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Is Jerry Sandusky Part of The Illuminati Pedophile Network? An Article by Henry Makow.com

Now that we know Sandusky “pimped out” those boys to rich donors, I think it might be important to bring to your awareness the article from Henry Makow.com as it highlights those global network of powerful people who are the sickest kind of pedophiles.  I found it really interesting (and disturbing) that Sandusky was given a 100K unsecured bond, no monitoring device and released.  Released, ya’ll.  So what that tells me is that he and others will probably get off light if there’s any punishment handed down at all.  In an effort to help you gain a broader perspective on this network of sick-ass ‘people’ who participate in Ritual/Satanic Child Abuse, child sex trafficking and snuff networks, I’ll start with the articles’ conclusion;

The Illuminati use pedophilia to blackmail and control their members. Perhaps the public can wield the stick.   The Penn State scandal demonstrates that the Illuminati are made extremely vulnerable by their sadistic pedophile practices. So far they have been able to cover up the extent of this network. Further investigation and public pressure could expose and neutralize more Illuminati perverts.  There are many more Jerry Sandusky’s in the Halls of Power, and this is a way to identify and remove them.

And here’s a brief quote from victim X1 (Regina Louf, from another case) who describes her participation which confirms that they are using sex with minors as a tool to blackmail;

“Dont get me wrong.  I took part in a lot of murderous orgies (as a forced child prostitute), but more often in orgies that had no aim except blackmail.  The hard core consisted of about forty people, at most.  There were a few hundred blackmail victims, perhaps thousands.  (Source)

Click HERE for the full article at Henry Makow.com.  And if you’re unfamiliar with this global network of freaks in high places, check out the Dutroux Affair which just so happens to involve a man named; Etienne Davignon.  He’s also the Honorary Chairman of the Bilderberg meetings!  You can dig more into the Dutroux Affair HERE.  I’d think you’d want to be informed because they are still hard at work abusing and doing all sorts of sexually wicked and perverse things to our kids.  Just imagine the fear he gave to a 10 year old child…

Judge Leslie Dutchcot, who actually volunteered for The Second Mile charity, gave him a light tap on the wrists which allowed his release from jail on such serious and shocking charges.  Why is this judge allowed to preside over his case at all?  Seriously?  Is that how our system blatantly works?  Wow.  We should all be outraged.  You can believe that these young boys won’t find any real justice but hopefully they will get paid out the wazoo!  Gee wiz– even their own student body stood up for Joe Paterno and not the victims!  Penn State is starting to sound a lot like Penitentiary State.  Fuckas get raped in the joint and it’s; “oh well”.  Those students should bow their heads in shame for their actions.  No support for the victims?  15 years of being victims, mind you.   Don’t they know that ole’ Joe sat on the Honorary Board at Second Mile?  And he’s not the only name on that list you might recognize (like, seriously).  I can’t imagine that Joe wasn’t doing the “dip stick” either, can you?  Hopefully, as Makows’ article suggests, this will actually weed out these pedophiles.  This sure smells of the “Franklin Cover-Up“, doesn’t it? 

Learn to look for the signs because there are always signs…

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