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To Vaccinate Or Not: Talk About “Food For Thought”!!!

Alright, see if you can disprove this (click to enlarge):

How is that we managed to believe that vaccinations are cool when we really don’t have any proof that the CDC is actually trustworthy (MUST VIEWING VIDEO CONTAINED)?  Clearly, the safety of vaccinations should be called into question because this study is demonstrating something very different, is’t it?  You can read a 2-page excerpt PDF of the study HERE.  If you think Eugenics isn’t part of a devious plot, well then– let me introduce you to “The Georgia Guidestones” located in Elberton County, GA.  This is actually “old news” but with this surveys’ findings, you might actually start to see a bigger picture forming…

I hope you’re noticing that this was erected in 1980 not the 18oo’s or something.  Just check out the first two “commandments” on these stones, which is engraved in 8 different languages

Bill Gates has already incorporated this message into his dialogue during his lectures about how there’s too much ‘CO 2’, as he attempts to convince us that we are the cause.  My God said; “be fruitful and multiply”.  My bible doesn’t read; “be fruitful and multiply for about 2000 years but keep it at a minimum because then– all bets are off”, does yours?  I remind you of that secret meeting that took place back in 2009 in which Oprah, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Warren Buffet (among a few others) were in attendance and to this day, there are no details about what that meeting entailed.  When powerful people get together in secret… beware.  Remember Jekyll Island ALWAYS!


2 thoughts on “To Vaccinate Or Not: Talk About “Food For Thought”!!!

  1. With Bush, (heroin and war profiteer), on the board of Eli Lilly along with Kenneth Lay (ripping off Americans for hundreds of millions), along with now deceased General Alexander Haig; knight of malta same as the rest, profiting from vaccines and not allowing the parents of autistic children to sue Eli Lilly for the mercury in the medicine; just more war profiteering, heroin profiteering, psychopaths.

    • You are absolutely right! “With Bush, (heroin and war profiteer), on the board of Eli Lilly”… I actually didn’t know that! And I personally think Ken Lay faked his death (that punk). And seriously, shouldn’t it be a major clue to people if there’s NO RECOURSE if anyone gets injured from vaccine? The one thing this chart shows definitively is that people are far more healthier without them. I’m tripping that we’re actually more susceptible to something like Herpes if you’ve been vaccinated! That’s some wicked shit there because that’s the one that “keeps on giving”!!!!

      Yes… they are demented psychopaths (thanks for helping me define the difference between a sociopath). 😉 I only disagree with one image shown in the clip… Lindsey Lohan. I thought the same thing as well as the “bratty factor”, but I’ve come to a different conclusion with her. I think she’s a victim of Mind Control. Hollyweird is diseased with it. You should check out the story about Candy Jones (if you haven’t already). Bob Hope got a chance to sample all of the lovely ladies from his time because of government sponsored mind control. He was actually quite a creep. And it looks like Lindsey just got used in the same way, which went public for her “Handlers” to see….

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