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Have You Heard of Susan Lindauer? Well, you should…

This little spitfire is really something else!  I’d be the first to say; “what took so long for a former government employee to blow the whistle, yawn”… it almost makes you not want to hear their potential lies because too little too late, right?  Well, this lady was silenced through The Patriot Act!  That’s right, fellow “Patriots”!  The very bill that is suppose to protect us from Terrorists has only been applied to three actual ‘terrorists’– the rest have been, AMERICANS!  Feingold breaks that reality down for us in the bold link above.  And this lady worked for YOUR government!  Here’s the short excerpt of her radio interview BUT you’ve got to hear it in its’ entirety because you won’t believe what they finally found to charge her with!!  It’s truly embarrassing...  Click HERE the full interview.  “Ass-merica”– you are DEFINITELY on a roll!!!

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