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Operation: “First Casualty II” – New York

This is simply outstanding!  I’ve been following Grant Collins, Adam Kokesh (as well as others) for a hot minute and I’m so amazed at what they are accomplishing.  What these guys and many like them prove is that the men and women of the armed forces can (and should) speak out. 

I think “proud ass americans” are so detached from the affects of war that they are completely unaware of what daily life is like for the many innocent people who’s every day lives are forever changed.  These Vets have decided to illustrate for you what life is like on the streets in those lives where we like to come in to “liberate” other nations.  They did this in New York in broad daylight because they are showing us what it would look like in our own Corporation (oops– country).  Talk about; “be the change you want to see”?!  “Iraq Veterans Against The War“… my hats off to ya’!!!!  Just in case you doubt that there is indeed a movement going on… have you met Jason Lemieux?  Dude has had it too and it’s inspiring!

Their ultimate goal is to never have another young man or woman sign up in the military again, which I think is spot on!  Non-participation in all sectors is what’s going to change things.  I want to include this next clip as way to discourage every single young girl that’s in the ROTC program right now.  Rape is a serious problem within the military.  I’m talking, sometimes deadly serious.  The environment is a perfect place to breed this behavior. 

This last clip should shock everyone’s socks off too.  The Gulf War was the shortest “war” we’ve seen yet rape was friggin’ OUT OF CONTROL.  Did we hear about that?    And “law makers” simply aren’t protecting women on this front as I’ve already exposed in THIS article.  And for the young boys who are thinking of joining the military… just remember Pat Tillman. 

EDITORS NOTE:  Someone just sent this in to include in this piece and I think it’s very fitting!  Her name is Adrienne Kinne and what she shares about her experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan can’t be disputed.  I can only say, that I’m so glad that our armed forces are actually catching on to how they’ve been used and manipulated.  Henry Kissinger actually came right out and said it;

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

You’re about to find out who our government feels is the real enemy (all along) in their zealous global search for “terrorists”.  And thanks to these brave men and women– we are finally finding out (hard, cold) truths.  The military has never, ever been about patriotism or protecting mother country.  Ever.

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