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War… Hollyweird Style

It’s fascinating to look back and see how entertainment has completely glamorized war.  I personally have never agreed that military fatigues should be worn by anyone accept for the men and women in service too but if Tupac wore it– so did we (it seems).  I thought I’d throw this out there as a serious food for thought.  When you discover that the military has a hollywood branch… (the most ridiculous thing EVER) in order to “make films” to get your young men and women to sign up for the military– I think you’re gonna be pissed.  The added bonus… we are actually paying for this through our muthafvckin’ tax dollars again!  UGGGHHH!!!

Did you know that when that lame ass movie “Top Gun” came out, there was a huge spike in kids joining the military?  Insane.  You’ll also be introduced to a guy named John Rendon and a broad named Charlotte Beers.  Yes– this is another eye opener for you to marinate on…

2 thoughts on “War… Hollyweird Style

  1. Hey lady thanks for the info you are doing a very good job… Just comes to show you that receiving 100% of your information from TV and the media slowly plays out to a death sentence. I also realize how when you have deep answers or when the questioning gets real the information gets real limited especially on the net. I just start looking at TV again from over 3 years of an absence but maybe I should continue to stay on the path that I have been on but just like idleness is the devil playground you have to find something mentally to replace that time and space. Not thing that I have even seen on TV has ever made me want to join the military thu.

  2. “good job”? Really?! AWE, MAAANNNN! Thank, lady! 😉

    “I just start looking at TV again from over 3 years of an absence but maybe I should continue to stay on the path”… I think TV just in the past 2 years alone is more poisoned than ever! I say steer clear. Remember what ‘Soldier X’ said about TV, video games (among other things)?

    And I personally think that people have forgotten how to be creative. When we were snowed in with no electricity, phone (and we absolutely didn’t have computers back then), we somehow survived without TV. Go figure? 😉

    ‘I have even seen on TV has ever made me want to join the military thu’… lol– I second that! But the really sad thing is that millions of children do. When they make war look “cool” to a kid who’s been programmed through video games and playing those stimulating war games, add a little Tom Cruise and that is the perfect recipe for those niave children to sign their lives away. And hasn’t anyone finally caught onto the fact that the military just might NOT take care of you for a life time like they promise? Homelessness among Vets is outrageously high. At every turn you are failed. And pleassee… let’s not forget about Pat Tillman! I think that shows the true face of the military in a nutshell.

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