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An Important Bill Moyer Documentary (MUST VIEWING)

Okay… I’m not entirely sure how to describe this.  Over the past few years as I stumbled upon something (it was the fact that we’re not voting– see that story HERE,) that shifted my paradigm completely and as everyone can see– I’ve thrust myself down this incredible rabbit whole. 

Researching is the only way to comprehend some of the entries I’ve shared with everyone too because they really are unbelievable, but true.  I feel that since I discovered these things one thing to do is share this information.  Hours of research, which surprisingly hasn’t felt that time consuming because it (understanding the NWO) absolutely is the most fascinating and frightening thing I’ve ever encountered.  Well, I’ve had this for a while and finally viewed this particular documentary and honestly– I could kick myself!  All of the avenues, searches, library trips, you name it– is all in this friggin documentary right here!  Go figure?!  Excuse me– I’m referring to my extensive research on the CIA and the FBI– the tentacles stretch much further than those two agencies so don’t get it twisted, fellow people. 😉 

Anyway– check out what ole’ Bill found for us all years ago (1987 on PBS)!  I actually know he got his research right because I found the same shit as he did!  That’s pretty damn awesome in my book.  Peep this verified knowledge, fellow people.  Don’t be scurred (scared). 😉  Do take note of what Ted Gunderson says in this clip too.  I just found out he died in July 2011 (R.I.P.) and this guy was a tireless crusader for justice.  He’s also worked to free a few of those Ritual Abuse survivors that I’ve been introducing you to lately.  He definitely knew of the global ring of powerful people that got off by torturing and raping children and more than aware of the government sponsored Mind Control projects.  It’s actually sort of cool to discover that he was interviewed by Moyers.  I simply think you’ll find it worth your time to view this clip, no doubt.

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