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More Lies Against Libya and Qaddafi?

NOTE: IT’S IMPORTANT TO WATCH ALL CLIPS TO COMPREHEND THE FULL INTENTION OF THIS POST.  Editors Note: 10/6/11 – The last 5 clips in this article were removed for some reason.  Must be some truth to this post after all.  The final clip is the full version of what Milovan Drecun found since the shorter version has been removed.  Someone doesn’t want us to see this bit of information is my guess.

These few clips expose some more truths about america’s liberation of people who are threatened by a “dictator”.  We have a tremendous track record for being in complete error when “going to war”.  This report reminds us of this familiar path that we’ve already traveled.  Pay attention to what the man says about Collin Powell because Susan “the spitfire” Lindauer has already given us some insight into his ass.    Then there’s this new Gold Dinar that Qaddaffi was just about to let loose on the world economic scene… not usurped paper money like the u.s. has.  Be sure to note what Dr. James Thring states in this clip…    I keep hearing that there are only a few hundred of these “rebels”. 1,500 to start and 4oo of them have turned themselves in so why is NATO bombing wholes of villages, water systems, Down Syndrome facilities?  Let’s look at how NATO is “protecting” Libyans because Qaddaffi is the bad guy…    A few hundred “rebels” and NATO packs a mean punch, don’t they?  Who are these rebels anyway?  Let’s take a look and see what we find…

Pay attention to the dude in the background with green shirt in this next clip…

  I think the Libyan people know exactly what they want, need and who their allegiance is with but for some reason– we keep relying on Fox, ABC, NATO, ‘armed forces’ and the likes as if they know more than the very people who are in the midst of this storm.  Well… this young girl wants the world to know something…  And this last clip is a real doozy.  I was going to do a separate posting, but I think it’s better to include it here.  Serbian Military Expert and Journalist Milovan Drecun seems as curious about this matter as I am so he traveled there to see first hand what is really happening in Libya.  It is in subtitles of course but people must view what he brought back for the world to see.  There simply are no words…

I suppose a lie will actually get half way around the world before the truth catches up, after all.

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