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Lindsay Lohan & Lady GaGa: Mind Controlled On Camera

It’s so important for people to understand and accept that mind control is very real and the more popular celebs are under this trauma based control.  I want you to review these two clips carefully because they are both “triggered” on camera.  With Lindsey, I’m unsure if its a word that “triggers” her but they definitely used words and possibly a hand gesture to snap her right out of it.  The blonde girls’ hand resting on the back of Lindsay’s seat does a quick movement as she says something to her.  Check it out… I hope you noticed how Lindsay’s body language changed from the time she made her statement versus when she was told what she’d said.  Two completely different alters flashed right before our eyes.  It’s like this clip of Britney Spears when her British accent appeared.

I’ve added this one to a comment before but I think it’s worthy of placing it in its’ own post too.  I think this one is much more obvious and even the look on her face afterwards is far more telling…

It is so profoundly wicked what these people are enduring and again, I remind you all that every time you participate in whatever these celebs do– you ARE contributing to their continued abuse.  And this Gaga chick… man… look  where she grew up…

And check out this embrace between a father and his half-naked daughter.  Um… what grown woman stands naked in front of their father?

Here’s how she was dressed for the evening…

That’s a zipper down her crotch, by the way.  Mind controlled sex slave 1000%!  Her dad was probably in the program through a generational connection and Stefani has been subjected to this her entire life.  She’s not strong or self-assured– she is a controlled person.  Body, shattered mind and soul.  Remember the “dream” she had where her mother’s response was; “Isn’t that an Illuminati ritual”?  Um… how would her mother know to even think of that?  This is in plain sight, you guys. 

I didn’t think I could have empathy for her because when I first heard of her, I simply thought she was awful as a role model for our little girls to flock to and worship.  Before I became aware of the mind control in entertainment, I honestly thought these were ‘rotten’ people who knew full well what they were doing.  They actually don’t.  They honestly don’t, you guys. 

Do I detect that dead/blank/vacant stare again? 

And here it is again…

I do worry about Lindsay though– especially knowing that there is Delta programming in all if not most of these celebs.  Delta programming wires the victim to self-destruct.  Think suicide.  And this one is set to play Sharon Tate, too?  Yikes!  Every time a celeb portrays death in a film– they end up dying in a way that’s pretty near if not exactly to what is portrayed.  Remember Britney Murphy’s film, “Deadline” where she dies in the bathroom?  Wasn’t she found in her bathroom when she died a short while later?  Who in their right mind would play Sharon Tate considering what the Manson crew did to her and her unborn child?  Gives me the chills.  I hope she re-thinks one.  If you’re interested in seeing how this works (if it’s still unclear to you) check out the analysis of Natalie Wood’s death.  I love how this guy put this clip together for all new comers of this subject.  Click HERE to get a broader perspective. 

It’s funny– I knew celebs were human having worked around them for nearly 21 years but knowing that they are under mind control,  man– they feel so much more human to me than ever before.  My heart really does ache for their suffering.  And they do have Lindsay looking an awful like Sharon for her “role” in the film…

Wholly guacamole!!!   Lindsay’s last film was scrapped because of her “legal woes” but she was set to play Linda Lovelace (look her up if you’re unfamiliar).  Some of her promo pics include this shit– YIKES! 

The last photo we saw like that was with Amy Winehouse, remember?  If something does happen to Lindsay, there will be no doubt of a ritual killing.  A tale-tale sign would be her body being removed in a red body bag or a red item will be found on her.  They don’t called them “blood sacrifices” for the hell of it.  They love symbology, ya’ll.  The below photo of “this little girl lost” should give you an idea of what her world is like– even as a very small child.  That is the world of the elite.  And again– don’t  those eyes look dead/vacant/blank? 

Hell– didn’t one of the Corey’s already tell us about pedophiles in hollyweird?  


16 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan & Lady GaGa: Mind Controlled On Camera

      • “kids fighting”… its funny, because my 2 kids practice martial arts (jiu jitsu, wrestling, and taekwondo) together,,, when they argue its intense!! but they never hurt each other (on purpose :/ )

      • Tee-hee… I happen to think that martial arts (of any form) is the very best way to “settle a score” (with diplomacy/honor/respect applied, of course). Martial arts (nearest I can tell) is about disarming without death. There are no “stray bullets” if one must “come to blows”. How old are your lil munchkins if you don’t mind that I ask? I do love the lil ones!!! I’ve got a real affinity towards lil boys (they seem to dig me too– a ‘weird innate connection’) so when the lil fella stopped and thought before he responded and said; “GO!” (LOL!!!)… that was my go to “chuckle” (while standing in line– think renewal of licenses for ex.)– gotta’ LOVE that! With all of the insanity I’ve seen on the web since returning to the states– I actually expected him (sadly) to punch the lil girl when he stepped towards her. But his response was PRICELESS and a reassurance that all is not entirely lost. KUDOS to those parents of his, by the way! 🙂

        Thanks for the comment, William– Jazz 😉

    • Hi there, thepopculturepastor! So glad you like the site! Yours excellent as well! Thank you so much for the add– you’ve been added too.

      And thanks for the “luck”– it’s a hard task to wake up folks, isn’t it? 🙂


  1. Lindsay Lohan is next Tila Tequila talks about it that they told her!!! Crazy…. I wouldn’t be surprise if Rhianna is next since she died in the end movie..too crazy!!

    • Interesting. I sure hope we’re both wrong but signs do point in her direction, unfortunately. Rhianna is a ‘valuable’ tool to them right now but as with all who sign the blood oath, her days will be numbered eventually.

    • HELLO, Marisa!!! I am saddened to hear that you are under attack!!! My prayers are with you! I’m aware of this form of attack but unfortunately, am not an expert! There are a myriad of confessions of this system, though. TheBlackChild on youtube found a CONFESSION by someone who shared that this is REAL. I can’t find it now (in this moment/reply) but it is DEFINITELY real (all the way to Brazil)!!! I will try to find some aide for this as it PAINS me to KNOW that so many lives are QUIETLY affected by this.

      A note to the “fellow people” who come by this blog… do what you can and help this lady SURVIVE this! She is REACHING OUT TO US. We SHOULD feel obligated to find a solution for not only her but for ANYONE who is suffering though this! This is VERY REAL and countless are harassed, through these methods. I pray in the blood of Jesus that this will get the PROPER exposure. Marisa– hang tough! There’s a reason you were able to voice this and found my blog! I am sure it is for a REASON! I’m including this clip for others to see because it IS happening WORLD WIDE! From a candidate running for Kentucky Mayor (back in 2012 or so), Connie Marshall… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOMaitttSj8 Here’s a “bonus” clip from Mrs. Marshall… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb1Iw5DyqVk

      I’ve got a REALLY hectic schedule but am making it a point to send you a personal message (thank you for supplying your email) just as soon as I can! Give me about a week so that I can see what I find! In the meantime– I am DILIGENTLY praying you’ll be a SURVIVOR! A note– do “put it out there for the WORLD to see” that you are not suicidal or would NEVER end your life!! Put it in writing AND on the WEB! God forbid– but you’ll have it on RECORD that you would not, DID NOT end your life!!! Again… hang tough, Marisa– I TRULY FEEL the answers to this life are unfolding. It MAY feel that we’re “all alone” but we are NOT! The Omnipotent One is watching EVERYTHING! 🙂

      With love and LIGHT, dear friend!

      The Lady and Captain of THIS ship!! 🙂

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