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Man Faces 75 Years For Recording Cops in Illinois! WTF?!!

You have got to be kidding?  Wow– those cops in Illinois must be doing some really bad shit to make it a law where you can’t record a PUBLIC SERVANT while they are performing their duty.  I guess Chicago won’t get my tourist dollars for a while. HERE is the only update I could find but it looks like they have delayed things because the prosecution doesn’t have their act together.  What a waste of tax dollars too.  This guy should prevail and I hope he sues the pants off every person, agency, etc. involved.  Can you imagine if someone didn’t capture this image– this filthy pig could have gotten away with his improper behavior while on the job?

No state should ever prohibit the citizens from policing the police.  Illinois gets a HUGGGEEE fail for this clear attempt at bullying.  Yeah… I guess I’ve had my last deep dish pizza indefinitely.

2 thoughts on “Man Faces 75 Years For Recording Cops in Illinois! WTF?!!

  1. Thanks yoyo for being a great person to me …… and I can’t believe that this is going on … so now they gonna tell us we can’t record the law …… so who is going to look out for us?

  2. Glad to see you’re back in the saddle again! Been a long time, my friend! 🙂

    “so who is going to look out for us”… we can. Kick Them All has the best plan ever!!! When you check it out, you might want to add them to your blogroll.

    I get tired of the reports of abuse over and over. The current situation that’s taking place with BART is probably the most unconstitutional thing that is being allowed. How are they able to not assemble and protest without arrest? What document are these blind bats looking at?! I’m just glad to know that Chicago is one less airport hassle for me.

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