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A Department of Defense Lecture (VIDEO): Meet Some Real Life Sociopaths and Psychopaths!

FunVax… have you heard of it?  Okay… this is another one you simply won’t believe but you must see it.  This is a clip of an unknown scientist giving a lecture at the Pentagon.  What’s interesting is that it’s dated April 2005 and only surfaced this year (around June).  The person who submitted this tape has been AWOL (he is military) and has recently been captured.  What this lecture reveals is the plan to create a vaccine that will “rid/suppress” the population of what is known as the VMAT2 gene which was discovered about one year prior.  VMAT2 is the formal name, but we were introduced to it as the “God Gene” and it is described; 

This means that the tendency to be spiritual is part of genetic make-up. This is not a thing that is strictly handed down from parents to children. It could skip a generation – it’s like intelligence.

You’re about to get a real glimpse into the minds of those sociopaths and psychopaths I keep telling you that are governing us.  It’s actually pretty creepy how matter of fact this lecture is.  One of the “men in black” actually says;

Are you suggesting that I take a [sic] scanner with me when I’m evaluating people to determine whether I put a bullet in their head?

It would be cool if I knew someone at the Pentagon because if you look at the upper left, there is a cataloging system in place that sure looks like Pentagon stuff to me…

  • DOD (Department of Defense) ID: 149AZ2
  • Loc: Pent (Pentagon) Rm BC232

One of my friends suggested it wouldn’t be a good idea to post this as there’s no way to authenticate it but this looks pretty damn concrete to me.  It’s also interesting to note the right hand column of the screen too: “Notes: VMAT2 (God Gene) Expression In Religious Vs. Non-Religious Individuals“.  I’d be hard pressed to think this was faked.  Plus, that scientist is really into it!  He’s actually more creepier than “the men in black”.  Any thoughts?

10 thoughts on “A Department of Defense Lecture (VIDEO): Meet Some Real Life Sociopaths and Psychopaths!

  1. I remember, several years ago, at a state fair, talking to a vendor and he told me that he had been high up on the intelligence ladder of war and that he was in the Pentagon one time when they were showing videos from bombers bombing Vietnam villages and all the men were clapping and cheering and slapping each other on the back. Can you say: Macho, macho man? (pretty darn awesome when American military might, billions of our tax dollars, airplanes from above, can kill innocent people tending rice paddies, opium farms, whatever).

    Happy Happy!

  2. Hahaha… “Happy Happy”! lol.

    Yeah… my time spent with them left me less than impressed (I certainly met plenty of decent servicemen/women as well). We’re bragging about our drones while in the meantime, those drones are being manned by “men” who treat it just like a video game and shout things like “nice” when they pulverize photographers from over a mile away! Macho, macho man is right!!

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  4. This has been thoroughly debunked. It is a deliberate hoax by a videographer named Ryan Harper who used it to try to fund a Kickstarter campaign to raise money. The most telling thing is that the graphic that supposed shows “two different individuals” is actually two images of the same brain — the brain of a 43 year old meth addict, taken from an article in the Dec 2010 issue of Neurology. So we have a video from a supposed presentation in 2005 with images from a 2010 article. Do not believe everything you hear.

    • A heads up is always appreciated but the “cockiness” isn’t. Where were you to share this information back 2011 when the article was FIRST published? And we don’t believe everything we hear but apparently there are people out there who have nothing better to do than to deceive. This Ryan guy had scripts for a lecture, camera, lighting, actors (etc.) for a fund raiser? WOW! How’d that work out for him? Hey– it’s all part of the rabbit hole, I guess.

      By the way– the average person (that means most of us) can’t read images of the brain so to see that, was not a “red flag”, barney. What I do know is your goberment is corrupt to the core so Ryan’s joke on the world went off without a hitch. Here’s another one you might like to try to “debunk” since you like to view old articles…

      The Captain of THIS ship

      • Sorry for my caustic tone. Like you, I’m incredible unhappy with liars and deceivers, and I saw your post as just furthering this misinformation. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I apologize.

        I am aware of the fema camp issue, and it’s bad. In fact, it’s only scratching the surface. It’s much worse (look up “guillotines in the US”). There are definitely institutions within the US government that are corrupt, and some highly corrupt (and even “evil”), but it’s not the totality of the government. We’ll see how much sway they hold in the future I suppose.

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