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Frat Hazings/Parties: What’s Really Going On? (Like, seriously!)

Before I get started, I want to reiterate that I have always thought that Frats and Sors are riddled with dysfunction and is a staple, in my mind, of this need for lots of people to be part of a group.  Individualism is not encouraged in these groups therefore– I’ve always stayed away from them.   I don’t feel the need to fit in with any group or sect.  Having attended a few Frat parties back in the day, I still wasn’t impressed.  Still not.  Back in my day, I’d heard the tales of humiliation, the destruction of ones private property (clothes), naked runs at midnight, egg tosses while naked at midnight.  Ridiculous shit, I know, but this is suppose to prove loyalty and commitment… somehow!  Well… the dedication and commitment criteria must have been revamped because these Frat boys are doing some ancient Greek like shit.  And this is suppose to be our future leaders?  Well– they meet the criteria for politics (scroll down for the article in the link) that’s for damn sure!  Brace yourselves because this is disturbing.  And this is not a “black or white thing”… this “is a messed up thing” these boys are doing across the country and at any given university.

Can someone tell me what’s really going on with this?  How is it fun giving your male school mates head or fucking them in the ass?  Why all the nakedness in the first place?  And I KNOW the Sororities are just as bad too but I wanted to highlight the “men” that are coming through this process.  I don’t see condoms or any exercising of good judgement, do you?  These are our future fathers, husbands and protectors?  I’m scared.

9 thoughts on “Frat Hazings/Parties: What’s Really Going On? (Like, seriously!)

  1. I did not expect those graphic pictures, but of course all the books I read about skull and bones seem to be true, hence dancing in drag at deer island, bohemian grove; bush at andover college, powell singing Y M C A; Rudy dancing in drag, etc. etc.
    These good old boys, part of the club have murdered 1.5 million men, women, and children alone in Iraq. F— them! But, of course, they would like it…

    • “I did not expect those graphic pictures”… well, there’s wasn’t anyway around that– people are going to be shocked with or without a warning. 🙂 Seriously– can someone explain to me why they are doing this (other then secretly being gay)? Beating the pledges with paddles during hazing isn’t “fun” anymore? I’m totally tripping on this very bizarre behavior and activity.

      And I’m still amazed that anyone takes Rudy seriously at all. He does like to appear in drag doesn’t he? “F— them! But, of course, they would like it…” THEY WOULD LOVE IT! hahaha Yeah… people should take note. To be part of that upper crust of sick fucks you gotta’ do some freaky shit to play ball.

  2. Hey Lady just crazy I am so gald that I have never been in to groups I have always been a solo rider there are too many people press to be part of a crowd. Is this suppose to be a gay frat ( frat is for boys right?)? The things people do to fit in or to belong to something. The more that I see stuff like this for our next generation the more I feel that my sanity can be perserved by staying on the narrow vs the wide. Anyway now these pictures are out there for the whole world to see and there parents. I pride myself on never exposing myself in these ways no nude pictures and no sex tape I just don’t get the point of stuff like this so things should just remain private. I have friends who have pledged but I have never been interested in joining a sors….

    • Hi there!

      No… they’re “not gay” this has become their activity during their hazing!!!! So we got maybe two or three generations where this has been going on! Yikes! I have always felt that being a part of groups like this is a sign of weakness too. I remember how the chicks would “gang up” on a girl because if one didn’t like this girl– all of them had to hate her. (Really?) Square root of silly and definitely a sign of LOW SELF-ESTEEM. I get that kids are exploring and on their own for the first time… TOTALLY GET THAT, but the sexual nature of this is fukn’ shocking! How… why… um– WHATTHAHELL?

      And I’m with you on never wanting to be on tape. If I ever did that, that means I’m getting paid and not just for the hell of it! lol!!! And your friends who pledged– show them this! I’m stunned that they weren’t using any freaking protection (at the very least) but the college girls need to know that’s what goes on before they sleep with one of these new versions of “down low”! I mean seriously… what kind of man decides that dick games and fucking their team mates is “good ole’ fun”?

  3. This is so bizarre. It looks like a gay porno movie. Now, if I was a straight guy, no way would I subject myself to sucking somebody’s penis or letting them have anal intercourse with me. The guys who are making them do it must be closeted homosexuals and the guys who are willing to do it must be closeted homosexuals. I don’t know any straight guy who would do that. To get into a frat? Forget it. But it is kind of hot.

    • “To get into a frat? Forget it. But it is kind of hot.” lol!

      Hi GregR!

      Yeah…. my thoughts are they are gay and on the down low which is frightening when I think about it! My motto has always been; “pick a team and swing”.

      So no one can tell me why this is happening in Frats? I feel like this has been going all the while too. I think of a Frat buddy who’s in his 50’s and during a drunken stooper after a party one night years ago, he confessed to “an experiment” back in college… and girls are vying for these guys when all the time “they’re thinking about Bert”!!!

      While some of them can be cute and fine– I’m not even shaking their hands anymore! lol! Just NASTY!!!!

      • That’s funny. I work with a guy who attended USC and was in a fraternity. I asked him about Hell Week and the things he had to do to join the frat. He got real nervous and quiet and wouldn’t tell me. I took that as either their vow of secrecy remains strong so many years afterward or he was embarrassed to tell me because it was nasty.

      • Yeah… the Skull & Bones sexual rituals are quite freaky-deaky!! I’m thinking Frats use these indiscretions to possibly blackmail or keep the oath OR they’re friggin “Julius Ceasar” gay on the cool!! Your friend probably had some ‘wicked’ flashbacks to his hell week when you inquired! hahaha! I know my buddy claims; “too drunk to remember his confession” (tee-hee)

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