your pic is really cute because they keep clicking on it! You might need to bring your website back! 😉 So good to see you back online, my man! This post was dedicated to you (it’s the second half) https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/where-has-why-o-why-been-it-starts-off-crazy-and-ends-with-friggin-hp/

      On to the comment….

      I’m thinking… why would they waste their time if nothing becomes of this? There sure are alot of formalities with no results. And I really hope these next kids coming up finally comprehend that fighting their wars will never benefit anyone on those frontlines. Don’t be what Henry Kissinger thinks; “military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”… that dick meant that too.

      • Hahaha! You let them knwo that the photo was from the ’70s, didn’t you?
        My boy’s name is Santiago, and I’m guessing he’ll be looking like that pic in fifteen years. He is an absolute joyous pain-in-the-neck. Much planning for his future to do. If all goes well, a place at the beach. But that’s a tale for another time…
        I’m glad that you’re still going on with this. Sorry about my absence, but, you know, baby.
        I’ll take a look at that link now.

      • A BOY?! YEAH!! I’ll bet he’s ADORABLE! And I had a feeling you’d drop off the surface for a bit– babies are priority in my book! Congrats, man!

        And I’m thinking whomever clicks on your pic might gather it’s from back in the day, but they do seem to dig it! 😉 I think you’ll also get a kick out of the link! 😉 Welcome back, man!

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