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Students Don’t Know the Year 9/11 Took Place? A Mark Dice Survey

I really hope people know better now, as this clip was made in 2007 but as the title says; students didn’t seem to know the answer nor did many of them care.  Is it just me or is this a bad sign?    I think what the Marine said was most disappointing.  “Doing your job” as he put it should also entail that you think before you blindly act.  We already know hands down that we were manipulated through the aide of mainstream media to get into this “war” so for any soldier to blindly follow orders is not a soldier in my eyes.  He’s simply a serial murderer who enjoys the permission granted to kill innocent people.  “Soldiers” like that are nothing more than a bullying cop with a badge and oddly, they make corrupt cops look good by comparison as these “soldiers” kill millions.  This is what the real Soldiers are doing; “Soldiers Are Finally Catching On

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