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“7 Countries in 5 Years”…

That’s what Wesley Clark stated in an interview with Democracy Now on March 2, 2007 and he was referring to the plans to invade 7 countries over 5 years.  I’ve posted this clip up at least 3 times and for the life of me, I don’t know why people aren’t paying attention to his statement.  Those seven countries are;








Let’s see… maybe it’s taking longer than 5 years but it sure seems like they are steady on a course, wouldn’t you say?  None of these “wars” are in the defense of anything– it’s all about a “hostile global take-over”.  Why are “americans” so afraid to face the truth about the level of betrayal and the deception that continues to come forth about our government, these politicians– this entire MESS?  Do they really have you that afraid?  How do we ‘ignore’, when he’s stated very clearly for us, that THERE ARE PLANS?!!

Have you noticed that not one country listed had anything to do with 9/11?  Remember… the hijackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia and the other three or four were not from Iraq.  So why in the world are these 7 countries on the u.s. radar?

One thought on ““7 Countries in 5 Years”…

  1. omg i just watched this on youtube. yup, so what can we do to defend ourselves? we got a domestic cat situation here, where the people are the cats and the higher ups are the owners of them. people are scared to speak up cause they may be killed. this sucks, i hope aliens can help us cause i got nothing

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