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Louisiana Bans Using Cash for Sales of Second Hand Goods

Sucka say what?!  This is all kinds of crazy to me!  What is with these laws that seem to affect “the common folk” the most? writes;

Louisiana residents buying used goods such as clothing, furniture and household items can no longer do so with cash, under a new state law signed by Governor Bobby Jindal on July 1.  State representative Rickey Hardy, who co-authored the legislation, said the intention is to make it easier for law enforcement to catch criminals who steal items and sell them at second-hand stores. Some business owners are upset over the new restriction, saying that they’re being unfairly targeted by the government. “This legislation amounts to a public taking of private property without due process or compensation,” Ackel wrote. “Regardless of whether or not the transaction information is connected with, or law enforcement is investigating a crime, individuals and businesses are forced to report routine business activity to the police.”  Those impacted by the law include Goodwill stores, flea markets and anyone who holds a garage sale.  Pawn shops have been exempted and can continue accepting cash from customers.

Click HERE for the video.  So people who buy second hand are forced to pay the extra cost of a money order instead of  having the convenience of cash?  These “policy makers” are out of control.  And who uses a check or credit card at a garage sale, ya’ll?!  One store owner mentions (in the linked video) that; “in 8 years there was only one incident where stolen items were involved”.  First Katrina and now this.  Don’t they realize that hundreds of families are still trying to rebuild their lives?!  The people of Louisiana appear to be the test center “for all things New World Order”, if you ask me.  They can’t catch the thieves but they want to track you?  Wow!!!

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