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Benjamin H. Freedman… The Jewish Defector Who Warned The U.S.

I’ve posted the conversation between the Rabbi and the Aryan and now I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Freedman.  He died in 1984 and I’m sure most of us have never heard of him but he exposed the secrets of our Zionist controlled america.  Yes– painful but true.  We were sold out a long time ago and he should know… he was there.  So if you can transfer this audio to iphones or whatever that garbage is called, do it and listen to what he said back in 1961!  And check this out… he spent something like 2 million of his own money (obtained through Jewry tactics as it were) to expose this hidden secret to u.s. citizens.  I guess guilt might have played a role in his decision to expose this ugly truth too.  Remember, this is from 1961.

It’s no longer a “theory”… just a conspiracy. ©

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