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The Occupy “Movement” Has Been Infiltrated by COPS and George Soros!

I was prepping to attend the local one in my area but something told me to hold off for a minute and see how these ‘sit-ins’ evolve.  Something in my gut was nagging at me about this.  Turns out that old COINTELPRO tactics are still being used.  Cops in Oakland were discovered infiltrating as “anarchists” and spying on peaceful crowds.  They’ve got the acting Police Chief, Howard Jordan, on tape back in 2003 talking about how to infiltrate and even guide crowds and now thanks to CopWatch– they’ve got two of the pigs on tape.   Check it out…

Not only is this going on (if it’s happening in Oakland it’s happening everywhere) but the entire movement has been highjacked!  Dammit son!  I knew I wasn’t feeling all of that “repeat what I say and hand signaling” stuff they were doing either.  It just made me sit back and watch it reveal itself.  And to add to this discovery, George Soros is funding the damn thing.  Why is that a big deal?  Remember the gentleman who confronted Parliament about the secrecy of people within its’ government attending Bilderberg meetings?  Well… George is a long time attendee.  And here’s your PROOF of his shady dealings as he plays both sides; anti-establishment and world government when the latter is his true objective.  It’s the “Art of War”, ya’ll…

“Thus those skilled in war subdue the enemy’s army without battle… they conquer by strategy”

Peep this clip by Adam Kokesh because he exposes some of these spontaneous “protesters” getting angered by being filmed.  Odd, right?  I mean, the movement wants media coverage, don’t they?  Check it out… That should raise some alarms, shouldn’t it?  And if you’re interested in finding out about the organization who’s behind it all here’s the clip on that. 
This is some straight up modern day Edward Bernays shit right before my very eyes!  The true “end game” for this is absolutely “Kick Them All Out“.  The infiltration, the spinning our wheels in vain– the efforts of the true, honest, hardworking people who are actually believing in this can be realized with 2 simply steps.  We don’t have to take to the streets, we don’t have to suffer ass beatings or camp out in the cold.  It is “CHECK MATE” if we only applied it– no fuckin’ joke, ya’ll. 

I was very excited and looking forward to going out there and actually “reporting” what I saw instead of reading or seeing it on the news.  Now that I see that this is actually being guided (to what end, I don’t know) by Soros and others– no way is this going to be the solution.  Absolutely no way.  Shit… what was I thinking?  It’s already been “written in the cards” by Steven Jackson!!!

6 thoughts on “The Occupy “Movement” Has Been Infiltrated by COPS and George Soros!

  1. I talked to the guy in the left front, and the indian chief just drove up.These guys seemed like straightup guys, all these negative comments, I wish the assholes who make these comments can prove the crap coming out of their keyboards. Why do they lie and make things up?? Why do they hate freedom of speech? Why do they want to give hundreds of millions of dollars to war and drug money launderers?|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
    Peace, Dan

  2. You are following my site so I stopped by to see what you have to say. Since you thought enough about child welfare to join my page about keeping children safe and stopping child abusers, I hope you can open yourself up to the truth.

    The OWS has been allowing registered sex offenders into their “tent cities,” which are full of these people’s kids. They are allowing those convicted of sexual abuse of children to play with and hang out with their kids and even babysit their kids while the parents go from tent to tent to score weed and protest blocks away. The reason we have undercover units is because of this very thing.

    Sex offenders of children are not to be anywhere near children, but they are .. THEY are … infiltrating these protests because they are well aware from videos and interviews of the crowds that the parents are getting high and letting their children wander unsupervised. This is one reason there have already been underage rapes and child molestation cases popping up at several of the occupy events nationwide.

    Before you side with those breaking the law and attack law enforcement that is out there getting paid little-to-nothing to keep innocent people safe, you should get the whole story.

    • Well, HI THERE, Tuecca! I was hoping to post the article before you popped over but I’m glad you did!

      I honestly am not surprised by anything related to OWS anymore and I’m absolutely not surprised by a network of pedophiles who are allowed to exploit this situation in order to get their jollies off with children. “Sex offenders of children are not to be anywhere near children, but they are .. THEY are”… there’s a network of people who allow this no matter how many times we are told of an “Amber Alert”. There’s a group of nasty people of have permission to steal a butt load of our children every year!

      I hadn’t heard any reports of rapes– got any links or is that one an easy one to find? Very disturbing. The movement has been distorted and infiltrated. My guess is we’re going to have a less than exciting end to this.

      “Before you side with those breaking the law and attack law enforcement that is out there getting paid little-to-nothing to keep innocent people safe, you should get the whole story.”… well– I have no qualms with good cops because their duty is to “protect and SERVE” but those days are damn near gone; The corruption with the police force is very severe and next on my list to find a solution as solid as “Kick Them All Out”– although I think they’ve got local agencies covered too in their 2-step plan.

      Cops do serve a purpose but it takes a community to “guard” a child, so if parents are out there getting high and leaving their children with total strangers– that’s a felony, in my opinion. I’m not pointing the finger at those militarized agents for nothing– their track record across the country is atrocious. When a good cop appears– I definitely highlight that. 😉 And I don’t know if I’d say they are completely underpaid across the country– I know some cops who do DAMN well annually and even though they are not suppose to drive their squad cars home, they do!

      I’m looking forward to publishing your efforts to introduce your information to the readers who stop by here– it’s extremely valuable and you have a keen eye. KUDOS my man! We need that! Thank you for stopping by and even commenting. I hope you “come again real soon”! 🙂


      • Hi! I am SO sorry for not replying. My inbox gets swamped and the notification for your reply was lost in there. I guess by now you’ve seen the reports and that they finally had to separate the women from the men. That helped but then there had to be a tent designated for girls to report to other women if they’d been sexually assaulted. It’s been in the news. I’m on my phone right now (wanted to reply before I forgot) but a simple search on the net will get you lots of links.

        I sincerely appreciate that you’re joining this effort to expose the pandemic of child sexual assault. This Penn State thing… I’ve wanted to post about it, but I wanted to wait for the pedo sympathesizers to emerge so I could document that, as well. Like clockwork, they have! I’ll be putting something up soon. Life offline is extremely hectic right now. I’m a Navy wife and life is always an adventure. (Yes, I’m a woman lol).

        Visit anytime! I look forward to more discussions with you.


      • Hahaha! I had no idea! Woman to woman– that’s great! I just knew you were a guy (no offense)! 😉

        Yes, I found some links and it’s really disturbing to discover that the “occupy” organizers are almost discouraging victims from coming forward. I don’t know why they would do such a thing. And NYPD– they must be on some crack or something… outrageous tales of women going to three or four different cops for help and were dismissed. Reminds me of the infamous Puerto Rican Festival where over 50 women were sexually assaulted in broad daylight.

        And yes, I’m definitely on board with anything to bring awareness to this. WHAT’S WRONG WITH “MEN”?! What don’t they understand about sexual assault or that sexing up babies is wrong? UGH!!!

        Oh yeah… I got something for that “scary homey the clown teethed” Penn State pervert. I was FLOORED to discover his $20 unsecured bond (it was 100K– but to a guy like that, that was $5 bucks)! So that tells me that he’s part of that global network of pedophiles. I guess they want some exposure, huh?! 😉

        I’m looking forward to reading your next entry– should be pretty explosive because I’m thoroughly impressed that someone has cracked their secret language. How did you do that? Nice work, lady! 😉 APPLAUSE ALL AROUND!


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