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The Shah Of Iran… Remember Him? He Knew Of “The Illuminati” Too…

If you were born in the 70’s you won’t know who this guy is but I found this interesting old footage.  I started thinking about a wise ass who comments included using the term “Middle East”.  Having been to The Persian Gulf personally, I find it offensive that we in the west will make references that are incorrect and insist on using those references even though they are absolutely wrong.  Who do we think we are? 

Well, on this day, the Shah wasn’t feeling Mike Wallace’s mistake on that front so he corrected him.  Along with that he gave a ‘cryptic’ message about the Zionists who really run things (you remember Benjamin Freedman, don’t you?).  Think about this– this dude was revealing that there are elite who run the show… if there isn’t a global network of “bullies” then how does he know about them all the way in Iran?  Do take note of his comments regarding our media too and notice how he doesn’t go too far with what he reveals because he knows “big brother IS watching”

5 thoughts on “The Shah Of Iran… Remember Him? He Knew Of “The Illuminati” Too…

  1. Notice that the Shah did not object to Wallace defining the issue in terms of the US and the Arab world, yet Iran is Persian, not Arab. That is the whole point to his Persian/Arab Gulf correction.

    Don’t make the mistake of accepting that “Zionists” control the media, it is more likely that Zionists are useful tools to the right wing in America. Since the whole point behind the religious right’s support of Israel is the Last Days and the end of Judaism, that’s hardly real support for Israel or Zionism.

    US politicians largely support Israel because it’s to their advantage, not because of any real belief. Many would sell Israel out in a moment if it was to their advantage.

  2. Here is what he found upon his return to Washington – that the incident was entered into the Congressional record. Further he found that President Carter knew the hostages were going to be taken and further – knew that they were there for a reason and he was not to interfere. Now, you ones get yourself ready for a bomb if you have not already had access to this expose. The release of the hostages in Iran was negotiated by a negotiator of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, U.S.A. All outside overt and covert attempts to gain release was a facade. Ask any marine who was involved in the military efforts thereof.
    Is it really any wonder to you ones that Iran is all ticked off at you today? Those hostages, and America, were held in terror while bankers got the Shah’s money safely into their banks before the Shah was killed and then, in turn, got much of the money belonging to Iran. A pretty wicked way to get Iran’s money into the Chase Manhattan Bank to it could remain solvent and be one of the wealthiest institutions in the entire world.

    • Thanks, Dan!

      The point of the post was two fold; (1) for us to get that part of the world right when we refer to it (I find it so disrespectful that we don’t); (2) to remind people that he too tried to tell us that our america ain’t what we think it is. I’m glad you provided the brief back history on the Shah– it is the very reason that I did the piece on Ahmadinejad. As of today, the reports are NOW reading; “allegedly Iran is creating Nuclear shit… just like “Iraq”…

  3. Hi Bob!

    I believe the Shah’s reference was; “well… “they” can do many things”. He never agreed but rather, he acknowledged the “they” in Mike’s statement.

    “Don’t make the mistake of accepting that “Zionists” control the media, it is more likely that Zionists are useful tools to the right wing in America.” I’ve mentioned this before; “the only difference between republicans and democrats is the spelling”. Neither are in control– this is a well scripted facade which lately is actually coming to light for many. While we remain in the denial about the truth of who runs ass-merica… a Jewish Defector already warned us back in 1961…

  4. The Shah may or may not have been part of the Illuminati..perhaps it was forced. His children all greatly suffered along with his wife. The Persian Empire was great and vast and Persia was like England with its royalty. Yes, he caused a lot of problems for the people but they were fooled into thinking that they would get something better down the road….instead they got an Islamic Republic and 8 years of war where parents lost not one but 3 or 4 or more children who went to act as brainwashed martyrs thanks to Khomeni (Sean Connery – British subject and actor) – yes he is similar to what Wellaware1 website states with Christina Applegate – American actress who plays Australia’s Green Party lead, and fought in the iran-iraq war. Certainly the Brits and Americans were involved to turn the country from a Zoroastrian turned Royalty turned now Islamic (Religious) country in order to control them better and take what is not theirs.

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