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The Case of Donald Rumsfeld: Sociopath, Pyschopath or Plain Ole Asshole?

Rumsfeld should really go behind closed doors and stay there because the more he talks, the more he incriminates himself.  You’ve got to check out these clips because with each interview Donald is even incapable of convincing himself of his own lies.  How we are allowing these criminals to walk the streets is beyond me.  This first clip is a audio of Rummy suggesting that the u.s. needs another attack!  Think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Cue to the 1:00 mark to hear the discussion in question.  The uploader includes text that may or may not influence your perception of this exchange…

There are so many clips to chose from it’s like I’m a kid in a candy store.  I think it’s important for us to remember Pat Tillman, you remember the fine ass white guy that played football, gave up his career to “serve his country” only to become terribly disillusioned?  He was planning to protest the war and that’s when “friendly fire” got him.  Oohh… I’ll let Rummy tell you about that cover up… For a mvuthafuka who was in charge of The Deptment of Defense, he sure didn’t seem to know a whole hellava lot!  But you guys do realize that we’ve been paying for Rummy’s Lies for YEARS?!  Dude is definitely a professional liar.  I mean, you should be able to tell that he’s lying when you listen to this clip from 1976.  It should also remind you of Clinton when he denied having ‘relations’ with Monica…

Seriously, I could go on and on with his words proving him to be the charlatan that he is, but I won’t.  I did save the best for last because it is his most recent interview.  I simply love this clip because he gets his ass handed to him!  Reporters in the u.s. would never get that tough with the previous administration and Rummy doesn’t know how to respond!  This reporter is clearly not as impressed with Donald as much Donald is with himself (lol)! This posting is actually two-fold; it’s time we start recognizing that recycling or allowing politicians to have “political careers” must be banished.  How could we EVER think that corruption wouldn’t surface when people can be in their positions for decades?  It’s time to “Kick Them All Out“, not just a few, ya’ll!  And lastly– which do you think he is?  While labeling him an ‘asshole’ is appropriate, I lean towards a Sociopath…

10 thoughts on “The Case of Donald Rumsfeld: Sociopath, Pyschopath or Plain Ole Asshole?

  1. I almost went with the clip of the Judge grilling him because you can see straight through his lies in that interview too, but I figured 4 clips was plenty to illustrate the mind of a sociopath. 🙂 He really is a piece of work, isn’t he?

  2. BTW… My wife, who was, until the last couple years, a therapist working with people in the criminal justice system, informed me there really isn’t that much difference between a sociopath and a psychopath.

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  4. Psychopaths Always evade the question by attacking the one that is asking the question; we all know that the journalist is the bad guy.
    Rumsfeld would look good next to a pile of fresh dog shit.

  5. Blaylock Excitotoxic:The taste that kills < a book
    Are you still sure Aspartam is "safe" , there you have the guy who got it through after being banned for 16 years

  6. Aspartame is pure poison, see what you can do with a lot of money? Rumsfeld is pure poison too, a walking, talking bag of pigshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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