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Some Souls For Your Halloween Treats (Don’t Watch At Night)

As most should know by now… I’m no longer “down” with these holidays we celebrate.  If you’re new to this blog and want to know why– I think the search tool will help you understand where I’m coming from. 😉  I certainly don’t want to bore anyone by reiterating that in this post.  What I do believe is that there is, in the very literal sense, a battle between good vs. evil.  I also feel that this battle exists because we do have souls and can achieve things beyond our limited comprehension. One wants us to understand this enormous power and gift, the other battles to keep this knowledge from us and should that be achieved, “it” wins our souls. 

As a previous video editor– I know that very convincing deceptions can be achieved but there are times when that never comes into question.  So… if you like to be “scared” these clips should do it for you.  I personally think the first one is the creepiest too.  If you’ve ever seen the movie; “Stir of Echos”– it kinda’ captures that feel…         This last one isn’t a ghost (soul)… they’re not exactly sure what they captured.  Check it out…

6 thoughts on “Some Souls For Your Halloween Treats (Don’t Watch At Night)

  1. Hey lady I swear you sound like me on so many level with not wanting to celebrate holidays anymore. I just don’t get the point of it and it really feels fake to me and all for the purpose of money and the corporation over the comsumers and the idea of family, love and togetherness.

    • Hi there lady! Hope all is well!

      You know what should be a clue that these holidays are completely “unholy”… all of the stress that we put ourselves through. Stress of appearances, going into debt (usually for the sake of looking good to others– vanity, pride, greed). And how many years have those Target and Wal-Mart stampedes taken place? We’re operating on a very base level. Nothing tops family and friends for the holidays and not one gift needs to be exchanged. The added bonus– completely stress free. 😉

  2. Hi: thanks for taking the effort to share with your blog. I want to share my thoughts on your ghosts’ post, without disparaging/attacking / disrespecting your belief system. As a bible Christian, who accepts the bible as the inspired Word of God, ghosts do not exist. But what we see today has always existed- since there is nothing new under the sun. If this is true then evidence of these ghosts should be found in the bible- which they are. These ghosts are demons- not souls. After death we dont hang around in an inbetween state- this you can accept as truth if you believe the bible. The belief in ghosts, just like the insidious tradition of holidays like halloween and Christmas etc, are ways to move us further away from Christ. Like the first poster said, there is the consumerism push which is sin; but it also undercuts the truth of God. Anything that moves us away from him is of the other side.
    We share this dimension with others whom we cannot see but who manifest in different ways: possesion of living beings (animals, people); at the behest of black magick practitioners; in places where sacrifice and death have happened and a variety of ways where they feel welcome. I don’t claim to understand the whole bible but I have learned that many basic cultural practices slowly erode the truth about God. I used to think lucifer was an archangel before the fall for example, turns out he was just a cherub. Subtle but very important lie if you follow my meaning. The belief in ghosts in a similarly subtle way, undercuts the truth that we have one life to accept of free will, the living GOd. I would love to chat more as a seeker of truth if you care to continue the discussion.
    Thank you sharing with your blog. Blessings.

    • Hi there Hadiza and welcome!

      I agree with what you’ve explained and I’m a work in progress (with understanding and right actions) but I actually do feel souls can hang around. My experience at the age of 27 was one such case. And it wasn’t until I realized who this person was that the activity ceased, nearly a year after it began. I felt such a loss for this person that I personally felt that I held him “in limbo” (as he cared deeply for me too) because once I realized this, the activity came to a complete end. As a bit of tangible proof that this could exists, I just received a link of a man who’s documenting (on camera) the activity of the soul of a little girl that died on his property (due to a fire) back in the late 1800’s. Here are just a few of the things he’s captured; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ayFvFE_J14&feature=channel_video_title http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVEWBoAL0HI&feature=channel_video_title and this last one is a real whopper; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ncI4zBG0nc&feature=related I think there might be a bit of truth from the line in the movie “Ghost” when Whoopie’s character mentioned that “sometimes, they get stuck, trapped”. Some get stuck because we/they care, some get stuck because they might have died under suspicious circumstances. I don’t think those are the demons because I happen to think we do take all of our emotions with us. How else would hell feel so alive if we didn’t have our emotions and physical feelings still in tact? Actually– I’d imagine they’d be far more intense. I don’t know if I believe in ghosts per se but I’m pretty convinced of those wondering souls. 😉 Demons are not (IMHO) what I’ve experienced– they were my relatives (I’ve had three deaths where unusual activity occurred). And lucifer… that entity– he is EXTREMELY cleaver is all I’ve gotta’ say because his house is going to be plenty full when the time comes. He gets us through our music, entertainment– he has this ‘subtle deception thing’ down to a fine art!

      And I totally agree with your statement “just like the insidious tradition of holidays like halloween and Christmas etc, are ways to move us further away from Christ. Like the first poster said, there is the consumerism push which is sin; but it also undercuts the truth of God.” I’ve been trying (almost desperately) to get people to see it for what it really is. I really wish more people would peep what Edward Bernays did to our society.

      I’m planning to have a guest on the blogtalk channel soon– he’s doing some miraculous things and I have no doubt that God is a Living God! It’s pretty awesome to know He is Alive and well!!! I’m so glad you’ve joined the discussion– I like getting new insights. And I’m totally down with free speech but you’ve got to be the most polite commenter I’ve seen! (smiles). It’s refreshing!!! I don’t get offended by different points of views at all! 🙂

      Blessings to you too!


  3. Reading your comments about the holidays; many times I feel it impossible to celebrate.
    Halloween is one that I have issues with:
    About twenty five miles away, bohemian grove, about thirty miles away, napa, where the rothschilds have their winery.
    “Originally Opus I was scheduled to open around the Summer Solstice but the date was shifted to Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1991 which is the day before Halloween. Since the opening day, the Rothschilds have had events scheduled around Satanic high days. Those who are familiar with the occult know that these events are covers for Satanic rituals which are held secretly.”
    “Another thing the inquisitive researcher wanted to mention before leaving the inner sanctums of Opus One was that “the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.”

    • It fascinates me how people continue to teach their children that halloween is innocent fun when it simply couldn’t be further from the truth. And Xmas doesn’t fair any better as it’s also rooted in Pagan beliefs.

      Now this winery thing (Opus 1)… whatthahell? These people really are into satanic worship, aren’t they? There’s definitely a reason why so many children go missing each year.

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