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Do You Remember Lizzie Phelan? (MUST SEE)****

The more I see this woman the more I truly admire her!  I posted a debate/discussion a short while ago between her and a Libyan (a sold out one at that) and not only did she stand her ground, she had proof to back up her claims.  We  must listen to what she’s sharing about Libya.  This press conference was held October 15th so you can’t get anymore fresher information than that!  Unlike mainstream media, Lizzie wasn’t given the “guided planned tour” by military— she’s an independent journalist which allowed her more freedom to move about to find out what’s really going on in Libya.  She’s got concrete evidence that our war against that man and the people of Libya is an absolute fabrication.  Seriously, we shouldn’t be surprised that we’ve been lied to again but after you watch this you won’t be able to believe one word about any of the malarkey that the whitehouse spews regarding Iran either.  You do know that Iran is next on the list, don’t you?  Check out Liz “telling it like it ‘tiz”…

I would like for us to think for one second what it would be like to be in their shoes.  They had free health care, education, Muammar housed every Libyan (even before his own parents)… life was good.  Then suddenly there are bombs flying all around you and life as you once knew it no longer exists.  Liz mentions that she couldn’t find any evidence to support that Qaddafi was mistreating the Libyans– NONE!  So do you know what that means?  Somebody should be getting arrested for terrorizing those people, shouldn’t they?  Who started being the mouth piece for this?  Was it really Obama?  Ah… he’ll do fine in prison as a former member of Man’s Country Chicago.  I have no doubt he’ll fit right in with prison life.  Larry Sinclair maintains his claims that he and Obama “got down” in a Limo, too.

UPDATE:  From Russia Today (RT), Sukant Chandan with “British Civilians for Peace in Libya” is confirming Lizzie’s encounters as well…

6 thoughts on “Do You Remember Lizzie Phelan? (MUST SEE)****

  1. Same as Iraq, yes, Saddam was barbaric, but members of the Baath party had free health care, free college education, Iraq had more Phd’s than any other country on earth, but Britain, France, and the Usa had to unleash hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons of mass destruction to find saddam and his weapons of mass destruction sold to him by the united states and britain.

    • Saddam was barbaric and so were his sons (I’ve seen the actual “rape palace”) but “ass-merica” was in bed with him for years, too!

      “the Usa had to unleash hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons of mass destruction to find saddam and his weapons of mass destruction sold to him by the united states and britain.”… it knocks me out that people aren’t making the connection.

      I’m just glad there are people like Lizzie, John Pilger, Milovan Drecun and even Cynthia McKinney are trekking across the waters to check the facts first hand.

  2. Actually, not just members of Gadaffi’s party had free everything. Oil was nationalized and ALL Libyans citizens were shareholders and ALL received benefits. That’s why the pro-Gadaffi rallies were SO much larger than the pro-rebel ones.

    • Hi Steve!

      Did you see the BBC broadcast where they were in INDIA and tried to pass that “live” footage off as Libya? When I saw the actually footage of Green Square rallies I knew something was wrong. Do you know why the rebels rebelled? I also can’t find anything to show him as a brutal dictator– do you have any links to that info? I’ve read the articles but I can’t find any real source to these allegations.

      I feel so bad for those people– it’s going to be just like Iraq when you travel outside of “the green zone” and Iraq is a total mess since we “liberated it”.

  3. Dizzie Phelan is a nut! Anybody who listen to her bias reporting knows…and amaizingly, she’s became the head press reporter at a bea on of unaldurated thruth…RT! You just have to shake your head!

    • Maybe not a nut but maybe DEFINITELY controlled opposition! At the time of this post– we were unaware (though it’s been happening all around forever). But RT has been as exposed as controlled media outlet so yeah– I can see the potential here.

      By the way, what is “bea”? 🙂


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