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**** NEW **** Rules for Comments (DAG-NABBIT)!!!

It’s unfortunate that I feel that there is now a need to outline a few rules for commenting but the recent activity has forced the hands here at Why O’ Why.  I want to state that this makes me feel as though I have to monitor children and I thought I did a pretty good job of setting the tone at Why O’ Why without trying to lay out some friggin rules.  This all stems from the exposing of a website called; The Vigilant Citizen because he’s a disinfo agent.  The mudslinging, accusations of real names being used– talk about “hot mess” activity?!  Well, Why O’ Why is allergic to two things; stupidity and DRAMA!  The rules are simple:

  • No use of the N-word is ever allowed.  It’s a part of history and that is where it belongs.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No usage of real names.
  • When you make a claim– better back it up or you’ll be banned from commenting on this site in the future.
  • Stay on topic.

Alright.  Nuff said.  Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

Jazz – The Captain of THIS Ship

6 thoughts on “**** NEW **** Rules for Comments (DAG-NABBIT)!!!

    • Hi there lady and happy Pagan’s day of false celebrations! hahahaha!!!!

      yeah– can’t take the drama so it had to be squashed like Squash!! Gotta get folks minds’ ready for Iran, Syria, “Lindsay’s death” (she’s set to play Sharon Tate– YIKES) so this had to end.

      So on that note– one my favorite artists (she’s extremely sweet, have met her twice) had a song that sums the way I feel right now, best. Enjoy!

    • Well… that is a reference to one other comment [non-related] but since there was a need to end this shit– hey, that should be added too. And thanks for the “kudos”, my man! 😉

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