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Ahmadinejad has done it now!!! He told the truth, ya’ll…

The headline reads; “Ahmadinejad slams NATO, denounces U.S. pressure in Middle East”.  Click HERE for the full soundbite.  I’ve recently started to research this guy and I have to say… this is the second time I’ve found his frankness refreshing in this “global political storm of B.S.” that we’re finding ourselves immersed in.  Since we already know Iran is on that list, his current statement (linked above) may have just ramped up those meetings behind closed doors to further vilify this man and that country.  Here’s the first time this man made a statement that forced me to take another look at him and that country… Stephanopoulos is not a journalist by the way.  He’s a cocky little bastard with permission to be dismissive and opinionated in his reporting.  A true waste of time when gathering real news.  When Ahmadinejad said; “I heard bin Laden was in D.C.”, George’s reply was; “no you didn’t”, like some kid or something– that’s NOT journalism, folks.

I remember one of the first impressions I had of Iran was because a guy in college that was simply striking to me!  He was so gorgeous I was totally intrigued by a place that could produce something like that (smiles)!  I’d read the book “Not Without My Daughter” and sometime later, the movie came out.  I suppose I turned off any radar for that place because story depicted how an american wife and mother was tricked by her husband into going to Iran where she found she had no rights.  A really nightmarish scenario.  As a young woman, hey– that turned me off.  Now that I’m no longer walking around with blinders on, I simply have decided to get to “know my enemy” based on my own research.  I no longer trust one word out of the “lie-house” and “lame-stream media” mouths.  So before we start to rally behind the assassination of yet another man and possibly kill millions of innocent people, let’s start doing our research. 

I’m surprised by how bothered I am by Qaddafi’s murder.  And yes, I’m aware that at one time he openly supported terrorism, but no more– that was the old man, a new man had emerged.  I’ve found nothing to support his murder and I’ve really been digging, you guys!!!  So I caution, get to know Ahmadinejad and his country first before we throw up our funky-ass flags or volunteer our servicemen/women for yet more bloodshed.  “Ass-merica” will always be frowned on as long as we continue this bogus path of trying to liberate other countries especially without fixing the shit in our own backyard.  And we’ve got a whole lot of shit to fix, don’t you think? 

And I keep beating the drums on this; 2-steps and they are all out of there if we follow the plan that “Kick Them All Out” has pointed out for us.  It’s just too damn easy, fellow people!  “Voting” is not changing this corrupt government that we’ve allowed to completely take over and quite honestly– I’m tired of dicking around with these sick fucks.  So get to know Ahmadinejad before we see this sick shit again;

2 thoughts on “Ahmadinejad has done it now!!! He told the truth, ya’ll…

  1. Stephanopoulos is not a journalist. He was dismissive of Ahmadinejad because he has no idea how other people of other cultures see the US. I didn’t even begin to believe Bin Laden was in Washington. That doesn’t mean others didn’t honestly believe that. I doubt Ahmadinejad honestly believed it, but I do not doubt that rumor was circulating in the Arab world. After the first Gulf War a Palestinian immigrant I know told me the word in the immigrant Arab community, of which there are many this near Detroit, was that the whole thing was a plot between Saddam and the US to give the US an excuse for a military presence in the Middle East. I pointed out that Saddam lost 100,000 men, and he replied, “He doesn’t care”.

    Now those last three words alone would be enough to justify bringing Saddam down, if they were true, and if not, then the word among the Arab community was wrong. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t a good number of them who believed it.

    During the McCain/Obama debate, Stephanopoulos started a question to Obama by stating that economists believe that reducing taxes increases revenue, then asked why Obama supported increasing taxes. The opening was not only wrong, it was stupid. Think about it. If cutting taxes increases revenue, just cut taxes until there are no taxes and we will have more revenue than ever before.

    So, no, Stephanopoulos is not a journalist, which does not change the fact that Ahmadinejad was being evasive. However, if you listen closely you might note that, at one point, Ahmadinejad said he doesn’t know if Bin Laden is in Iran. May I also remind you, when the invasion of Iraq took place Iran arrested anyone crossing their territory going to Iraq to fight the US. Bush showed his gratitude by putting Iran in the Axis of Evil. Iran supported most of what the US did in Afghanistan and Iraq, with good reason. Read the National Counterterrorism Center’s report on terror,, it’s linked on the first page. You don’t have to read the whole thing, just search for Iran and Shia or Shite. There are no reports of acts of terror linked to Iran or Shia, but multiple terror attacks against both.

    OTOH, of the 14000 terror attacks in each of 2009 and 2010, over 9000 were Sunni.

    So, get a fact based view and you realize the focus on Iranian evil is faked up. But don’t base that on images, base it on facts.

  2. Stephy is a Poli Sci major, not journalism and a result of nepotism among other things that has made him a household name. Plus he’s a little runt– I can’t stand little runts with big egos!

    I don’t think he was dismissive because he was clueless– it’s propaganda. News is suppose to be unbiased reporting. When we hear a reporter “we trust” insert their own opinion it becomes a subliminal message for the consumer. And I don’t agree that Amadinejad was be evasive– to the contrary… I think he was offended and was being quite sarcastic. And he was also very clear– “our boarders are closed” so the fact that he did answer that question a little Georgie kept on as if he was asking some “hard hitting question” was a joke. If I was his Program Director– that would be a write up!

    I’m certainly not assessing this from a visual (I’ve been on the ground in Iraq, too)– not sure what gave you that impression because I’m now aware that ass-merica has become the terrorists. I make this effort because I gotta’ get some of this blood off my hands. Silence is consent.

    As for Saddam– I do believe he and his sons were sick– anyone that designates a “rape palace”– I gots no love for.

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