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Jack Abramoff: The Former Lobbyist That PROVES “Kick Them All Out” Is The Answer!!!! ***(MUST VIEWING I’m not kidding)***

I finally remembered to watch 60 Minutes last night and boy was it a doozy!  I’m sure it seems with darn near every posting here (especially as of late) I don’t fail to mention the website “Kick Them All Out” and after you watch Jack Abramoff discuss his role as a “lobbyist”– I’m more than certain people are going to understand my urging to review this site and their 2-STEP PLAN!  Step one– ABOLISH LOBBYISTS

If you didn’t see his interview last night– keep an eye out for the full thing on the internet.  EDITORS NOTE: Just found the full interview!!!  What these lobbyists do is what we in the music business call; “Payola” and this is exactly how things work on “The Hill”.  When you watch this interview– you’ll understand why “Kick Them All Out” really is the answer… I think the timing of this interview is excellent because this is the very first time that a real solution can be executed and we’ll be able to see the results post-haste not 2 years from now!!!  So check out their website and prepared to be wowed!  You now have an insider that is telling you exactly how our system works so there’s simply no more excuses!  He might have gotten caught but he’s not the only one participating in this so don’t talk yourself into believing this is isolated.  This is exactly how our system works!  And for the first time– we can actually fix this shit!


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