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Let’s Talk About The “R” Word!

It’s a subject that I usually reserve for family and friends but there is such a presence happening right now that I think I will put my two cents in on religion.  Now… I’m not talking about religion as in attending rituals on a Sunday, I’m talking about recognizing that if there is dark, there must be light.  I recently posted what looked like angels guiding the soul of a child and it simply started me to think about how many people do not believe in a higher energy.  I have personally had three encounters with souls from my family.  Once at the age of 7, then 14 and 27.  I actually wasn’t thoroughly convinced until the death that occurred when I was 27.  That was my change and shift into the knowing that there is a mighty source to this world of ours.  I am concerned that many are going to be so terribly shocked when they meet their end, oddly.  It is a bit surprising that people are overlooking the possibility that if THEY actually got it wrong what becomes of them.  Quite honestly, the thought of being tormented for all of eternity is actually a pretty good motivator for my ass so I’m simply not willing to chance it especially knowing that we do have souls and after all, those souls do go somewhere. 

There does seem to be a sense that some serious changes are occurring so I started to research to see if there were any “spiritual awakening movements” happening right now.  Not sure if I’d find what I was looking for but I may have found something for the many who don’t believe they have a soul and are not concerned about a eternity of that soul being tormented.  I’ve said it over and over– the bible has been highjacked no doubt but when you are genuinely seeking truth this supreme being does seem to guide us. 

I don’t know if any of you have heard of a movement that began last year, February 14th, but it is truly the work of God being spread across the globe right now.  There’s no two ways about it.  A group of young men are traveling around the world proving that God does exists.  It’s not what you think– it’s actually not what you think at all.  The full film is not available online (you’d have to purchase it) but there is a short excerpt that just might be the thing to make you take into consideration your souls’ destiny. 

This portion of the clip (filmed in my home state) is of them just proving God’s existence.  It’s interesting how this all began for them but I’ll let you explore that if you decide.  It’s also interesting how at first, they seem to be “failing” but then they understood the language of God and the miracles happened left and right.  I think you’re really going to enjoy this one and your soul might just thank you, too. 

Their first film entitled; “Finger of God” is quite impressive.  My goal is not to tell you what to believe my goal is to simply give you some information that is not tainted so you can decide how to live your life.  When you begin to understand the language of God you’ll find that life with him is far more exciting than without him.  I recommend that you watch this one with the entire family too.  It’s a pretty awe-filled piece of work!  Seriously– I’m not kidding! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The “R” Word!

  1. Well I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and have moments that show me that there is a God beyond going to church or just reading the bible and I hold that moment dearly to my heart. The fact that people think that they have the right to tell you what to believe in your heart just shows the real state of puppetism in the world. It is amazing to me how people don’t see patterns in evil or good, how people do what others do without knowing the background behind there own motives and don’t seem to care to get real information before following others. Knowing a loving God really doesn’t require another person presence or advice because if you seek him, God shows himself to you. When people talk about the Lord or pray but never say it in the name of the God that they are praying, I found it suspicious because if you love your God then you should praise and pray all things in his name because love does not hide who they are loving. Religion is a man made attitude that can be fit into any form of conformity it all depends on how you want to take it in but I find that many time it is against God way of living.

    Having a personal relationship with God is about following his ways because you love and trust him without questioning because you have felt and seen the pureness of his love. Religion seems like a place where man usually manipulates others to get a false sense of praise as if they are God in there own right. I am learning everyday the different in religion and really following God. As God has always said if you seek me then you will find me and wisdom is always the key to how close you are to achieving that truth, not selfishness, being self absorbed or self indulgence. Apage live is a love for everyone not just for self, it is a God kind of love.

    • Hey there!

      I actually think that people are being taught all the wrong ways to “get in touch with God” and that’s why they are having a hard time believing he’s real. I do remember a period in my life where I wanted something tangible but then I realized how we was carrying me throughout my life. And when that relative passed away when I was 27, I got just how very real and POWERFUL he is. And walking with him– I want to stress this as best I can… he doesn’t expect any of us to be perfect but what he does expect is for us all to LOVE one another. When you begin to understand just how much love he has for every living soul… I just think that’s deep. He’s loves us despite our imperfection and just waiting to show us his love.

      What did you think about the video? And you guys must watch “Finger of God”– I know you’re really going to enjoy it too. 🙂

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