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Why Is Beyonce Faking Her Pregnancy?

I don’t cover celeb stuff a lot over here unless it relates to MK Ultra or Mind Control but this child faking her pregnancy is disturbing.  There’s rumor of her father trying to buy his baby out of wedlock to give to Beyonce.  And then there’s the rumor that they’ve adopted Sean’s (Jay-Z) baby out of wedlock.  Geeze… all these babies out of wedlock.  Anyway– whatever their plan is they are failing miserably…

And to add more insult to women who’ve been pregnant… she’s even gone so far as to wear fake breasts!  My titties never looked like that…

What in the “fo-cheesy”?!!

5 thoughts on “Why Is Beyonce Faking Her Pregnancy?

    • “Mold-able mammories”… cute! 😉

      I’m sure she’s just as every other programmed slave… clueless. I’ve never been a fan of hers. Ever. But knowing that mind control exists– I now feel sorry for her. I’ve even gone back to look at some of her pics– programmed out the wazoo! But the fake boobs… come on, Mathew [Knowles] or whomever is in charge of this failed execution of some lame-ass plan. It did make me chuckle though.

  1. Hi yoy,

    I’ve been cruising around your site on and off for a few weeks. It has some pretty good info on here and is refreshing overall (knowing that you are an actual person and not a group of people spouting disinfo. I’m with you on the VC thing, figured that out a while back.), but I did have a few comments. I’m not trying to bash you or anything of the sort, so let me make that clear beforehand; just noticed a few things and wanted to ask about it. I am by no means a proponent of Beyonce nor her so-called pregnancy, but that picture is photoshopped. There are plenty of other pictures with the normal-sized breasts (looks like she just has on a good push-up bra) with no fake cups at the bottom. I’m not sure if you are just joking around because of the speculation of her pregnancy being fake, or if you truly believe that this picture is real. I believe there was also another picture on your website with Christina Aguilera at DisneyWorld, her breast being exposed by none other than Goofy. It could possibly be real, but more than likely was also photoshopped. I say this because both pictures are exactly the same, no stitch out of place, no turn of the head, no changing of facial expressions, with the exception of one showing boobage. I am all for ordinary citizens starting blogs and things of the sort to expose these frauds and put information out there, but when things are put on a site without being fact-checked, it discredits the author. I think you have some valuable information here, and I just think that someone who is new to waking up and happens to stumble upon this website may be quick to conclude that it’s all crazy because of the photoshopped pictures and unchecked info and end their search here. Obviously, that is not the goal at hand. So I guess my question is, what do you do to ensure that the information put on your site is fact?

    • Hi there, Candice! I can truly dig what you’re saying especially about the Christine photo… but according to my research, this is a real photo of her; http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread557408/pg1 The disinfo in this case is trying to claim that the photo is a fake (which is pretty smart if you think about it). It’s a really sick affair that happens at Disney. Every one of those child stars go through abuses that we simply can’t imagine at the hands of those wonderful world of freaks. There’s a “peeping tom” phenomenon that you’ll find in the linked article too. Disney was a sick pervert and he built a kingdom so that he and he’s cohorts could get their jollies off. That system is still in place to this day. Read Brice Taylors book; “Thanks for The Memories”. Her trips to Disney as a little girl who was in the mind control program will leave you speechless.

      Regarding Beyonce’– after her Jimmy Fallon performance and his tweet about her arriving in the studio that day and not months ago… um she’s not pregnant. The rumors are that she doesn’t want to ruin her body so they’re adopting. And the collapsing stomach is on video not just images. I do research all material before it’s posted and only once was I mistaken. I can certainly own up to that too. I do take pride in getting it right because I find it extremely frustrating when I’ve invested time only to find the resource was bogus. I try not to do that to folks cuz what is occurring is so much bigger than trying to yank someone’s chain. Some people are paid to do that… not me. 😉

      “I say this because both pictures are exactly the same, no stitch out of place, no turn of the head, no changing of facial expressions,”… you see… that’s the affects of mind control. Once people start to understand the depths of it, they’ll recognize really easily who’s under that spell. I’m so not a fan of any of these people but I had a special disdain for Beyonce for the longest (she comes across as completely disingenuous plus she can’t sing) BUT… now that I know about mind control she strikes me as a victim of this.

      And I’m so glad that people are catching on to VC. It’s good to see that there’s a little network on the net conveying the info on all of those disinfo agents (cuz there’s a bunch). And I don’t mind the query it let’s me know people are actually reading the blog! smiles So… I hope this answered your questions. Hey– I’m an inquisitive mind who fell down this fuvkin’ rabbit hole and now I’m stuck 😉

      Welcome to the party!


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