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Son Of A Gun! We’ve Overlooked the OBVIOUS!!!

Dammit son!  I completely forgot the rule of thumb when traveling down the rabbit hole which is to look for things that are in plain sight!  You won’t believe what was right there the entire time just waiting for us to discover it.  WTC 7 has been the smoking gun I use to wake up people and it’s usually pretty effective.  Well, the complex has several buildings and the first place we should have looked at were the buildings closest to the Twin Towers!  Let’s check it out…

WTC 3:

WTC 4:

Yet, WTC 7 was “so fragile” due to a plane that never hit it that they had to make the horrible decision to “pull it”, as Larry Silverstein states while he “struggles” to relive that day as captured in this documentary: 

WTC 7 looked fine by comparison, wouldn’t you agree?

I remind people of a few offices that were housed in that highly secured building…

IRS Regional Council


Secret Service

The Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management

Department of Defense

Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

It makes no sense to me that at least two other World Trade buildings had considerably more damage yet their structure didn’t fail, while World Trade building 7 “just couldn’t make it”.  Hmm.  You know what else I find interesting?  There aren’t a whole lot of pictures available to show building 7 up in smoke.  This is the only angle we are able to find too:

The 9/11 Commission cites this as the official photo to justify demolishing building 7 (if you can believe it):

No words… simply, no words…


Fire Engulfs…

I Finally Understand…

9/11 Remembrance… (From The Architects and Engineers)

2 thoughts on “Son Of A Gun! We’ve Overlooked the OBVIOUS!!!

    • Well, hi there, Dan! Welcome to the family!!! 😉

      Rummy actually needs to take a seat– the more he talks the more he implicates himself. As a matter of fact… why isn’t half of the previous administration under a jail right now? I mean, at least they’ll know their cellmates!!!

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