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Let’s Talk About the “R” Word (Part 2): Supernatural Healing (MUST SEE)*****

First things first… when I put “(MUST SEE)” in the title, I’m not exaggerating and you won’t regret making the time to watch them!  Okay… on to the post…

A few days ago I posted a video to introduce you guys to the concept that we all have souls (it’s the story just below this one).  The video links contained within that article show some breathtaking events (I personally refer to them as Miracles) that anyone would be hard pressed to deny.  Unfortunately, we’ve (globally) have been so wounded by the ways of this world, we’ve not been given a chance to comprehend a realm that is far different than what we’ve known.  And as a result, too many people have either lost their faith or have placed it in the wrong place.  Though not our faults entirely, we are still very much responsible for our individual souls. 

While on this journey to find out if a “spiritual awakening movement” was currently happening across the globe it does appear that the flood gates have began to open for the proof that God is indeed a Living God.  Don’t worry– I’m not preaching here, I just recognize that part of following Christ is to witness to God’s (way over our heads) power.  This next clip is going to be a tough pill for you to swallow (hopefully not, though) because in following Christ we have the same exact abilities to perform the very same miracles he did.  We CAN heal the sick and even raise the dead.  When you discover this power (because we are all his children) you will see beyond a doubt that there is an urgency to pay attention to our souls as they will be judged one day.  Well, enough with that talk that seems to be flowing through me now (smiles).  I simply urge you to watch the power of God appear right before your eyes and then ask yourselves– “where do I want to spend eternity”?  The trickiest thing I found about how God works– he gives us “free will”…

Gotta love this guy, right?  Like I said before, life with God is much more exciting than without him.  Thanks “Anonymous1” for the clip!  P.S.– I can’t promise that I won’t post again on this subject but that’s it… FOR NOW 😉

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