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Video of Qaddafi’s Death Was Uploaded The Day Before? WTH?

How is that the video of Qaddafi’s death was uploaded the day before (on October 19th)?  What’s up with that?  The only reason this actually stands out for me is because of the few (at least 5) postings that have been made here about Libya and Qaddafi.  One post in particular increased in hits the very morning of October 20th.   Hmm.  On October 18th, Hillary enters Tripoli and says she “wants him dead or captured” and two days later he’s captured and killed?  Hmm… not sure what the connection is but something smells fishy (click to enlarge)…

And what kind of person laughs at the death of another?  Can you see that Hillary is a real sociopath/psychopath?  She’s not stable at all, folks…   May I remind you guys of one of her more recent, famous lies since we’re talking about sociopath/psychopath behavior?   How did we ever believe one word that came out of the mouths of our so called “leaders”?  At this point, the only people I like in the “lie-house”(oops– whitehouse) are those cute little Obama girls.  They actually make it tough for me to “publicly” critique their mom in this charade, too.

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