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Supernatural or Hoax? (This is pretty amazing)

According to the info that’s available for this clip, this was taken by Pastor Igor Shvedov where he resides in Kazakhstan.  It was discovered later that a child had died in this apartment building and this is the footage that the Pastor captured…

Click HERE for a tighter view (it’s a safe download file for Quick Time – 468КB). I’ve been convinced of an after life ever since the death of a relative.  And if you really want to be “wowed” click HERE but don’t view it at night!  I don’t want to spoil the link for you but the “kitchen cupboard scene” and the “possession” was, was, was… JUST WHOA!!!!!!  Thanks, “T” for the clip and link!

9 thoughts on “Supernatural or Hoax? (This is pretty amazing)

  1. Hey lady what’s up you know what is wild I came across this website that talked about angels and it was talking about the celestial order of angels and on this site was a deaf lady who said that she has been visited by many angles? So she had a chart of the different angel and there levels of power and then she showed you what each one looking like and ironically it looked just like this picture. Each angel as only a spear of light but each angel depending on it hierarchy had light in different places on there celestial body so when I saw this it took me right back to this point of information that I came across. Some were lit up all over, some only lit up on the head part of the body while other had like a halo that lit up. It seems like right now God is letting many of us see what many have never seen before. Also what was they other object flying over the burning building right before the two lights of body starting to ascend? They look like the demons creatures or like baby dragons that use to me on this show called Death Like Me.

    • Hey! You’ve got to send me the link! 🙂 I’ve been familiar that there’s a hierarchy so it’s really interesting that you ran across a site that describes what was captured! “It seems like right now God is letting many of us see what many have never seen before”… I KNOW! And really, this isn’t “the end times” (IMHO) but we are turning a serious road right now. And I did notice those two black things floating in the sky! I only wish this was better footage BUT I can certainly imagine an elderly gentlemen trying to work a tech gadget while his heart is racing a mile a minute! (smiles) Speaking of revealing things… have you seen this one yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E60X7TIWirY&feature=related

  2. Ok well I don’t remember the site that I went too but let me see if I saved it on my favored because I do a lot of research and come across random points of information all the times. Girl it amazes me all the kinds of information that I come across just being open and wanting to be informed. I will get back to you on that.

  3. Ok I found it go to the search engine and put in one of these titles called A Spiritual Perspective on Angels or a Spiritual Science Research Foundation. You should fine the picture of the angels on the first page along with the death girl story..

    • Hey– you forgot the link! hahaha! I’m going to try a search for those two things and see what I find. Hook us up with the link, lady. (smile)

  4. When I click on it I don’t see a link I just see A Spiritual Perspective on Angels at the top beside a symbol of an angels sorry I can’t be more helpful beyond this. You still should be able to find it though.

  5. Did you see the images of the angels as well? Yep that is it so did you that the images of the angels look the hollowed lights of bodies’ image hovering over the burning building from the site that I sent you?

    • Yes, that’s the site! And yes, I saw the drawings… it’s hard to tell but I’d say it closely resembled the Archangel or maybe the Cherubim! I’m planning to dig into the site more over the weekend! Thanks for the link. 🙂

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