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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Yes, He Sold You Out– The Interview You MUST See

I tried to warn you guys about Facebook way back when in this article.  I just received this clip from a 2010 interview with Zuckerberg sweating bullets because his jacket, of all things, exposes him!  He was bought a long time ago and is under control by something much bigger than himself.  Just watch how he nervously babbles because he KNOWS he’s being watched…

Not only was he sweating profusely but he also reaches for the jacket as if he’s trying to cover it and that ‘sigh’ he lets out is revealing too.  Here’s the still shot of his jacket: 

If you look dead center– that “star” in the middle sure looks a lot like The Star of David… If you haven’t heard the 1961 speech by Benjamin Freedman, you should.

14 thoughts on “Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Yes, He Sold You Out– The Interview You MUST See

  1. Hey lady if you watch the move called the Network which was made with his background in mind he was even sneakier then because he kind of stole the idea from some Harvard twin at the time. They gave him the idea and he did all the work but he also patient the idea before the project was finished and they sued him for that. Originally this Facebook network was only meant for the campus of Harvard but before you new it the system became worldwide and some one with big money and access brought the whole system making him one of the youngest wealthiest men in the world. It was a good movies and he seems to be an very anti-social person in the move which I don’t really find anything wrong with that. He is a smart man and knows his motives plus he has a very arrogant kind of attitude in the movie which you can see on this clip as well. Very smart but he lacks some social skills which I think you can also see when watching him…I don’t do facebook and everyone with eyes to see that are wide open can see the down falls and how it is deconstruction a nature especially the young and naive. Most of the Facebook members don’t have a clue about life and there interaction with the system is not making them smarter in this area. This was originally made for the rich and they were suppose to pay a fee to use the system but then it got beyond Harvard walls and here we are today..

    • Hi there, lady!

      I might have to check it out the movie after seeing this interview along with the one from 60 Minutes sometime ago. I don’t care how this is sliced– dude didn’t want to have to take off that jacket and he certainly didn’t want to talk about the privacy issues. I loved the male hosts response to his bizarre ramblings; “fascinating answer”… straight sarcasm if you ask me. He might be brilliant sneaky and wealthy but one thing he isn’t, is a very good liar. Her question at the beginning was real simple. It was if she asked his name and he told her where he was born!

      People can keep messing around with Facebook if they want to. Hell– closing the account won’t do any good because you’re already tracked once you sign up. That’s some wicked shit. People should definitely review the video in the link if they haven’t already. They’ll be surprised that even the military is tracking us– I mean Facebook users.

  2. I think Facebook is ripping off it’s users, but that doesn’t mean I buy every conspiracy theory out there. He isn’t even trying to hide the symbol, what kinda secret symbol or group is that?

    There is nothing there. He’s not under any pressure, he’s just not very good at interviews it appears.

    Don’t blow up nothing. Until you have some actual evidence, don’t even try to pass this off as meaning anything.

    • Here you go again!

      There’s nothing there? So why is the Co-Founder of Facebook on the roster for the Bilderberg meeting from this June? And he absolutely did attempted to pull the jacket down and when he sighed is when the lady stated; “What?”. I looked at the same clip you did and you did not see that? Compare this interview and you’ll see that he’s quite capable of being in front of the cameras:

      While he does lack some social skills– he was under duress during that internet interview. Again– before you’re so dismissive, have you actually listened to Benjamin Freedman yet? Seriously– you wouldn’t come across as so “over informed” had you taken the 45 minutes to listen to his audio– a speech from 1961, mind you. I tend to think he knew exactly what is going on– like he said; “he was there”.

  3. Hey lady go to VC and look at the article with David Bowie and a movie called Labyrinth and you will see David Bowie drawing a symbols that looks close to the sign in this dues Mark Zuckerberg jacket and tell me what you think?

    • Hi there, lady!

      Well, now you know I’ll have to find another source cuz I’ve exposed VC? (smile). Is this the image you mean? It has similarities but the kabbalah has been linked to mysticism and is supposedly one of the bases for these wicked practices. Symbols are how they communicate. People are so “naive” about this sick reality but there are butt loads of folks who are talking in code to one another and this interview sheds light on that in way I don’t think we’ve actually seen (so clearly) before.

      I can’t remember which of the channels I saw this one on but it actually tied together the famed hollywood movie “42 Street”. The song was written in code and I’ll summarize that it breaks down the under-handed dealings that went on when the Federal Reserve was forced upon americans along with how millions would become wealthy while masses would be grifted! To any insider– they understand exactly what that song describes. I wish I’d bookmarked it– it was an amazing piece of work.

      • Yeah that is the picture that I was referring too it does resemble the picture in his jacket to me.. At the end of the day they are all linked in some kind of way but I don’t know the history of Kabbalah much but I did do a personality chart from there before letting you know what you name means in terms of numbers.

      • Numbers. Maan… you have no idea how much they use friggin’ numbers! I recently watched an old classic; “The Prophecy” with my boy Christopher Walkens and he delivers an unassuming but important line; “learn your math, kid– you’ll rule the world”.

        Start diggin into the Kabbalah– it seems hip because Madge (I mean Madonna) introduced it to us…

  4. Also I am listening to the clip on Benjamin Freedman now and it give you a whole new impression of World War II. So what do you think the difference between the Jews and Zionist is and is there a difference? So the war from the German side was to protect there countries and finances from being taking over and this is why Hitler had so much hatred towards them? Wow the media is a very powerful device at this point I am not sure what to really get my information from (except for the Bible) so many lies are out there. When he spoke on keeping Germany and Europe a Christian country I was like wow because when you think of Germany you don’t usually think of Christian anything. Very interesting clip to say the least, very interesting…

    • Even “real Jews” describe it this way– Zionism is state of mind which consists of both Jews and Christians so all Jews are NOT Zionists. Real Jews denounce Zionism.

      It turns out, “ass-merica” has been the gangsters of the globe all along! Betraying countries left and right! While he benefited greatly from Jewry, I’m grateful that he turned away and told the truth or we’d still be walking around debating what the fuck happened back then that brings us to this very day. As far a the discussion or debate that this is a “conspiracy theory”… uhm, checkmate on that! It’s called a conspiracy– no “theories” needed. I wish someone would try to tell me that Benjamin Freedman didn’t exist…

      I’m so glad you took a listen to it too. Every single person that actually listens to this are FLOORED!!! And trust your instincts– if it feels like a lie– it probably is. Oh yeah… this should take the conversation between the Rabbi and the Aryan to a whole other level, shouldn’t it?! smiles

    • Glad you liked it, my man! 🙂 Zuckerberg is pure trouble getting people addicted to the most idiotic thing I’ve seen in YEARS! I put it right up there with “The Pet Rock”! lol I just love how his guilt rang through in that interview. PRICELESS!

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