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The MOST Important Film on Today’s Media by John Pilger

I watched this only days ago and when I went back today (to youtube) of course it was gone!  It is hands down the most important and recent film that tells you the painful truth about media and how we were led into this war through the most manipulative manner possible… omission.  You’re going to see for the first time without a doubt how we were completely deceived.  We simply can’t allow ourselves to fall for it again.  Click HERE for the full film (watch it fast before it gets removed too) but here’s the trailer.  And it’s really not what you think either.  It’s actually one of the best journalism pieces you will see.  And if you’re unfamiliar with John Pilger, well, you’re going to be impressed because he does what journalists don’t do anymore.  I also like this piece because he manages to get reporters to admit their guilt…

2 thoughts on “The MOST Important Film on Today’s Media by John Pilger

  1. Hey lady how are you? Well this is how I feel about it no matter the reasons for the war we all should still care about life because it is the most precious thing on this earth. When you see other people liberties be abused you should be smart enough to understand that you are next. To kill babies who do not have the power to take care of themselves is wrong they won’t be standing up against anyone or thing anytime soon. To see children crying and scared of there parents and lively hood being taken away from them or even worst killed is very traumatizing.

    • Hi there, lady! I’m doing good– how about you?! 🙂

      It really is the one thing that should bind us all; “caring about another life”. Can you imagine anything like that happening in the u.s.? Usually the answer to that is “no”, and that’s the sad part– when we can’t imagine our own lives being torn apart like those across the waters so therefore, we just can’t relate. De-sensitizing us for decades has actually worked. I just hope everyone will take away from this film the extremely important role that media played in this. It wouldn’t have worked without them. I also hope people will remember that for some reason– our military is really bad at finding their actual targets considering all of the stealth weaponry we have. We’ve got to kill over 1 million just to find 3 or 5 bad guys? Really?

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