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Some “X Files Happenings” (again): And this time it’s a sister! WOW!

Dammit, “T”– how do you keep finding these?!!! 

CNN International has a reporter named; Nima Elbagir.  In the youtube clip the weirdness happens at the :17 cue.  On the original CNN clip HERE, it hits at the :41 cue.  Check it out:

Here’s what’s beginning to trip me out about this.  Years ago, I worked with a woman named Linda Moulton-Howe (you can google her)… she’s the author of “An Alien Harvest”.  She let me read it and I found it fascinating.  I would often talk to her about her experiences with her research for that book.  I had no reason to doubt that she’d lie about 2 attempts on her life for exposing this too.  I remember mentioning to her when she asked what I thought after reading her book; “my only thing is– where do black folks fall in this?  Why aren’t black folks having the experience of abductions, or sighting space craft, etc.– are aliens racist?”  Of course she couldn’t answer that (lol)… but I guess black folks are included in this “global alien invasion” after all!  Who knew?

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