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Mermaids Spotted In Sydney Australia? (Neat VIDEO)

Out of all of the mythical creatures that were purported to have existed I think Mermaids might have fascinated me the most.  I can’t say whether this is a hoax or not but the guy who captured these two separate images points out that the tails are actually different on these fish women.  And when you pause the clip, you’ll see that they are different alright.  He’s got a cute “Ricky Ricardo” accent too and a bit pissed (which is ADORABLE– lol) because people have accused him of creating a hoax.  Check out his footage and what he says happened… it’s exceptional if it’s real.  Thanks “T”, for the clip! 

19 thoughts on “Mermaids Spotted In Sydney Australia? (Neat VIDEO)

  1. Hey lady very interesting I was looking up the idea of mermaids not too long ago to see if there were any new evident that they exist.. I saw a clip on U tube of a lady who was not a mermaid but who wore a mermaid outfit when she was swimming in the ocean because she has the ability to swim well and stay under water longer then the average human being. Also I was on U tube clip last week and found some pretty odd form, pictures and clips of other life forms that was not normal by human experience. They had there skeleton remains of a creature that was suppose to be half human and a crocodile and they had many of them that was suppose to be in Mexico so where. Then they showed a clip of the small creature with like a human face and the body was like a rat dog because it has a tail. Now with this creature they had old footage of when it was alive and then kept the skeleton of the creature and it looks exactly the same. No sure what I choose to believe but there very well can be creatures that have life that we have never seen or have never wanted to see living in such a fantasy induced world. Watching TV now is stating to be so gothic everything is unnatural or an image of things that many have never seen. Not sure if it is a hoax or are we just in the time of technology where everything that can be documented in a way that shows truth beyond belief what do you think? Today world can no loner tell what is truth from fiction and TV which I call a form of black magic has consumed the mind where it no longer knows what is real, disassociating human being from really keeping or knowing the true authority, dominion, and truth that man was giving by God. Which take us back to this statement from the Bible that my people die from a lack of knowledge? I often try to go deeper asking God and myself what it the true essence of being a human being because many us has never defined what that means to us beyond our relationships and our self indulgence of the world. It does hold a bigger statement beyond getting what we want it is a presence that holds power beyond the natural way of thinking, feeling and knowing and it embodies so much more then we give it credit for.

    • Hi there, Lady!

      I’m leaning towards this one not being a hoax and the main reason is because of the two different tails! That’s hard to disprove if you ask me. And “mammals” do migrate and it seems like lots of aquatic creatures do make their way toward the Great Barrier Reef during migration. I believe it to be a genuine capture. And have you ever heard of Plum Island? There are all kinds of wicked experiments that surface from that area (think “The Montauk Monster”). I think there are natural and man made creations floating around out there especially after discovering MK Ultra. And then there’s Prof Mandelhoff’s research and he claims to have survived a “mermaid attack”. According to his research… the Nazi’s (he names Hitler specifically) created these species by mating Dolphin’s with humans (interestingly– Dolphins have been used in black ops government projects– mind control victims have spoke about this often). As the story goes– they wanted to use these creatures in ‘spying’ techniques but the mermaids escaped. Here’s another clip, again captured in Sydney, that looks pretty convincing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TntFUVVQKoU&feature=related (EDITORS NOTE: that was the wrong clip– this is the one I meant to use; http://www.youtube.com/user/adrianmacstar123)

      “Today’s world can no loner tell what is truth”… I’m certain ‘black magic’ is being used especially when we know that people in high place are satan worshipers. But I also think that part of the plan is to calcify our Pineal Gland. It is the conduit to higher knowledge and it’s been tampered with slowly through subtle things like fluoride, aspartame, gmo foods, vaccines and the subtle lists goes for miles. We should be far more enlightened than we are. When people start to study this– they will see the connection. And you’ll want to kick yourself when you realize you can begin to reverse the affects of this. The clarity that comes is completely foreign to us! We’ve been “doped up” since birth!

      And you know what I’ve discovered? We make things far more complicated than God. Our walk in life is simple– L.O.V.E. And when we grasp that– then we can do the most amazing things through Christ who LIVES in us! We’ve got a living, INCREDIBLY loving ‘thing’ inside of us that’s been suppressed through the aforementioned along with all forms of entertainment. And entertainment is the domain for the Devil– that’s why we can’t believe how harmful it is, the deception is extremely difficult to realize. Yes… people are going to be so surprised one of these days. What we call “natural way of thinking”– I’m finding is but a fraction of what “heaven on earth” is actually suppose to be. 😉

  2. I do not know if this video is genuine or not but mermaids do exist on this earth.
    The mermaids in this video look very well developed which is the only thing that may cause some doubt on my part.
    There are many different types of mermaids just as there are many different types of people, so you never know what you’re going to get if and when you run into one.
    Most mermaid encounters however, including almost all from the 19th century which others love to quote so much are not of this type of mermaid.
    Many sailors describe small creatures, of 3 to 4 feet with the torso anywhere from a toddler to a ten year old.
    The have cold black eyes and disheveled black hair. Not all are beautiful as the media would have you believe, in fact, some are the ugliest creatures you may hope to imagine.
    There are however, mermaids that do look closer to our public image of them as gentle maidens with soft glowing features.
    It is possible that that is what was caught on film here, but it is much rarer to spot these mermaids, and in that case, you should feel great awe, and be inspired by the footage, lucky to have found such a magnificent frame.
    Mermaids migrate and remain hidden, but they live in warmer waters and are not to be trusted. Do not buy into the disney representation of mermaids. They are wild animals and they are to be left to their own, undisturbed, and taken with great caution.

    • Hi Wyatt! My apologies for the long delay but soon I’ll be back at this full time! 😉

      Interesting insight you have on this topic! I’d love to see some links for further research. My gut tells me that the guy is genuine but I do realize that some people
      get their jollies by deceiving. This creature has intrigued me since childhood so I’d love to read more on the subject.

      Thank you soo much for stopping by (when back then)!

  3. At the 3:29 mark of the video it looks like the mermaid has a breathing apparatus.
    Really shows up good on 3:30 and 3:31. Since the shot is filmed from under we can’t see if there is a tank on her back. If she holds her breath you won’t see any bubbles. If he would of followed her longer we would of seen her back. I know if I saw something as amazing as this I would of had my camera following her for as long as I could.

    • Hi Angie! My apologies for the delay– I suppose I need a twin these days!

      I just reviewed this again based on your comment and I don’t see this apparatus. I agree it’s a bit too dark for my untrained as a diver eyes, but I think I’m remaining on the side of this guy! You asked why didn’t he follow them… he actually explains that very thoroughly in the video.

      And while I do like your confidence one never really knows what they’ll do when they are faced with something that can’t logically be explained. I had an experience with a deceased family member and before that happened, I always thought I’d be able to run like Flo Joe. I froze in complete and utter fear when I came face to face with something that wasn’t within my comprehension. My guess if you saw that you’d be swimming in the OPPOSITE direction! lol Now– although I’m a lover a words, don’t misunderstand my written word. That’s not a personal slight… I just think it’s human nature! If I saw a mermaid I don’t know what I’d do other than hoped I wouldn’t faint under water! i know I’d be trembling so hard I wouldn’t get a good shot of anything! lol


    • Hi there Mermaidtale!

      I lean towards this to be genuine as well! I see that his youtube account is still open… I’d send him a note and see if you get a reply! He does mention a general area but the exact coordinates would be a good question to ask. I think it’s a pretty awesome catch! And his accent is too adorable to me! 🙂

  4. I have been watching this video for months. I dreamed of being a mermaid as a little girl. I have tried to find ways to convince myself this is not real. I have watched many videos as well and none of them compare to this. This guy has a very convincing believe it or not attitude and could care less if anyone does. I believe it, I would also love to know the coordinates :).

    • Hi there, Heather! Your name would be perfect for a Mermaid! 🙂

      “This guy has a very convincing believe it or not attitude and could care less if anyone does”… it certainly helps to raise his claims doesn’t it?

      And I say drop him a line! Unlike so many on youtube– his account has not been deleted! lol! I do think the subject of mermaids is a cool one ALTHOUGH… we may have been painted an image of them being these cool, defenseless (intriguing) creatures thanks to films like “Splash”, but for some reason, the Nephilims are buzzing through my brain. 😉

  5. i have seen professeur mandelhoff underwater research and i do admit that it actually convinced me that mermaids do exist….but the pictures of the videos are to blur and i searched on the net for pro.mandelhoff interview and i did not find anything about such thing…so i don’t think that pro.mandelhoff is even real….but what i understood form his report that mermaids are ugly and savage creatures…and by the way the first videos of the mermaid is actually really real to me because she swam really fast and second she didn’t even use her hands …but the second videos lets take a closer at her position…she looks kind of close to the surface and she was slow….although if i were you i would have a kind of followed her to see if she was real or not at least to see her back for what ANGE said about a breathing apparatus…i definitely say that the first one on the left is more real than the right….but why would disney make them beautiful the charming females…and i must say when i saw pro.mandelhoff video of a mermaid it was actually real but blur….any way i do say that mermaids are real but they in places that maybe shouldn’t be found in the dark depths of the seas…probably seeing at least one mermaid is a lifetime 🙂

    • Hi there!

      I’m short on time right now but I’d simply like to pop in and point out (to EVERYONE who comes across this entry in the FUTURE, too) he explains in detail why he didn’t (or wasn’t able to) follow what he heard/saw. Again… since he’s one of a few who’s youtube account has NOT been deleted– drop him a note– I plan to myself once time actually permits on a more consistent basis. 😉

      Dr. Mandleoff was a difficult one to research and although scarce, his (limited) info was there. If you peep my many dilemmas with regard to my device (HP) it has crashed too many times to count and unfortunately the links I once had are no longer available to me. I DO like this guys’ capture and explanation of his experience but only he and God knows this truth. It (imho) is worthy of exploration although I caution– the Nephilims come to mind with any and all (living?) creatures of this ‘nature”. The deeper we dig, the deeper it gets.

      I’ll be back in a few days or so to try to respond to your full comment. I like helpful dialogue! 🙂


  6. I’m not an expert in film, but a few years ago I saw a creature in the ocean that has been taught to us to be a mythical creature, I watched it for a total of an hour with my kids and some friends. It stayed in the area for about a week or two, I watched it swimming around other people in boats and they never saw anything, it moved so quietly and fast in the water that it seemed almost unbelievable. So for me this video is just more proof that our imagination has limits but God’s powers are endless.

    • Hi there tauni! Yeah… I agree. God knows no limits but boy do we fall short! 😉 I too agree that he captured something incredible that day! Though as of late, the Mermaid phenomenon is just making me “tingle” of Nephilims! Especially when I became aware of The Vril Society! It’s almost as if we need to reverse EVERY SINGLE THING we’ve ever been exposed too! The mind boggles.

  7. 2 ways to find out if she is a real mermaid. 1. if she bends her tail lightly& quickly she is real. 2. if she swims really quick or like relaxing while swimming, she is real.

  8. Just a simple biological question, if mermaids are as the video recorded half human half fish how do they breed how to have children? 🙂
    Hence I don’t think it’s possible enough biology-wise to believe they exist.

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