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Olympics 2012: Your Introduction To Rik Clay (R.I.P.)

I gotta’ thank so many who have been studying this subject and trying to warn us of the very strong possibility that the Olympics is going bring “a big event”.  One of the first people (that my research shows) who connected these amazing dots for the 2012 Olympics was Rik Clay.  Rik’s death is reported as a “suicide” but the guy had the perkiest, upbeat radio interview like the week before he decides “he wants to end it all”.  Stranger still, his father “confirms” he killed himself but his friends still wonder.  You see– those who are telling the truth, spreading real knowledge seems to always be followed by an “accident/suicide”.  Well… what Rik pieced together for the world to consider is that we are in store for a real treat and not the kind that leaves a good taste in your mouths either. 

TheLight (on youtube) has produced this mini-documentary for us all to consider.  At this point, people should be prepared for this post because by now you guys should know that Why O’ Why is going to test your limits.  We simply don’t have time to dilly-dally, folks.  Stay with all parts because as it unfolds for you, you’re going to have brain-freeze.  Here’s the clip for the 2012 Olympic promo that Rik refers to during his radio interview (linked above) because it was removed from the original clip.  This visual helps you keep his words in perspective because what you’re seeing is called; “predictive programming“.  I feel it’s particularly important that you are aware of this because I can’t imagine a better time or a more perfect event that brings the world together under one roof.  The 2012 Olympics is the very best scenario for an event of this magnitude to take place.  Additionally, here’s the short video of the 1984 Olympics.  Rik’s investigation doesn’t seem so weird or far fetched if you ask me.  It’s funny how most of us have forgotten that strange Olympics closing ceremony from back then.  I keep telling you guys that we are being governed by sociopaths and psychopaths.   Here’s Rik’s works on Scribd for you to further study.  Rik’s efforts (which has inspired so many to continue the research) is something the younger crowd may have heard of but everyone should become aware of his research.  And I think with what he shared, we should seriously consider the possibility of that being the site for “September 11th Part 2– The Remix”Donald Rumsfeld has already stated that; ‘america needs another attack” so please believe that we will see a Part 2 production of 9/11 at some point.  And please keep in mind, the logo.  They refused to change the logo, ya’ll.  Even Iran made public statements about the logo spelling out the word; “Zion”.  For those who have eyes let him see and for those who have ears… remember what Benjamin Freedman shared?  One thing’s for certain.  They’ve got housing arranged for us all for whenever this unknown catastrophic event does occur that they’ve been “planning” for.  It would be ashamed to think they’ve made such extensive plans with enormous costs incurred for nothing!  “Let’s see what the cards say”…

Hmm… that sure looks like Big Ben to me…

12 thoughts on “Olympics 2012: Your Introduction To Rik Clay (R.I.P.)

  1. Thats not Big Ben – its the clock in Tokyo and its showing the earthquake and tsunami, reactor – combined disaster. I live in Christchurch NZ. We had two major earthquakes here. The first one didn’t kill many ppl, so they had another go in February 22/02/2011. Per capita it killed a lot f ppl and has decimated our city centre. I don’t know if you know much about occult numerology but those are significant occult numbers. Also the 22nd chromosome is referred to as the Christ Church chromosome, would you believe! Co-incidentally Hillary Clinton swung by our insignificant little country around that time, we had just done a big drill for natural disasters, a bunch of important Americans flew out of the city that morning. There just happened to be an international medical conference going on, right near the epicentre so there were surgeons on hand to cut people (some of them with craft knife type things) out of the rubble. Strange skies beforehand and strange blue lights in the sky afterward. Prince William rocked on over from England to perform a ritual (oops sorry I mean “memorial” televised nationwide). If you knew how small and unimportant our country is – these bigwigs showing up was a bit odd 😀 The date of the Japan disaster was also significant occult numerology wise, which as everyone knows s very important to these illuminati dudes – just google all the numerology significance and occult significance of dates of many major world events and NASA activity and names of spacecraft etc.

    • Oh– okay! I felt a bit off with the clock but I’ve never been to Japan so it didn’t click! That clock you’re referring to does look more like the one on the card. But something is going down at the Olympics, don’t you think? I think of the logo and how they refused to change it even though the people thought it stunk and then William Blake’s poem… the stage is set for something…

      I’m beginning to comprehend the occult numerology– they love their stinkin’ numbers, don’t they? And Harry (hillary) is like the plague– she sweeps into a place and disaster soon follows. I really dislike her, by the way. “Prince William rocked on over from England to perform a ritual (oops sorry I mean “memorial” televised nationwide)”… tee-hee. If people realized that every “performance”, every “concert” or every “event” is a ritual, they’d be shocked. His ‘wedding’ was nothing but a ritualistic ceremony. When I think of all of the concerts I attended and now knowing that I was a unwitting participant in a friggin’ ritual… man, it makes me mad! And with a name like “Christchurch”– your locale is probably more significant to these sick freaks than you think! Sidebar– speaking of NASA, I saw the most hilarious clip of the trip to the moon blunder. Friggin hysterical. We haven’t been to the moon either, ya’ll (hahahaha)

      You know… it’s almost as if all we have to do is watch where the “drills” take place because soon after, disaster strikes. I’m still knocked out by the earthquake that rocked the Carolinas all the way up to New England area and no one seem to bat an eye. I have to say… it does feel like they are becoming more and more desperate as some of the things that are popping up lately are simply ridiculous and shows they are very anxious. It’s making them appear sloppy in their clandestine efforts. Their latest mess– they are trying to bypass the constitution so they can detain (indefinitely and without charge) american citizens by military personnel! People knock me out when they don’t believe the FEMA camps exists– well, do they believe it now that they are trying to allow military to lock us up? And even the men in the military are dumb– don’t they know they aren’t ever suppose to do something like that? ass-merica– gotta’ love it!

      Thanks for the heads up, Rebecca. I appreciate it! 😉


      • Hi Jazz 🙂
        Yep I think that you (and Rik etc) are spot on about the Olympics. I know what you mean about Hilary!!!! It’s a struggle to find any picture of her where she doesn’t look wildly psychotic – her eyes are awful (and as a window to the soul that’s frightening). I remember as a young’un with zero knowledge of world affairs, when I heard the news George W Bush won? the election, I shivered and my heart sank and I said to the chef I worked with “we are doomed”. To this day I don’t know where that came from, but I felt it with every fiber of my being. Now we know they are all puppets – but I just had a powerful heart and soul and body deep reaction to that news that I can’t explain. I always said to ppl “his eyes are dead like a shark” was the best I could describe it. The more I learn about mind control, the more I realise why. You are so right about Prince Williams wedding. Either In the Know7 or RR’s Posterous have good articles on it. I must admit, it was before I began awakening that I saw it and I really got sucked in and gave my emotional energy to those **&%^ on that one!! Have you studied the links between Diana and the occult symbology of her crash site and memorial and what she represented to the Elite?? I can’t decide if she was a willing sacrifice or not but it is incredibly interesting. Yes I have heard about this “Domestic Terrorism” policy going on over there now…No jury or real trial or evidence or even clear definition of Terrorist Activity. Hell, I heard that even 9/11 truthers could be in the firing line!!! Scary times, but I exercise my right to free-ish (i’m sure I;m brainwashed in some ways) thought and express my thoughts and feelings and research etc, and if that gets me imprisoned or whatever, well I wouldn’t wanna live in that world anyway, and the body is just a jacket our soul puts on for a short while in our ever evolving eternity. I would rather speak up and hold to my truth and spread peace and love and try to share learning with others, regardless of fear of consequences. Otherwise they win, and that my friend, aint gonna happen!! 😀
        Peace and love,


      • Hi there, Rebecca! 🙂 I hardly know where to begin! lol

        “her eyes are awful (and as a window to the soul that’s frightening)”… AMEN! Have you noticed that we in ass-merica love to recycle the same candidates over and over? And then we’re perplexed now that things have gone down the toilet. Your gut was right to say that we were doomed after George stole the elections. I felt it too because now– look at us?! I quote the late, great George Carlin; “It’s called the American Dream for a reason because you have to be asleep to believe it”. R.I.P. Carlin!

        I’ve done some research on Diana’s case and while she knew they were trying to kill her (she knew that Charles was going to make her have a car accident– creepy that she knew how), she wasn’t a willing sacrifice. She was actually very nervous about it months prior. Why was she killed? The theories are far and wide but she was basically just the incubator for the kids (bless her heart). I’m familiar with IntheKnow7 but I’m not certain if I’ve come across RR’s site yet…. I’ll have to check it out. Was it me or did Prince Willie and his bride come off as an arranged marriage cuz I feel no love between the two? I remember Diana’s wedding (ritual) and how that sucked the world in– they love grabbing our collective energy, don’t they?

        And I’m with you– I’m absolutely not living in the world they want to design. Even before they take us to that Orwellian level– it’s a nightmare being back the states. And we’re all a little brainwashed but the masses of people here who are under the spell is astonishing. Their refusal to examine facts is remarkable too. Did I hear this right– ass-mericans spent 52+ billion during black friday? Last year it was 10.66 so that should tell you alot! Fvkas are homeless, worried about their jobs, foreclosure by the hundreds on a daily basis, in debt up the wazoo but they still found 52 billion to buy more junk! Edward Bernays would be so proud!

        And you know what? I’ve come to the conclusion that these “domestic terrorists” are products of our own government… They’ve been working on us from every angle! And people don’t get that we should not be flying or relinquishing any of our rights for “safety”. We’ve been warned over and over by the many who came before us but SOMEHOW the masses think this is a joke. What I tell people now– “hey– until you’ve heard Benjamin Freedman— sitchoassdown”! (that’s; “sit your ass down”)! lol. I do crack myself up on occasion! 😉

        It is refreshing to see that people are waking up. But man— it feels like crunch time! I’m so nervous that enough people won’t grasp the brilliant and simple plan that “Kick Them All Out” is showing us. It’s just too damn easy. We are seriously thinking of executing our “exit strategy”. Military having the ability to lock up citizens?! Is everybody on crack except me?! Crap… is it too early for a drink?! lol

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Please view the following and let me know what you think.. You seem to be more up to speed on the numerology/symbology side of this madness. I stumbled on this info and did a little digging and this is what I came up with.


  2. Love your work by the way, perhaps the best site I have come across along with Atlantean Conspiracy. Also you confirmed my niggling suspicions about VC. Trust your instincts, I’ve decided – my gut is rarely wrong, I was starting to get a bad feeling about VC and then found the evidence your site and commentors have provided. Its so disappointing, I don’t think I’d recover if Eric DuBay turns to the dark side!! 🙂

    • Eric is “my boy”! Love that guy! I’d be done if he turned to the darkside too. 🙂 And thank you so much for the compliment…. I feel honored to be in the same company with Atlantean! (blushing BIG time!)

      And that DAMN VC– that muthafuka… wasting my time! At least people are catching on. 😉

    • Get out of town! So those 330 cards that Steve Jackson made back in ’95 really do have significance?! Shut up!!! Wow! There’s gotta’ be a 2012 Olympics card in that deck somewhere!

      • Yup. Its kinda frightening but fascinating at the same time..
        .It worries me because as a result of huge amounts of research I have decided to not vaccinate my baby boy. Then I worry that there is reverse psy-ops going on and that they’re putting anti-vaccine stuff in with all of this to make the kids of the undesirable or rebel awake ppl unprotected when they unleash their next virus, after all, they’re the ones they want gone, right? Not the compliant parents and kids…Did you say YOU were paranoid??? hahahahahahaha guilty as charged 😀 Still not vaccinating!

      • “Its kinda frightening but fascinating at the same time” DAMMIT SON! I keep telling people it is THE MOST FASCINATING AND FRIGHTENING THING I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED! It’s better than a movie (well– the movies are more revealing than I first thought), it’s better than friggin video games (for all those grown ups who are addicted). The only thing is not better than is SEX! When people start educating themselves– they are going to see the ugly truth about this country.

        And KUDOS on not vaccinating! Whew! So good to hear at least one person is usually critical thinking on that! There’s nothing paranoid about it… we’ve been lied to. Check these out when you have some time. You’re a smart cookie not to get sucked into that one! You’re child is going be super healthy too!

        Please don’t be compliant when it comes to those things. The video in the second link– man— you’re going to be so glad you listened to your gut and spared your child! 🙂

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