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Since Iran Is Next– Just Thought You Should Know… **YOUTUBE KEEPS REMOVING THIS VIDEO**

UPDATE 5 Nov 2011:  For some reason, someone doesn’t want you to see this.  Watch it soon or it’ll be gone for good.

Before we start beating the drums for our next war what do you know about Iran?  According to Wesley Clark, Iran was also on that list of the seven countries that the u.s., under the former administration, had designs to invade.  We also now know conclusively that an enormous amount of what mainstream media produces is “faked”, omitted and exaggerated.  Because of the media manipulation, this clip is a part of history about Iran that I’m sure you simply didn’t know.  I’m finding these omissions in history to be rather repetitious as I trek down the rabbit hole and it gives much more meaning to what John Lotus, an insider, shared about how 1/3 of our history has been CLASSIFIED, but I digress. 

Just like with Libya and Qaddafi, we are not getting full disclosure but this short clip is going to help you understand a significant omission.  So before we blindly get behind our Nobel Peace Prize recipient (nominated after only 11 days in office– utterly ridiculous) we should certainly attempt to inform ourselves.  If you can remember the Iran hostage situation, that’s basically when the collective masses were “introduced” to that country.  Check out how things really went down…

11 thoughts on “Since Iran Is Next– Just Thought You Should Know… **YOUTUBE KEEPS REMOVING THIS VIDEO**

  1. It’s not Valerie Plame and her husband is it? I read their incredible story but years later– they’ve gotten to her. She’s a propaganda shill promoting the next terrorist threat– nuclear threat at that!

    I like your site by the way!! Can I add it to the blogroll?

  2. Go ahead and add my site, if people want to know the sheer evil that “our” government does to children and our soldiers for profit. Not Valerie Plame, no way! Let me find the article, here it is:
    The Secret History Of The Impending War With Iran That The White House Doesn’t Want You To Know.
    (How do these weirdos always know we are going to war with another country? Why did Cheneys company sell nuclear components to Iran, angle drilling equipment to the Saudis? Why do they launder their money in the Caymens? Probably cause they worship Satan.

    Peace on earth, good will towards man.

    • “if people want to know the sheer evil that “our” government does to children and our soldiers for profit.”… I’m trying to get folks to “handle the truth”! LOL! “Probably cause they worship Satan.” hahaha… I know, right?!!! It knocks me out that people don’t recognize that if there’s dark, there has to be light. I tell you what…the Devil has so many people right where he wants them. I can’t believe how we’ve been played too– every single war was lie! Not one was necessary and that should make the world loathe ass-merica! This country is as corrupt as it was when Columbus killed, raped and pillaged!

    • Dude! I don’t know what’s going on with wordpress… this was in the spam section!

      I love how people deny that being a Mason isn’t a big deal. That’s got to be the creepiest funeral ever but the perfect send off to hell!

  3. I knew about the CIA/Shah connection decades ago. This has no connection to Libya, and the chances of invading Iran are slim.

    Yes, I know the war industry would like to, but they screwed up in cutting taxes and running the economy into the ground. We simply do not have the means to invade anyone now.

    Note, the war industry is not the pentagon. The military was near gutted under Bush. Yep, they did not grow, but were gutted. The war industry has been privatized. All the military does is provide the cannon fodder. Even much of the action is in private, mercenary, hands.

    It’s time to rebuild the military, get rid of the contractors, and put the US military in charge of all operation in a war zone.

    Remember, the military opposed torture. The torture was done under the supervision and orders of private sector contractors.

    Remember, the military opposed calling the insurgents “Jihadis”, it’s the right wing politicians and private sector who pushed that.

    Remember, the military did not go around shooting up unarmed people in public squares, that was civilian contractors.

    Remember, military personnel might have immunity from Iraq law, but not military law and discipline, and can and have been tried and punished for murder and rape and other criminal acts even in a war zone. What such punishment has been meted out to civilian contractors?

    An invasion of Iran is not the aim of the military, but of the civilian military industry, and of Middle Eastern nations hostile to Iran.

    Look first to Saudi Arabia for that one.

    • The whole response reeks of denial. ‘Remember, the military opposed torture. The torture was done ….’ are you serious? Who was in-charge the civilians or the military in the compounds and facilities where the torture was conducted? Do you believe that Military law really works ? Look at what happened at Abu Gharaib, other civilian deaths caused by military… almost nothing, thanks to military law dispensed by the military.

  4. Oh, and I do not see any problem with ending the status of any nation as a “Muslim” nation. No religion should ever be official in any country. Freedom of Religion is one of the paramount freedoms. And freedom of religion implies freedom from religion.

    Which is why I oppose the notion that the US is a Christian country. It is a Christian culture, but must never be officially any religion.

    Which is also why I believe requiring the Palestinians to accept Israel as a *JEWISH* state is unacceptable. As a state is arguable, as a religious state is intolerable.

    Basic rule: Whenever you mix religion and government both are corrupted.

    It might have worked in prehistoric tribal cultures, it doesn’t work in modern nations. There are no exceptions.

  5. One more time:

    All dictatorships turn brutal, there are no exceptions.

    The Shah of Iran was not the only such overthrow. Don’t forget Salvador Allende. Don’t forget Hugo Chavez. Ok, he wasn’t overthrown, but they tried, and the Bush administration was in the middle of it.

    I believe Chavez has turned into a dictator, and he will turn brutal if he is in power long enough. But he wasn’t when they tried to overthrow him.

    We are told Hamas seized the West Bank from the Palestinian Authority. Hamas *WON* the election, it was the Palestinian Authority that seized Gaza.

    Democracy is the only legitimate form of government, and we resist it at our peril, both real world and moral.

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