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A Conversation Between The Rabbi and The Aryan

No… that’s not an opening for a joke.  Turns out– this conversation was real and it took place in 2006 (if I’m not mistaken).  In an ironic twist– it seems there was a legal dispute over the compensation for this interview!  That might be the reason that this story is out there but that’s not what caught my interest.  One thing I can say– ‘hate’ seems to breed honesty.  And no… this isn’t all about hate– this conversation reveals some things you guys simply aren’t ready for but you need to hear it anyway.  And like the Rabbi says in the audio, “even when you’re told you still don’t believe”.  And I love this quote, “they’ve done a good job of brainwashing the public for past 100 years”.  Just listen to the first two parts because you’re about to get a serious jolt… 

Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (just located it– probably the toughest to hear, too), Part 6

4 thoughts on “A Conversation Between The Rabbi and The Aryan

  1. Hey Lady…. Thanks for the info very interesting… While I am not surprise it does make me more award that what I am feeling is not a mistake on my part. This is definitely eye opener and would be a good piece to bring in others that don’t believe. This actually makes me feel that going against the grain of the worlds expectations of me in my life goals and interest is not a bad things. Following the world seems to bring most people to a very deep ditch since we are and will always been seen as sheep. At least being God sheep comes with rewards and real Agape type of love. It funny to hear him talk about the towers and the insurance policy which I remember you referring too on another clip that you have shown on here before. Well if nothing more then is a direct form of confirmation on where one should stand and as God has said that you can not service two masters. Another thing that caught my attention is how rich people are buying other countries money because they are expecting them to be way more profitable when it’s all said and done with once the dollar had fallen like 3/4 of the angels from heaven.

  2. Hi there, lady!

    I can’t believe how bold the Rabbi was but I suppose he thought the Pastor’s show wasn’t that big a deal. He confirmed many years of my research too. People will be afraid to hear this though… too much truth is scary to folks. OR they’ll do what they always do and label you ‘anti-Semitic’ which is the most ridiculous thing ever!

    Re: the insurance… I keep trying to get people to understand what Silverstein did and how he made out like a bandit! Did you know that muthafvvka was a strip club owner before he owned WTC 7? How do you go from owning a strip club to one of the world trade centers? A network of thieves, that’s how! If I were in NY and I saw him– I’d definitely ask him that question.

    I’ve known plenty of Jews over my life and like all people, there are good ones and bad ones. But there’s always been that powerful group (Rothchilds, etc) that have been orchestrating this for years!! It’s good that someone came out and admitted it too.

    And it’s definitely time for people to chose sides. This still is that good ole fashion battle between good vs. evil. I’m glad it opened your eyes. In a way… it’s given me more confidence in this battle– something about knowing you were right all along is fueling! 🙂

  3. Well let us move forward in confidence following our own hearts and minds guided by the All Mighty God understanding that when you stand for nothing you fall for everything. I refuse to be put into a category of race when we are individuals first and not all of us are linked to the same heart, brain or reality. Each day that I am able to wake up and walk thru the valley of the storm of death I understand that walking along something’s is a real gift of life. As the bible say know thyself and love you God with all of your heart and love thy neighbor as you would love thyself. Loving others makes a better world and we see from this Rabbi and the state of the world now how only loving yourself bring destruction in time. He did say that his God was Satan so that is all that you really need to know.

  4. Definitely!

    “He did say that his God was Satan so that is all that you really need to know”… for sure… he was very direct about that too.

    I just located part 5 and WOW! Just keep in mind that he mentions a man wrote about something he discusses in this new audio (pt.5) back in the early 1930’s but even back then, no one listened. The author he’s referring to is Joseph Kastein…

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