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Cathy O’Brian: A Real Life MK Ultra Survivor (VIDEO)

I’ve been on a mission to get you guys to accept this horse pill and I’ve posted about three or so MK Ultra/Mind Control pieces just to pacify you into this knowledge.  Since I’m not a survivor of such atrocities and merely an inquisitive mind… hell– maybe you guys think I’m completely off my rocker.  Well– here’s a trailer for a documentary that allows you to meet a real life survivor.  In her book; “Trance Formation of America“– she names names, branches of the governments… the whole sha-bang!   This documentary shows that she’s managed to remain alive throughout her incredible ordeal but even after all of this time, her life is still under threat.  Now why would that be if she’s making up lies?  The ritual abuse that I’ve outlined in previous posts on this subject is about to become shockingly real for you too.  She allows us to see the ritual cuttings done to her vagina that resembles a FACE!  In case it’s not loud and clear– THIS IS NSFW. 

6 thoughts on “Cathy O’Brian: A Real Life MK Ultra Survivor (VIDEO)

  1. Hey lady, this was graphic but interesting and sad that someone life can be some controlled and mishandled all for the love of sex and money. I was just talking to my bf about how I will not treat myself like a whore just because the world makes many feel like they are entitled to you body. The pressures of being a woman in this society is starting to be crazy and the young women are already so lost only seeing worth in between there legs. No one respect the image of family anymore and now you are wrong and stupid to want to be a good wife and to expect a good husband. I tell you the battlefield of and for the mind is a great one.

  2. Yeah… that was brave of her to show but maannnn– I can’t get over some sick fuvka doing that to her! “all for the love of sex and money”… that’s definitely part of it but this really is Satanic. I was surprised that I could locate a more recent (2009) video of her too.

    And being a woman sucks! hahaha. “the young women are already so lost only seeing worth in between there legs.”… I hate being a lady in a sea of hoes!!! lol. But you’re right– the “get that money” mentality is… shit… a man’s paradise! lol! But you know… it’s all been part of a master plan. They wanted women to work and put family 2nd, they got our children in school at a much earlier age, mom and dad are working now because they have to, get home at 8p the kid is sleep at 10p so when does the family have time to be a family… during that short 72hour break (weekend) we voluntarily accepted? This shit didn’t just happen– it was always part of a plan. Hell– even Aaron Russo got it straight from a Rockefeller himself (and then– of course, Russo dies).

    Well– I just hope people will remember this woman– there are celebs who are being abused just like she was too which was the point of the post. I want people to remember her and think of their favorite celeb. The practice is called Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and I think some refer to it as Trauma Based Mind Control– it is alive and thriving. Next up– The Hollie Greig story cuz this shit IS GLOBAL (ya’ll).

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  4. GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS that’s the same face in the twin towers; when the plane crashed into them. There is a demonic face in the twin towers that looks just like that.

    • Hi there, Namelss! Good eye but I’d say it looks more like the face in the animation “Despecable Me”. Stay with me…after all the name of the film company is called; Illumination Films”. Movies are a template. There’s another guy on youtube (Groxt1) that is doing the most incredible mappings of the WORLD! Feast your eyes on this…

      Here’s the first part (a little longer in length) to give you a full overview.

      We know ‘fire demons’ are real thanks to the very brave (one of kind) John Todd exposing the music industry way back in the 70’s. He shares how they pray over each and ever master (DAT) to have demons follow every single album (cd) that is bought by consumers. It seems that everything has already been mapped out (in a literal sense) on what lies ahead. He uses satellite images for these mappings by the way. Very interesting stuff to say the least. Check it out when you can! 🙂

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